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Origins is the most refined Arkham game to date.

heerox328 | Nov. 19, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham Origins

Origins is truly an Arkham game in every right. WB Montreal should be commended for continuing the phenomenal franchise that Rocksteady started with Asylum. The game is in every way just as professional and compelling as the two previous installments. With the addition of new enemies, new gadgets, a more in-depth detective mode, multiplayer, and a more refined Batman experience, it truly is a game worth purchasing.

The only criticism one could argue in regards to this game is it doesn't innovate enough. The gameplay experience is still very much identical to Asylum and City. That, of course, isn't necessarily a bad thing, but could lead to criticism from those who may have wanted more. As far as storytelling is concerned, I would personally consider it the strongest out of the franchise thus far. A raw and inexperienced Batman encountering what will become some of his most dangerous and longstanding enemies makes for a truly compelling story.

In regards to the environment, it is twice the size of City, offering a whole new section of Gotham, and is littered with plenty of activities, crimes in progress, crime scenes, etc. For veterans of the Arkham games and those who are personal fans of Batman, this is definitely a buy. Even for those who may have not played Asylum or City, this game is a great intro as it isn't directly connected to the two previous installments.

A truly phenomenal experience. I cannot wait for the season pass content to be available for play.