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Growing with Lara

georgiegenocyde | May 27, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider overflow 4 - PC

As a kid I loved the Tomb Raider games. The exploration, acrobatics, mysteries. So Tomb Raider holds a lot of my childhood memories. I hear of the comparison of uncharted, but I never played those series. Now I have yet to try multiplayer so my review is only on on single player. This game is great! The graphics are beautiful, the controls are smooth, the story is captivating. I love the fact that you get to grow with Lara. You see her go from afraid girl in an island surrounded by killers to a Strong and Independent young lady. At first you feel the need to protect her later on you just feel you should stand by her side. Square Enix did a great job on this Origin story. Now I didn't finish campaign cause I'm an idiot and delete my save file around 60%. I only have a low to medium end rig. I only have a Radeon HD 7750 and I manage to play this game on High if i tweak a couple things, but my FPS suffer and drop to 40's. Still even when I run it on medium the game is beautiful. Some areas are definitely eye candy. Found myself a lot of the times just stopping on areas to take screenshots. Some of the deaths on this game are brutal. Really impressive you can see her squirm and fight with every inch of her life. It's one of those things that looks so painful you can feel it. The controls are great too. I like how Lara automatically goes into sneak/cover mode in combat. Keeps the game fluid and its also a hint to when enemies are around. I have no complains except on the QTE either I prefered if it would tell me the key to press rather than the action. Might be my own fault though still getting use to KB+M combo. Honestly aside QTE icons the only other gripe I have is why is Tomb Raiding optional. They made it more of a Secret/Optional thing. Kinda Ironic. Overall though great game. Definitely worth its money. If you were worried it would ruin your love for Tomb Raider. I assure you it wont. I can't wait to see what Square is going to do with the Tomb Raider series.