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Not what I expected.

godoftoast1992 | Feb. 4, 2014 | Review of Air Buccaneers - PC

When I first got my hands on my copy I had some negative feelings about the game but after playing an afternoon session it blew my mind away. Air Buccaneers is just absolute especially with mates. Fluent gameplay and surprisingly good graphics for an Indie Developer. Throughout the game you level up and you unlock some new gear for customization which I liked and one of the great elements of the game. If you want blow up your friends and create a massacre then I recommend this game.


One of the greatest games I have played.

godoftoast1992 | Feb. 4, 2014 | Review of Fallout New Vegas AU bethesda - PC

Fallout New Vegas is one the latest games of the Fallout Series even though people find the mood and atmosphere not that captivating is quite a brilliant addition to the franchise. Fallout New Vegas contains an interesting story with smooth game mechanics with great gameplay. The controls and adequate and every decision I made in my game it would always lead to something else later in the game. For me all I can say for Fallout New Vegas is just exquisite with some minor bugs but other than that its near perfect.


Sid Meier's Civilization is better....

godoftoast1992 | Feb. 4, 2014 | Review of Europa Universalis III Chronicles - PC

Europa Universalis III is a historical empire management game. If you are into statistics and really just numbers and some facts then this game is perfect for you. The Scenarios in the games are very interesting and the mechanics of the game flow fluently. The graphics are quite good and the gameplay is quite sufficient. However in my opinion although the Paradox has released a good game it is really boring. Just to tedious just reading numbers doing statistics. It is alright in the first 20 mins but then it just gets really boring. For some it might be engaging but however if you into some action not just stats I would suggest getting the Sid Meier's Civilization series. At least in Sid Meier's its more engaging and is visually captivating than Europa Universalis. For me this game is good in its way but is really tedious after awhile with the amount of data you have to read but for some Europa Universalis might be the game for you with its detail.


Good game with a unique story.

godoftoast1992 | Feb. 3, 2014 | Review of Mafia II Overflow - PC

Mafia 2 is sequel of one of my favourite game Mafia. It takes place in 1939 New York. It has free roam like games like the GTA Series and Saint Row Series but however has a set story with chapters which are impeccable. You play as Vito Scalleta who joins the war in Sicily and later returns home after a gun wound and finds himself in family issues. Throughout the story he and his best friend Joe Barbaro who helps Vito to succeed in life and help his family. The Graphics of the game is great and better than your usual Saint Rows, The Story is brilliant and well thought with twist and turns and characters who feel real. The gameplay is stunning but with minor glitches in my play-through with guns disappearing enemies glitching through walls. Not to mention there are collectibles to find from Play Boy Magazines to Wanted Posters to make sure you have something to do. In summary Mafia 2 is a brilliant game and is a must have in your game library.


One of my favourites from last year.

godoftoast1992 | Jan. 30, 2014 | Review of Hitman Absolution NA - PC

Absolution does no longer follow its predecessor's which is not a wrong decision from IO. But many will miss the wonders of the original Hitman games for sure. In Absolution, the graphics of the game are impeccable with absolute mechanics and its just brilliant replaying a mission and attempting in a different method. Every time when I shoot a final blow bullet into a head of my targets it felt brilliant and epic and sometimes feel sorry for them after they land awkwardly on to the floor and with their colleagues being dumb and not caring. Also in Absolution there are a variety of arsenal you can use to kill your targets from a Lethal Silenced Sniper to traditional harpoon cannon. But its not all about the arsenal in Absolution, there are a variety of disguises to wear as Agent 47 such as a simple Guard's Outfit to a epic Samurai or just a ridiculous Chicken Outfit unless you think Agent's 47 is too cool for fashion. In addition the game provides an exquisite storyline and makes the game almost perfect. The things that prevent Absolution to be come perfect are its bugs like guns disappearing into the ground, bodies penetrating through walls, an awful checkpoint system which spawn backs all the people you have killed or pacified when you reload and sometimes progress not saved properly. Without these flaws Hitman Absolution would have been a perfect game. In addition to the franchise there is a new mode called Contracts which allows owners of the game to create their own contracts in any level from the story and are able to share it with everybody around the world or their friends to see who is the true Silent Assassin. In summary, Hitman Absolution is wonderful game wish some minor flaws which may disappoint Original Hitman players. But shows that Agent 47 is not ready to retire.