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helloimmajosh | Dec. 21, 2013 | Review of Call of Duty Ghosts NA - PC

This game is a bit different than the other MW games. There are still issues with this game. I highly recommend that you do not get this game. I only purchased it because I was tired of MW3(also a crappy game), and could not find an FPS to fill my needs. Good things with game : - Fast Paced. I'm kind of a instant gratification gamer... I hate waiting for kills, and in this game, it's usually alot faster than most of the games i used to play. - You die quicker. It's kind of a hit and miss for this... it makes the game harder, which is what I was looking for in a COD game...but there's always randy deaths occuring. Issues with game : - Like most cod games, you randomly die to bad players... it's not that they're good... it's just... they spray you and out of nowhere, there's a HS. - Camping is always an issue w/ every FPS, I do not mind it really, but there is more camping in this game than the other MW games. If you're a run and gun kind of gamer, expect to get killed by the person sitting at the corner. - FPS drops at random. Running 760, i7, 16gb of ram, and still having random frame drops. This game was horribly optimized... and there's alot of desync'ing w/ the frames, your screen will randomly jut and backtrack you to resync. - Sound - I'm a soundwhore player when it comes to FPS. it's a hit and miss. There are times when I can hear footsteps, and there's other times where I cannot. They're running at full speed. not crouching. And still unable to hear them. My friend has this game, and he is able to hear footsteps all the time w/ amplify... I cannot. - Community sucks. Always has. If you have a 2.0 kd. you're considered a hacker to everyone. no one says you're good. but whines that you're hacking. - Hacking. Because there are hackers in this game... if you're good, you're considered a hacker 100% of the time. - Killstreak perks don't make sense somewhat... Kill 5 players, get a dog the entire game till it dies... or... Kill 5 players, and get an IMS and last only a couple minutes, and doesn't move around to assist you. - Expect to play FFA or TDM or Domination. You'll get lucky with the other categories in PC world. I waited 20 minutes for a Crank game to happen.