Reviews by friendbear70


Very Cool.

friendbear70 | Jan. 5, 2014 | Review of BioShock (NA)

I play this game with my sister. We love it a lot. We have not tried the 2nd one or the Infinite. But we play this game and we enjoy it. I like the fact there are random voices that pop out to alert you there are enemies near by. Usually in most FPS games, they have something pop up on the screen. Also, unlike most FPS games, this game his an awesome plot and story line. They way you play this game is unique with all the different weapons you can use along with your powers. The settings though are very dark and depressing. And the creatures are very creepy. I definitely will not recommend this game to anyone who gets scared easily. Overall, great game, great graphics, great everything.


Awesome game!

friendbear70 | Jan. 5, 2014 | Review of DLC Quest

This game is pretty cool. Its simple, it has what every great game should have: DLCS! It is funny to play and incredibly enjoyable. You will not be disappointed. Unless you are one of those people who hate fun.

Pros: Great game, great concept, great soundtrack, great everything.

Cons: In the second episode, it becomes less fun. It becomes more confusing and lame.

I love the game a lot. But after I got to the 2nd "episode" things got a bit boring for me. I did not like how they incorporated checkpoints or the fact they added a bunch of characters. I did however like their creative ways of thinking. This game will be like no other platformer game you have ever played. This game is cheap, but WORTH IT!