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It's not by EA and it's a simple, fun and challengingMOBA......

ghettotron | Oct. 24, 2013 | Review of Guardians of Middle Earth - PC

First off, the game is very good and has alot of potential (as they have fixed some bugs) but the way they marketed the pricing is bad. My first impressions is that it is a mix of Demigod (upgrades to minions and towers) and LoL (preloadout items that you can store). I bought it on sale so hopefully this sale draws in a bigger community. The other good thing is that original console version was done by one of my favorite PC companies in the 90's, Monolith. Zombie Studios did a good job with the port and improved the UI a bit. I've been playing games on PC and console since the 80's. Strategy has always been my fave. RTS especially. I've played the first DotA since 2005. Since then so many iterations of MOBA style games have flooded the genre but yet only a few stood out; namely Demigod, HON, DotA and LoL. There are some other decent ones like Smite and Soltice Arena. I played the beta for the Infitine Crisis DC's good but it's not great. To be honest, GOME is better. And being an addict with over 5000+ game matches of MOBAs, I can say I highly recommend playing GOME. Now to the poor marketing. They initially charged $40 -$80 when almost all of the MOBAs out there are free or converted to free. I remember Demigod, HON and LoL initially charged $30- $40. I guess since it is a licensed game they're riding on the LOTR fan base and hoping to attract their sales that way. It's a shame because the game is solid and deserves a bigger community and, to me, that's the wrong way to attract players with a MOBA. MOBA games require a 10's and 100's of thousands players to be logged on to even get some kind of human matches without waiting a long time for a match.. It actually automatically adds bots to the match if not enough people join by about 3 mintues. Actually the bots in GOME are pretty good and do give some interesting challenges. Fortunately, those matches also count towards you bonuses and coins but not as much as you would playing with humans. MOBAs are always more enjoyable playing with humans. They also have a Survival mode where you have to defeat swarms of baddies. The sucky thing was that since there isn't a community yet, I played it with one hero and it was almost impossible to pass 2 phases with one guy. Overall, the game itself is very good. It captures the LOTR feel and it is fun and challenging (even with bots). I would give it a higher rating if it weren't for the initially poor pricing and marketing tactics. They should permanently reduce their price to the sale price. They are just limiting their potential. MOBA players buy stuff. They would make even more money with an exponential amount of players if they used the Free to Play game model.