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Totally awesome

gaurlglmistrz | Dec. 3, 2013 | Review of Kerbal Space Program - PC

It's like, there are some games designed for special target group. For people, who always wanted to do something not popular in particular, like to drive a bigass scale large miner truck. Or to construct their own flying vehicle, or even project a whole space program. And then it turns out, that the latter idea is just spectacular and goes completely viral. Kerbal Space Program is just like this. It's like Minecraft of space exploration. And of air simulation. You can build basically anything you could think of in terms of flying machines. It's a great physics sandbox, which is just as demanding as to make you feel a bit of challenge and dont get bored too easily, and yet is simple enough for everyone to make it, if one tries hard enough. Add some beautiful graphics and music, and you're there. KSP. If you are interested in space etc., you'll love this till the death. If you're not keen on space exploration itself, I still would risk the statement that this game is just such fun, such gameplay-packed producution it will get you sucked to your computer screen for long hours. I personally wait for the career mode to get completed, but I can't resist playing it again and again. It's just when you seem to explore every possibility in one direction (like building a spacestation) you can immediately turn into new things to do - create a spaceplane, or try to go land on some planet with a rover. And it's not a serious, dull mimick of our world, it's a complete funny creation of alternative, Kerbal reality :D Set and go!