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The open world role playing game that defines the genre

gebe | Sept. 20, 2013 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Nexway (1) - PC

Skyrim is the latest game in Bethesdas much acclaimed Elder Scrolls series and a natural evolution of its predecessors. It's more polished, it has less rough edges and it feels more streamlined. What some people may call "dumbed down" I call more approachable, unnecessary skills have been removed and some annoying micro management aspects of earlier game has been dealt with. You no longer have to plan how you should setup major and minor skills from the get go so that you don't gimp your character later down the road. You can also more easily switch focus mid game, going from mage to archer for example, without too much hassle or breaking the save. The story is quite generic and fits the mold of a classic fantasy adventure including dragons and all. This should not be seen as something inherently negative though, the main story is a good one and will keep you occupied for quite a while. In addition to that you have a HUGE amount of side quests and factions to join that will keep you occupied for many, many hours more. Myself I had played about 120 hours before I even started the main quest, and then I had only completed two of the faction quest lines in game. Also, not to forget, you are presented with a huge open world full of surprises to explore as you may see fit. The setting, the world and the narrative content couldn't be better! As if the original content wasn't enough the game has an amazing community supporting it with player made mods something which extends the life of the game many times over.The mods range from the professional to the crazy and there's something to be found for everyone. A great weakness however is the abysmal UI which gives the impression that Bethesda regards the PC version as a second-class citizen compared to the console versions. Something which is very sad since the series has its roots on the PC. However, as a whole, it's an amazing game that will and can keep you occupied for hundreds of hours, especially if you take advantage of the amazing mod support from the community. In short: Skyrim is a genre defining RPG that gets as much love for its original content as its extensive modability. It's a classic and a must play for any lover of open world, first person role playing games.


Crème de la crème of football manager games

gebe | Sept. 20, 2013 | Review of Football Manager 2013 Overflow - PC

This is as good as it gets when it comes to football managerial games. Sports Interactive do what they do best and refine their winning concept year in and year out with an extreme attention to detail, adding minor improvements to the whole. The result is a product that is better across the board than last year's revision, more complete and more approachable than ever before and a natural evolution of the series. If you are a lover of football and an aspiring armchair manager then you can't go wrong with this game!