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New to the series, love it

freshh63 | Aug. 12, 2011 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V - PC

I've been loving this game so far, 40 hours racked up in a couple of campaigns and I haven't finished one game on quick yet! Local multiplayer is a blast, against your friend, or with them! This is my first Civ game, and it just encapsulated me in a world of political leaders and military warfare. The game becomes harder, as you get better, it is very user friendly, and an easy interface for new comers like me, and can be changed for seasoned veterans of the series. Also the Dlc is released at a steady pace, so not to overwhelm you, but just as the game gets boribng, a new Civ to try out, and a new way to dominate the world. There are even map releases as well, so if you get bored of knowing the maps inside out, there's always a new setting to play in. This game has possibly the best replayability I have ever seen, no game is ever the same. The ways of winning suit every strategic gamer. And if you get bored of winning in one way, there are always 4 more to try out. There is a large range of leaders who are put into this game, with many more being released so you will never get bored until the next Civ game in this truly magnificent saga. This is one series I wont be missing a single game on.