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not as bad as i thought

gunnergod13 | April 28, 2013 | Review of Police Force 2 - PC

first thing before i start i would like to say that there needs to be more police simulation games. i found the general atmosphere of the game to be pretty good. there are many fun things to do in this game like stopping a shop robbery or chasing down a run away crook. on the other hand there are also very not so fun mini games like car chases and finding drunk people on the street. it adds to the realism though of doing tedious jobs. i would have liked a little character customization as the characters don't have any personality. the least that they could have done was put in a option of picking from a few models. the emergency calls are a nice touch but could also get very boring after a while. the different kinds of gadgets are very fun like handcuffs and a PDA its not something that you see very often in other games. overall this is a very unique game that you don't see very often and i would recommend it to people looking to spice up their game formula. there could be a lot more improving that i would like done but for now its a good game to play for an hour or two.


one of the best co-op games

gunnergod13 | March 31, 2013 | Review of Killing Floor - PC

killing floor has been a breath of fresh air from most of the modern games that are coming out. many people compare this game to left 4 dead but it is nothing like that. killing floor is original more than anything but the best part about it is that all of the aspects of this game have been done very well. it has a good map selection each one not like the other. i would say a reasonable amount of characters without the skin dlcs and an amazing gun selection from assaults to shotguns to even a few surprises. the lack of a story is what is keeping this from getting a higher score but i cant think of one good zombie survival game with a good story. best part of it all is the mods that people make. there are mods that add hours of fun plus the many countless hours you will have with this game. there are mods for dead space and aliens that make it a change of pace from the zombies. you could take this entire rich and fun experience online! making more fun with your friends