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Space the final frontier

g_reaper1666 | April 11, 2014 | Review of Space Engineers - PC

This is one of the most fun games that i have played so far, i have so far built up 42 hours of gameplay constructing massive ships, with the purpose to crash them into asteroids as well as using the survival mode to mine for resources inside asteroids. The access to the steam workshop for this game means that you can also access the creations of the community. There are no limits to your creations build them as big as you want and load ships up with missiles and blow the asteroids to kingdom come. the graphics of this game are excellent with it making me feel like i am really in space and panicking when the oxygen meter starts to run down, and you have to get to your source of oxygen to survive. this means that you can't spend too long mining or you might die.


Fallout 3 the post nuclear role playing game.

g_reaper1666 | Sept. 21, 2013 | Review of Fallout 3 - PC

This is a game that i absolutely love to play although the graphics are falling behind there are mods to fix that and improve upon this. With fallout 3 i find myself using the tale of two wastelands mod to be able to join the world of new vegas and the capital wasteland together. This game offers you total freedom on the choices you make throughout the game with some of the consequences being losing karma which can change peoples view about you although the only eal affect of your bad choices will be on GNL with freedog questioning your decisions. i suggest you give this game a try especially if you can find it cheap with its interesting mechanics such as perks as well as the VATS to making shooting easier if you like music from the 50s with the American nostalgia thrown in then this is a game for you.


Deus Ex the revolution begins now

g_reaper1666 | Sept. 20, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

This is a fun game to play purely because you have the choice of what route and actions that you will take unlike most other games which force you to do what the developers want wich takes away the replayabilty of the game because if you can complete it in one playthrough you are less likely to want to play it again. which is why i praise this game because aswell as completing the main missions you also complete side missions and objectives which can actually help you with the main storyline. The choices at the end of the game are tough as well because it forces you to pick a side which i all i can really say without giving away too much information.


Poker with humour mixed in.

g_reaper1666 | Sept. 20, 2013 | Review of Poker Night at the Inventory - PC

This game is pure fun to play even if you lose most of the time because of the conversations going on between the different characters at the poker table. although this game does have some flaws such as if you both have the same hand the game does not seem to be able to split the pot like you would in real life and it is random on who will get the pot. I reccommend this game if you play team fortress 2 because of the items you can unlock for the multiplayer which are usful as the heavy says to crush red babies.


RTS with nukes

g_reaper1666 | Sept. 20, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V - PC

Civilization V is one of those games where you can keep playing it for hours on end until you have gotten into the 100s of hours of gameplay. That is how addictive this game is, especially once you develop the atomic bomb and especially if you develop them before anyone else it is unfortunate that the capitals can't be destroyed by nukes without a mod which is unfortunate this is one of the most addictive games that i have ever played.


Rebirth of horror

g_reaper1666 | Aug. 27, 2013 | Review of Dead Space - PC

This is a game in which you have make your way through a alien zombie infested spaceship. The game seems to encourage you to form attachments to the game characters, unlike other games where you can open your inventory and map to be able to catch a break within this game that is not possible. This helps to immerse you into the game because of the fact that you need to find a clear spot to be able to check your items. This is why it is best to set hotkeys up for the different items without which you might find yourself running low on health and decide to risk opening your inventory to try and save yourself. The weapons in this game also have alternate forms such as the assault rifle which if you are surrounded can fire around you which can clear the area to give you some breathing room. the best weapon in the game in my opinion is the plasma cutter which is best at dismembering your enemy and quickly and efficiently taking them down. even a few years after its release the graphics of the game meet modern standards because of the dark lighting setup in alot of the levels which means that you will not always be able to see too far which is what you expect in a damaged spaceship. This is a game i would recommend anyone who is into horror and sci-fi games to try.


stealth or killing spree so many choices

g_reaper1666 | June 14, 2013 | Review of Dishonored Steam - PC

This is a excellent game that immerses you into the world that has been created, instead of there being a clear line saying what actions you can take you have the choice to either kill everyone you come across for a chaos play through or you have the choice of spending longer to find the stealthy routes to take such as over roof tops. Your gameplay style actually affects the game area which means that when you return to an area if you killed alot of people then you will find more plague rats around. The abilities that you can unlock later on in the game come in handy such as a line of sight teleport ability with a limited range. One of the problems that i see with this game is the fact that you only see the city and can't look to the horizon to see other areas. This would have been a good way to hint upon a sequel, or even a prequel because you would want to learn more about the main character corvo which could come in a prequel where you learn how he became the lord protector.


its a pirates life for me

g_reaper1666 | June 13, 2013 | Review of Tales of Monkey Island - PC

This is the first monkey island game that i played and i believe that because of that i have found it to be a better game than what other people would say, The story in my opinion is fun to explore with the puzzles involved being a good mix between difficult and solvable, what a game developer doesn't seem to want these days is to make a game seem unsolvable. It is this game which convinced me to try the first 2 monkey island games (the special editions) which in my opinion are much better then this game purely because they are from a different era where developers knew that alot of people did not mind difficult puzzles because of the fact that it is a challenge that they want to solve. Now people will be too easily drawn towards using a walkthrough which does not leave you will a satisfied feeling because of the fact that you have not solved the problem by your own efforts. i must admit i do like the hint system they used because if you only needed pointing in the right direction the first hint is vague enough to this with the last 2 hints revealing more and more information. i also love how stan comes back with a vengence on this game along with his mysterious coat with the pattern that doesn't wrap around him and stay still. in a 3d game that must have been extremely difficult to produce because of the fact that just UV mapping the texture probably would not have worked. This game is also excellent in the way that your previous exploits are talked about such as locking stan inside a coffin.


gotta go back in time.

g_reaper1666 | June 13, 2013 | Review of Back to the Future - PC

This is a game which i believe adds to the original BTTF trilogy with the detail that has been put into the delorean and also the fact that it expands upon the original world by having Marty going to different times such as the 1930s and seeing a much younger version of doc. i like being able to use both my Xbox 360 controller and the mouse so that i move Marty around smoothly while being able to quickly select items on the screen. This is another franchise which i believe that Telltale have well at, although in the realm of point and click games i don't think that they could ever beat Simon the sorcerer and monkey island 1 and 2. But for the modern era these games do live up to the standard which i have for adventure games which is to be able immerse myself into the world while having fun. This game also gives a different alternate time line compared to the alternate 1985 from the 2nd movie with instead of a world ruled by chaos you have a world ruled by order. This in my opinion is trying to suggest that one can't exist without the other, balance is needed. The graphics throughout this game are also excellent with the world looking like what i did within the movies.


is this game from the future?

g_reaper1666 | June 13, 2013 | Review of Crysis - PC

This is one of the best games that i have ever played, i remember looking for a good game to play and bought this on a whim and i have never looked back. The graphics are still some of the best today which is a massive achievement, the environment looks real and feels real as well. One of my favorite weapons in this game is the nuke launcher that combined with nuking palm trees and seeing them topple over is exciting. The nanosuit also offers a completely different gameplay style with the ability to cloak and sneak around enemies. In a way i believe that the orignal crysis even beats crysis 2 because of the open world that you have to play in compared to the more linear gameplay style of crysis 2. this game also has a storyline that pulls you in and wants you to continue playing. If you are into modding your games then i reccommend getting the delorean mod which allows a back to the future realistic time travel experience, crysis in my opinion is ultra moddable because of the fact that you can open the .pak files with any program which can open rar files such as 7zip.


Excellent story with a fixed ending

g_reaper1666 | June 12, 2013 | Review of Mass Effect 3 - PC

This is an excellent game which does justice to the previous games, Although the original ending was a epic failure i believe that the extended cut has fixed this. I did not like the idea that after all of the time that i put into the game that my character would just sacrifice himself. The game has a vast graphical improvement over the previous games with the levels looking much more realistic. The ability to see a realistic looking burning earth was just superb and it was the perfect motivator to get me to play the game and try and defeat the reapers. I also like the consquences for not completing missions when you should with events not turning in your favour and not being able to save characters from the previous game. I also feel like the effort that you spent in the previous games to develop all the different characters pays off in this game because the more that you know about characters like Wrex the more influence that you seem to have over the events happening throughout the game. There is also the fact that you can perform underhanded methods to achieve your goals without other characters knowing for example if wrex died in the first game then it is easier to trick the Krogan into believing that you have cured the genophage.


You can't beat the Reaper.

g_reaper1666 | June 12, 2013 | Review of Mass Effect 2 - PC

Mass Effect 2 is an excellent continuation of the mass effect series and although they do seem to have turned away from the effective infinite ammo that was present in the first game. With the effect of the heat sinks becoming bullets which has made this game seem more like a fps when it is in Biowares line of RPG's. This is not a determent though because this means that during the levels you have to keep an eye out for the thermal clips so that you can keep killing the enemy, If you already have the blood dragon armor from Dragon age this means that you will be able to use it in this game as well which is useful because now you can walk around like a knight, although it seems more like a dark knight because the red glowing visor seems to suit a renegade character. i also like how consequences for your actions have been introduced which makes it so that the more renegade choices you make the worse your scars get. Although because eventually Shepard's eyes will glow red i don't mind this because it means that i can think off myself as a terminator. I would not recommend believing that you are though because Shepard is not bullet proof. Unfortunately the mako has been removed from this game which meant that i was not able to run over geth on the levels instead of constantly shooting them.


The Epic dragon slaying RPG

g_reaper1666 | June 10, 2013 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Nexway (1) - PC

Although i have not played the Elder scrolls series of games i have played the fallout series (fallout 3 and new vegas). This meant that i decided to chance it and buy the game, i also bought it because i like the idea of being a medieval hero slaying dragons. This is an RPG that in a way believes appeals to your inner child because when you were a kid you always wanted to be like a medieval knight being able to battle dragons. A good feature about the pc version of this game is the fact that you are able to get excellent mods for this game such as the pure waters mod. Bethesda has a history of continuing to support their games long after other game companies do, along with excellent DLC such as hearth fire which allows you to build your own home, Dawnguard which introduces a storyline around vampires and expands the werewolves abilities. as always with Bethesda the path you can take through this game is non-linear and does not force you to take a predetermined route along with the open world of the game. This is much more fun for me for re playability then a game where when you play through it again it is the same thing with this game you can take a different route.


Dragon Age the Ultimate RPG

g_reaper1666 | June 8, 2013 | Review of Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition - PC

This is a fun game which has a really long game play on some forums people have said that just the vanilla game play can take you 60-80 hours. Then the awakening dlc can take you 10-15 hours with the rest of the dlc taking 9-12 hours to complete. One of my favorite armors in this game is the blood dragon armor which you also unlock in mass effect 2 by having it on this game, this armor also unlocks on dragon age ii. There are many dialogue choices that you can make which will affect the storyline of the game there are also consequences for your actions such as losing a party member if you take a action that they do not approve of. This game has you trying to stop a unstoppable force of evil called the darkspawn which only rises from the underground system in this game during blights which will be led by an arch demon. The game also has religious elements, such as the chantry which seems to be a more extreme version of the church with their Templar's whose job it is to hunt down rouge mages. I bought this game on steam while it was on steam and that meant that i managed to buy it 75% off at £4.99 although now that i have played it i would have quite happily paid the full price for it. This is because of the replay value which i feel a lot of games are missing which makes you feel cheated especially when the games storyline can't be affected by your choices. this is what games need cause and effect which makes them more fun because you feel like the world is evolving around you instead of staying static. ----------------- Storyline ----------------- The origin stories on this game can differ greatly although so far i have only played as a female human mage and a male human noble just these two choices are excellent with the fact that you start in completely different locations. when you are a human noble you are a cousland while as a mage you start out by entering the fade which is explained as where you go when you dream. the different types of characters also offer you more background on characters you did not know much about on your last playthrough. there is also the choice to be a dwarven noble or commoner as well as i believe the choice to be a elf either living in the dalish forest or being a elven mage. There is also continuity other all of the origins because no matter what you are introduced to Duncan the Grey Warden. You are always selected as a potential Grey Warden recruit and you will eventually during the game play end up choosing to go with him because the current characters might want to get rid of you for a crime or they might want to betray you. some origin stories might actually close of choices for you because of the prejudice of the NPC's. The storyline has lots of plot twists which can happen at unexpected moments, which will be explained to you eventually. With this game when you just think that the game has ended more events happen which drags you back in. I will not go into too much detail about this because i will most likely end up releasing spoilers which is something i would like to avoid. In my opinion this is one of the best games that bioware have ever produced, if you like Zaeed Massani from Mass Effect 2 and 3 then i a sure that you recognize his voice for the mayor of Redcliffe villiage. you can also roam around the map although you should make sure that you get the Lothering quests done before a certain point in the game as the darkspawn will attack and then make it inaccessible to you. you will be able to unlock new areas along the way which also gives you the chance to find new NPCs and new characters that might join your party. you will find it difficult to make money in this game which is why I like the fact that a merchant will set up at your camp which will mean that you can sell the excess items in your items so that you can pick up other items on quests instead of destroying items in your inventory. The battle system is very different from other games that i have played in that you right click on the enemy you want to battle and your player will keep on attacking and then you can use powers such as bashing your enemy with your shield which is fun because as well as dealing some damage it has the chance to disorientate your enemy. what i don't like about the battle system is the way in which you can be stunned and if your health is near depletion then there is a chance that you could die this is why i would recommend to make quick saves often so that you are not pushed too far back. ---------------------------------------- Why buy the Ultimate Edition? ---------------------------------------- If you do not own the normal version of Dragon Age Origins then in my opinion it is worth buying it as the ultimate edition because it comes with all of the downloadable content, which includes awakening which i have not played yet which is why i have not reviewed that part of the game yet. In the future once i have i will add that onto this review, most of the DLCs add new story lines and campaigns to the game which makes the world much more interesting it also makes you appreciate how much time and effort Bioware have put into this game of theirs. ------------------- Final thoughts -------------------- This game is a must have game for any gamer who likes RPGs and likes to immerse themselves in the game world like the Mass Effect series there is a codex that you can read which really pulls you further into the game lore. in my opinion you have to have a tactical mind to complete some parts of this game because it gives you a interesting view of the world. I have not really played any other RPGs other than the Mass effect series but this game uses the technology available excellently.


you can fall into infinity with portals

g_reaper1666 | June 6, 2013 | Review of Portal 2 - PC DVD

This is an excellent game which i got through the Valve complete pack in the winter sale for £24.99, i played the original game and just through the excellent game play that i experienced in that made me want to get the next game. I like how they developed more of a storyline right from the beginning while in the first game i did not feel like the storyline properly got going until about a third of the way through the game. ----------------- Features ----------------- The puzzle solving aspects of the original portal came out strongly in Portal 2 and if anything this has improved especially with the different forms of gels which can have an affect on the game world. Without spoiling the storyline for any prospective players i like the way how Glados comes back with a vengence in this game. I also love the different personality cores which are present in this game especially Space who memes have evolved around. I also believe that the portal gun is vastly improved in this game by which i mean that the graphics that it produces are much more realistic. This could most likely be because of the fact that the source engine has evolved since the original game along with the orange box. Along the line of graphics i love the fact that with this game the details around the game world have also improved with the textures being at a much higher resolution. What i don't like about this game is the fact that the settings menu does not seem to remember that you have changed settings before. ------------------- Conclusion ------------------- I would recommend anyone who likes games which challenge you to play this game because of the way how it requires you to think about how to get across to the exit instead of most modern games which seem to be centered on running and gunning. This is what makes the portal world so interesting along with the fact that some elements of both Half-life and the portal world blead into each other with both Black mesa and Aperture Science being mentioned in both games. I have not played the co-op mode of this game much so this means that unfortunately i can't give you a reliable consumer opinion on this although from what i have played of it a new level of puzzle solving is added. This is because of the fact that you need to work as a team to solve the puzzle and not just a single person.