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A different kind of Lara

gomuninguen | July 11, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider overflow 4 - PC

You go into this game waiting to get somewhat what you experienced in past games. You get something totally different, this new Tomb Raider uses the puzzle aspect of the old TR as a mini game in side quests called "tombs", while the main genre is the popular shooter game style you find in Max Payne 3 or Hitman 3. The game itself is fun, nice range of weapons, nice collectibles and unlockables, really good graphics, fluid climbing and parkour mechanics, interesting story line and a nice assortment of enemies. The only things I found less enjoyable was the multiplayer, which has a very bad matching system (beginning players getting matched with max level players), some of the walking mechanics (I found myself spending 5-6 seconds trying to pick up some ammo from the ground), not so smart AI, easy bosses and finally much of the same (mostly changing area, shooting bad guys, with the occasional loot searching, rinse and repeat). Overall, I had fun playing it, went into the game not expecting much and ended up 100% the main story. Multiplayer is dreadful. 8 of 10.