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Bloody but amazing!

gamersuman | May 28, 2013 | Review of The Darkness II - PC

I recently purchased The Darkness II for PC and I must say that the concept of this game is very unique. I haven't played the previous version of The Darkness but still I enjoyed the game. I really liked the story, combat system and voice acting featured by this game. The quad-arm combat is just amazing and addictive. It is hell of a fun to slice the mobs in pieces. However, the game is extremely violent and bloody. Also, there is high level of profanity and there is a level where extreme sexual content is present. Thus, this game is not suitable for people younger than 17 years. But, I must say that if one can ignore the extreme violent and timid graphics, then he/she can enjoy this game fully as the story is addictive and battling with two monster hands and two normal hands is just awesome. The game worth the price.