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Great action adventure game

frenccw | July 3, 2013 | Review of Darksiders II - PC

In summary, it's a great mashup between God of War, Diablo & Zelda. The story was passable for me, but it was the gameplay that got me glued to my controller (yes you probably need one to fully enjoy the game). The combat mechanic was fluid, looked amazing, and wasn't repetitive thanks to unlockable moves that can be purchased throughout the same. The graphics were excellent, visually stimulating and will encapsulate you in its game world. The RPG elements were nice to have as well. Who doesn't like grinding for loot, experience and cash to upgrade your equipment and skills. The quests were very generic in nature, however, but they are optional and does not distract from the main game.


Get it if you like first person puzzles

frenccw | July 3, 2013 | Review of Quantum Conundrum Season Pass - PC

Portal is obviously the measuring stick for first person puzzles, but be warned that these 2 games are not very similar gameplay wise (despite the similarities in camera view). QC does not have the unique atmosphere or storyline that Portal was so good at. It is generic and cartoony; generally nothing to shout about. However, QC puzzles are arguably as clever as Portal's, and while the consistency of level qualities vary throughout the game, they made up for it in terms of quantity. There's a lot of levels to play here and it rarely gets repetitive. While Portal keeps the gameplay extremely simple (only 2 portals and jump) and let's the puzzle speak for themselves, QC is more complex. You learn new abilities throughout the game, and you need to learn to switch between them at the right time in addition to maneuvering yourself around the level. Therefore be warned, despite its cartoony appearance, i feel that this is a more difficult game than Portal and it's not suitable for young kids. Some later puzzles are very challenging and really push your patience and platforming skills to the limit. I personally enjoyed the challenge but it's definitely something to consider.