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Red Tide - The Might of the Red Army!

gypsy39 | Aug. 10, 2011 | Review of Men of War Red Tide - PC

If you loved 'Men of War' this title is a no-brainer. In many ways this game exceeds it's predecessor in that I found the missions to be better designed and they had a more in-depth feel. For one thing there are historical accounts that unlock as you progress through the campaign which is a nice touch. It makes for a good read and gives you a better understanding of the dire struggle during those dark days. The entire campaign itself is long which I liked a lot. I kept thinking is this game ever going to end? (but in a totally good way) There are a couple very challenging missions where the game reverses and becomes "Nazi-Tide" in which you will literally be swarmed and overwhelmed by Germans. The emphasis in this game however is mainly on attack, which does make it more enjoyable tactically. It's set just before the turning point of the war, where Germany starts retreating back to Berlin. The focus is on special operations type missions, where you will often be deployed with a small number of troops to raise hell behind enemy lines and assault specific targets often with very little support from the regular Soviet forces. Which leads me to where this game falls a wee bit short. Way too often they give you very stingy load-outs with hardly any ammunition. Which leaves you constantly scrounging for supplies, this can get frustrating at times because when you have a slightly larger group it becomes difficult to manage who needs ammo or even finding enough of it, especially when you're in the midst of battle. The other thing to realize before going into this game is that you will play as the Soviets and only the Soviets, unless you get a mod or use the editor. If you're accustomed to having multiple campaigns from different perspectives like other games in this series, you will not find that diversity here, at least not with the vanilla version of the game. Having said that you will be facing different Axis forces: Italy and Romania in addition to the Germans. This is a great touch which you don't often see in WW2 games, where far too often the spotlight is solely on Germany. The true highlight of this game I thought was that as a mission progresses new areas of the map open up, similar to 'Men of War', but much better executed in this game. The mission "Neptune's Broken Trident", is a perfect example of this. You start with a defensive mission where you will be pushed to the breaking point, then as the German assault finally sputters out much to your relief, you have to gather your forces and immediately go on the counter-attack with a huge new section of the map opening up. That mission alone was pure gold and left me with a huge smile on my face and the feeling that this was the greatest game ever. This is a fantastic title - a must own for history buffs and armchair generals alike!


Great Game, Needs a Little Polish

gypsy39 | Aug. 10, 2011 | Review of Faces of War - PC

I am enjoying this game a lot! For those of you who don't know this is the second game in the Men of War franchise, after 'Soldiers: Heroes of WW2', and prior to 'Men of War'. Initially I didn't like the game play as much as 'Men of War', but this title has grown on me in a big way. I had trouble figuring out how to play the next mission, this game doesn't automatically select the next mission if you press continue, you must select it manually by clicking the mission picture cards at the bottom of the screen. I'm not sure if this was Ubisoft's influence on the game or not, but the layout is definitely not as good as other titles in the series. It also has a more arcade feel to it, as if it was being targeted for a younger audience. Here's an example: The distance you're able to shoot is way too short. I know they can't have realistic ballistics in a game like this, because take an "Eighty-Eight" German gun for instance, which had an effective range of over 14km! That said, I found that in 'Men of War', the in game range for weapons was more reasonable. In 'Faces of War' a machine gun is barely able to shoot 30 in game feet, which becomes frustrating quickly. I found an awesome solution to this however: there is an excellent mod called "The Fronts", which makes the game way more realistic and enjoyable. All you need to do is create a folder called Mods in your 'Faces of War' folder, extract the mod files there, then under options in the main game menu there is a Mods tab, simply add the two part mod and enjoy. (CapsuleGames/FacesofWar-PC/Mods) I loved this game so much more after adding that mod. Be warned though you will be taking fire from a long way off, this can help and hinder you! I even went back and replayed some missions after adding this mod it was that good. On a more positive note, there are some really enjoyable missions in this game that are very well designed, making it well worth checking out. If it ever irked you in other titles in this series that they are reluctant to let you use tanks, it is not so in this title. Everyone loves commanding a tank and there are plenty of opportunities given here. Like all games in this series, it includes a neat GEM editor so you can set up your own epic battles which adds a ton of replay value. While this game isn't quite as good as 'Men of War' because I found it needed a little sprucing up, it does have many redeeming qualities. This is not one to miss troops!


Addictive Gameplay, Endless Possibilities!

gypsy39 | July 22, 2011 | Review of Men of War - PC

This game and the series as a whole is superb. This is really a Real Time Tactical (RTT) game because it involves no resources (besides sometimes looting ammo and fuel) and building which is so overdone that it's boring and repetitive. This game gives you a set amount of troops and you have to figure out how to achieve your objectives. Some levels can be downright challenging. Another great feature is Direct Control, which gives you the option to control individual soldiers so you can aim, shoot, reload, move, etc. A tank for example usually has four crew members, but each one can be ordered to mount or dismount as needed. The replay value of levels is high because no battle will happen the same way twice. Not to mention that this includes a fantastic editor so you can set up whatever you want, making Men of War literally limitless in possibilities. There is a learning curve to use the editor, but with lots of references on the internet you'll figure it out in no time. There are also a ton of great mods out there for you to try and 1C makes these games mod friendly so even computer illiterate people like me can enjoy them. Many people have devoted some serious time to building entire campaigns with new maps, skins, vehicles and weapons. It's fantastic. If you loved this title be sure to check out Soldiers: Heroes of WW2, Faces of War, Red Tide, and Assault Squad. Let's make sure that GMG gets the upcoming MoW Vietnam and Condemned Heroes. Lastly, these titles are more than playable on a half decent laptop, you may have to adjust your settings slightly however. I love that because I can bring the battle with me anywhere I go. So do not miss this series, get ready to lock and load!