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welcome to rapture

frikitex | June 14, 2013 | Review of BioShock Overflow 1 - PC

what you want? adventure game? adrenaline? Good bosses? Original SPF? puzles? for that it is an abbreviation, is called Bioshock. the story is that you visit your cousins ​​and for some reason, your plane fails and has an accident in the middle of the ocean, there's only a lighthouse, and common sense is best to go to him, there is when you find a golden statue with battens with a message rather curious, after 30 minutes you're in an underwater metropolis, well, I think that is enough to tell the rapture, just buy it


a dramatic TPS

frikitex | June 14, 2013 | Review of Max Payne 3 Steam - PC

this game is a masterpiece of rockstar, either graphically or gameplay or story or the factor that you want to get into this story is about the max payne old, retired and like a sponge for both drugs, alcohol and bullets, is a bodyguard of a millionaire family of Brazil, well, rockstar, if you know the brand you have faith, if you see an offer of 40% discount on purchase must IMMEDIATELY