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This is probably the best indie game

grhakerck | Nov. 5, 2013 | Review of The Binding of Isaac

I already knew this game is great before I bought it. But I didn't know this game will block my schedule for so many hours. When you start to play, you are probably just dying. But when you fight the same enemies over and over again, they become predictable to you and you suddenly find this game easy. But the developer took care of everything. You never get bored because every time you beat Mom, the game becomes a little harder and more and more enemies unlock. This way you never really beat the game. But if you do, there is DLC Wrath of the Lamb that guaratees to make you busy for at least another 100 hours. So, basically, you shoud buy that game if you get bored with other games. The price is low, so you won't regret.