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Rough Start, but Good Game!

guywiththegun1 | Sept. 22, 2013 | Review of Total War Rome II Post - PC

Although the game had a rough start with graphic issues, those have been quickly resolved with new and upcoming patches, making the game fun and playable again. The game does great in follolwing its series in its unique RTS battles, as it brings a whole new flavour to the strategy. I can't help but say that I don't like the on-field flags which can sometimes smother strategy, but in a normal battle, the battles are even more fun! CA has been doing as much as they can to reach out to the Total War community, and so far they've been great. The campaign map is new and incredibly large. New details give a sense of life to the campaing map that previous total war games haven't done. The campaign has been simplified for new-comers, and the progression of the player's growing empire is friendly to new players as they learn more how to play as their empire expands. Its a great game with fresh ideas, but some of those hit the mark a little short.


The name says it all! A true, fun, Hard Core RPG: Prepare to DIE

guywiththegun1 | May 18, 2013 | Review of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition NA - PC

Dark Souls is where Hard-Core RPG is really at The game truly provides a challenge unlike most other RPGs which hold you by the hand to the end of the game. In this RPG, there is no hand to hold: you are literally on your own. Pros • The Game’s graphics aren’t the best, but they are nice (remember, this game was originally made for console, not PC). The setting is dark, so don’t expect things to be colorful in any way. • The gameplay gets your blood running! Your senses will never be so sharp and wary in a game like this. Every enemy, boss or not, has a fair chance at killing you! The dangers that lurk around every corner really give me a jolt when they jump out at me! • Combat is fun too. The fighting mechanics are similar to Monster Hunter, giving the feeling of real impact on every hit. Hitting your average enemy never felt so well, as you can’t really call it a hack-and-slash game, since, as I’ve said before, almost any enemy can kill you. • The social functions of the game are fun to have on the side. Players leave warning on the floor, which in my view, is a great way for the Dark Souls community to help each other out. You can also see how someone died which is a true spectacle to watch, and a helpful way to plan out what to do next, which is great. Players can even invade your world and challenge you to a fight! Its blood pounding! Or, vice versa. You can create a summon portal which will give people on the server an option to help you on your quest. Again, that’s a great way to have players help each other in a meaningful and fun way. • Loot finding is a nice tradition that I was glad to see in Dark Souls. As with many Japanese RPGs, finding rare super weapons in Easter egg-like crevices is always gratifying. • This is hardcore: saves are rare and death is meaningful. If you die, you may lose hours of progress. Cons • This game truly requires an Xbox controller to play! The game was literally torn out of an Xbox and was slapped onto the PC store! If you play without one, you CANNOT USE YOUR MOUSE! I highly recommend you get a dongle or a controller before buying this game!!!!!!!! • Getting together with friends is difficult, as the summoning function only summons random players. The only way to fix this is by playing over LAN, or with a mod that recently came out that allows you to find a friend to play with • The game can be frustrating at times when you lose progress when you die, but once again, that’s part of the game’s fun. • The story is a bit generic. My conclusion to this game: If you are looking for a serious challenge, and you have a high level of patience, GET THIS GAME! You won’t regret it. If you hate dying, you’re not patient, and you prefer casual gaming, then I would consider with care whether you want this game or not!


Not my favorite, but FUN!

guywiththegun1 | May 18, 2013 | Review of Total War Shogun 2 - PC

This game in the Total War series is not my favorite, but its a blast to play online. Pros: -This Total War game gets more people to play online than all the others with its new Avatar mode where you construct your own general. -Land gameplay is fun, and each unit type has its own simple role for fast and bloody battles -The campaign is fun, especially with its new 2 player online mode. -Works on both low-end and high-end machines alike -GREAT tutorial, this really makes a good game for anyone starting the Total War series. -If you're new to the game, this is THE best strategy game out their! You won't find anything else like it! -Thousands of units on the field at once! Each battle is unique! Cons: -Unit variety is rather bland. Unlike the other Total War series, in Shogun2, each Clan has access to the exact same unit, which lowers the replay value if you're doing a single player campaign -Sea battles are a little crazy. When you finish one, you're thinking to yourself "What just happened?" But, it is fun to watch. -Less appealing if you have played previous games in the series ; but no less, a good game to have at hand! In the end, I highly recommend this to anyone who is new to the series. If your experianced, and have played many other games in the series, I recommend saving your money for Rome 2 Total War (get this game if it is on sale though!). Not my favorite, but a blast to play!