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Great game! But remember these tips to make it run better!

hitatree | Dec. 30, 2013 | Review of Trials Evolution Gold Edition - PC

Trials Evolution: Gold Edition is a fantastic game! It is really just a port to pc, but it is fantastic game. I do have two really important tips to anyone considering buying this game: 1. Check is your specifications ok. This game is rather picky and doesn't work well with laptops. 2. If you have bought this game on a laptop and it is running terribly, go to your battery on your laptop and set your battery plan to performance. Trust me the game will run SO much better after you do this. Great game after you follow the second tip!


Great but has flaws.

hitatree | Dec. 30, 2013 | Review of GRID 2 POST - PC

The driving in this game is fantastic it feels fluid and extremely fun. The tracks are very good also with a large enough selection. The cars are fun and the career mode has a good upgrade system (getting new cars). However I wished in career mode they hired the man doing narration for more than one day, the phrases started to get repetitive after one hour of career mode also he says some very stupid things sometimes. Once I was in a head to head race (2 competitors) and he said "Cmon let's try and finish in the top 3", in my head I was thinking "I am not that bad a driver!" The customization is just ok, you aren't getting anywhere near as good as games like Forza. The customization is just picking a design you would like, then deciding which colours work with that design. There is no layers unlike Forza. One thing that really annoyed me was the fact in custom events (E.G. Splitscreen) you can only use the cars you have unlocked in the career mode or online. Lastly the DLC, in my opinion there is far too much DLC, I absolutely hate DLC and GRID 2 has quite a lot. The DLC is rather dear. The only free DLC they have is the Demolition Derby which is rather fun but has a MAJOR FLAW, every time I get into first place and I follow the track exactly I get pushed back to 12th for no reason, this is a huge bug that occurs regularly in that gamemode. To conclude GRID 2 is a great racing game if you are able to deal with those above problems.