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Equally Great In Quality

greenmonster67 | Nov. 12, 2011 | Review of High School Dreams - PC

Okay this game ranges to about a 8.5/10 for me the game itself is basically based off of various numerous amounts of boring dialouge and mini-games. The graphics are not the best, but its equal in quality to the whole storyline/plot of the game which drives the players in and gets them very excited & interested. But I would say the thing that really ticks me off about this game is of course, the glitches. Yes "glitches", and what I mean by that is how when your girl character is assigned to do a certain objective from whatever previous chat you had with one of the character's from the game, it's like you automatically have to do that assigned objective or it will no longer be available. For instance, later mid-into the game my character was talking to Landon which is the dude wearing the blue jacket and he's like this somewhat "elite" popular cool kid who is like a total daddy's boy and his character is the perfect idea of self-centered and egomaniac, with his ugly ego-crushing entourage who are nothing but a bunch of lowlife jerks. Anyways, after Madison who is "said" to be Landon's sister told me to go to the mall & buy some new clothes from Couture so I can join their "elite" group of popular people. Just after I had that very recent chat with Madison then came back with all the necessary apparel, Landon walks in (coincidentally...) right after Madison leaves and asks me to ask Madison to join the prom committe and from their I just totally forget that from later on into the week in the game and ever since i've been trying to find away to ask Madison to join the prom committe and their is like no chat option for it. It's like she literally has to be in the library with the rest of her anerexic looking friends like in the beginning of the game, and these "glitches" happen quite often. I personally think it's dumb to have to start a new game over again just because of not completing one task after it was assigned, as it will no longer be up for auction.