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Great Multiplayer with a twist of terrorism.

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of Counter Strike Source - PC

First off, CS:S uses the source engine and has HL² -like graphics so it looks great. It also is one of the best multiplayer experiences on the market right now because of its highly addictive gameplay that can be played for countless hours making it a great triquel to 1.6 and a classic. Counter-Strike:Source comes with a mod tool so fans can make custom maps which is a nice touch for something different than the classic maps such as de_dust and cs_italy. The game has many guns that are realistic which feel and shoot fine. Though there are many ups to CS:S it requires a lot of skill to be good at it like another other FPS (having a good headset helps also because audio is a big up on enemies) but even skill can't help you when your up against a hacker which can be common. Bots can help you gain skill offline if you don't have internet at the time which is needed to download and play the game because of Steam. CS:S also has a few glitches as another other game with its bots getting stuck and laggy hitboxes at times that leave you saying WTFBBQ L33TWALLHAX! Even though CS:S has its few glitches it is still a must have FPS for another online gamer.


Long lasting game that is replayable and is the best game yet

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of Hitman Blood Money Steam - PC

Hitman:Blood Money is the fourth installment in the Hitman series and a good one at that. Agent 47 is back in the states for some fun missions that let you achieve objectives in many different, stylish ways. An example of these ways is in the Rehab mission you are able to dress up as the doctor and issue syringes with deadly poison to kill your targets who are patients. Another is if you are seen on TV you lose $ for the mission but if you steal the video tape from the guard quarters you can eliminate you ever being spotted on TV. While there are many ways to kill enemies in H:BM there still is a sense of lack in interactable enviroments at times. The graphics are sleek and new along with the cool music that feels like a good assassin theme. Fast loading times are also good but they are plentiful because of the difficult gameplay in H:BM. You can also do many things while not on a mission such as buy intel, upgrade weapons for future missions, and bride people if your notoreity is high. The A.I. is fairly smart by hiding bodies from public if they find a dead person and on the most part they look different so its not another game where you see common NPC models. The missions can last a long time which is good and depends on the way you do the mission. You can also go into First Person View if you wish but 3rd person is more of a classic view in the Hitman series. A downside of H:BM is sometimes NPC characters have weird and obviou movement glitches but other than that everything is fine. Hitman:Blood Money is a great replayable game that lasts long even if gameplay can be frustrating at times.


Fun experience that tries to bring new gameplay

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of Titan Quest - PC

Off the bat Titan Quest feels like Diablo 2 on steroids and better graphics with a hint of ancient feel. TQ sports tons of gold and items that are usable but most items if aren't your character's class will just be sold. Gold is plentiful in this game and is practically useless after lvl 5 because there is so much of it. The skill and level up system is another copy but has some cool features even though a player has to play through the game more than once to unlock most of the useful skills. TQ also has a cool portal feature that instantly spawns a portal to an already visited city if your inventory is full or you are in trouble. Downsides of Titan Quest are too much gold and no free flowing camera. Crashes and sounds problems can also occur while playing TQ. At the end of the 20+ hour Titan Quest it feels as if the makers used D2 as a base and just added on making it a good game but not quite a classic.


Huge world with unrealistic but entertaining gameplay.

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of Just Cause Steam - PC

Just Cause on paper is a good concept even though it copies off the freedom of GTA, the environment of Farcry, and the gameplay of Mercinaries. With its lush and fairly pretty graphics the Island looks great and is very large. Speaking of the large island, another perk is there are no loading times while just playing around and not doing missions or side quests. The side quests are very repetitive but can be set aside if you keep failing and want to do another side mission. Driving mechanics aren't too shabby but the view and cinematic feel of it and most of the stunts in the game are cool and makes you feel as if your in a movie at times. While the cinematic driving can be exciting at times it is also boring to have to drive from little province to province with the world being as big as it is. The story of Just Cause is pretty much Mercs with a revolution on a Carribean Island. On the higher settings I frequently crashed but when run on medium all ran smooth even though the AI is brainless and often grenade their own soldiers. If you can overlook the stupid AI and difficult aiming system, Just Cause is a nice looking addition to your collection of PC Games.


So simple its amazing.

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of Defcon Everybody Dies Steam - PC

A first glance DEFCON may look like a nintendo 64 game or even worse. But behind its simple graphics DEFCON is a crazy fun game that will have you and your gaming friends laughing and playing for many hours. DEFCON is a very small game at 64 megabytes and rumors say that if you delete the sound files you can get the game to 2-5 megabytes! The game has realistic sounds of children crying and alerts when a nuke fires. Gameplay is loads of fun and there is nothing more exciting than watching a mass of your nukes smash into your foe's large cities killing millions. For only $15 it is worth its price.DEFCON also has a message in the end, in nuclear war no ones wins its just who survives.


Team Based FPS that sets the Soviets vs the Nazis

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of Red Orchestra Ostfront 4145 - PC

Red Orchestra originated from a Unreal Tournament 2004 mod that used the Unreal 2 engine. After a huge success online with the mod and many awards , Tripwire Interactive deicided to make a full game. Now RO joins Steam library and looks a lot better on Half-Life²'s Source engine. The graphics for RO are average for an FPS even with the Source engine though it has medium requirements to play the game. Steam has promoted RO many times with price drops and free trial weekends which have helped sales. The gameplay is very realistic with your loadout being historically accurate and your weapon's accuracy isn't the same everytime you fire it. There are 10+ maps which adds a lot of variety and replayablity. Another cool thing about the maps are the whole server votes at the end of the current map for the next battlefield. Long loads (along the lines of BF2 loads) can hold back players with lower end PCs and that is never fun. RO is mainly multiplayer game and executes this premise fairly well but playing single player is a waste of time due to dumb as a rock A.I. and loss of the war feeling you get from MP. If you haven't played RO try the free trials that are released then if you like the action packed game download it off Steam for the low price of $20.


Great story idea and gameplay that could have gone somewhere

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of Gothic 3 Gold Edition - PC

The Gothic Series has always been the underdog in the RPG world oppresed by greats such as Elder Scrolls and Neverwinter Nights. On paper Gothic 3's story and ideas sound golden but when converted to the real game the result is nerve wrecking. Gothic 3 looks amazing in ads and screenshots but when I loaded up the game for the first time I was in awe of how choppy the gameplay was. I thought that this problem would pass as I continued in the game but it only got worse. The frame rate skips every 5 seconds and is almost unplayable. This is very saddening seeing as my PC can run Oblivion on medium high. The requirements for Gothic 3 are either way too high or there are serious graphics coding issues. Beside the point of near unplayibility Gothic 3 delivers a rich story involving Orcs ruling the Morra land and it being your choice to help them rule or start a revolution to save the human race from extinction. The combat system is simple with click and more click kills and can make some RPG experts weep and noobs rejoice. The game's enemies are well balanced overall but sometimes the bad guys get crazy bursts of power usually ending in the player lieing in a heep of blood with the words "The End" over their head. Overall Gothic 3 could have been an amazing RPG that could have competed with Oblivion and NWN 2 but is ruined due to graphic issues and a simple combat system.


Decent Snuff Action Game from the makers of The Grand Theft Auto

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of Manhunt STEAM - PC

Manhunt is a game that helps you relieve stress by bashing your enemy's heads in with assortments of weapons and death scenes. While it may decrease some stress it usually adds more stress and frustration to the player rather than help calm them. This happened to me a lot when playing against the A.I. who had guns. If you can get past the fact of dumb A.I. and frustrating sequences then you will find a solid game that is a clash between Splinter Cell, GTA, and a snuff film. ManHunt really capitalizes on the snuff and dirty scenes that make the death scenes feel authentic and original. You get a lot of weapons such as bats, poles, and a few different guns at the end, which are a lot of fun to execute bad guys with. The gameplay and graphics overall are what you would expect from a game from the guys who made GTA but the hard parts and horrible A.I. somewhat ruin a game that could have been much more.


The best RTS game of 2006 and one of the best ever.

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of Company of Heroes (2) - PC

Company of Heroes is one of the first of many Games for Windows Games to be released for new age of Windows. Relic, the developer, has experience in making great RTS games such as Warhammer 40k Dawn of War and Homeworld 2. COH flows very well just by the unit control command system and a nice mix of realistic combat. The realistic combat is this way because of the graphics. Company of Heroes' graphics are very polished and look amazing with barely any FPS lag on a medium end PC. Not just the player models and combat animations are pretty, so are the environments of the WWII battlefield be it a house used as cover in France or a bunker hill with lush trees and bushes. The environment is also destructible which adds to the choas and beauty of COH battles. The audio is also entising and makes it feel like you are really in battle with your Airborne troops. If you are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty (No pun intended) you are awarded with medals for completing extra objectives like taking a key HQ from the Nazis. There are barely any downsides to COH other than fairly long loads that take you away from the intense battle sequences of COH. If you are an RTS junkie or just a noobie who wants to get into RTS games Company of Heroes is one of the best combat RTS games with a quality and authentic strategic feel.


World War Two FPS Multiplayer game that is a blast to play

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of Day of Defeat Source - PC

Day of Defeat was originally a Half-Life Mod and gamers still play it to this day. With the release of Day of Defeat Source Valve shows us again that it can provide a Multiplayer only experience but still be decent. DoD:S uses obviously the Source engine from Half-Life 2 and does so very well. It is hilarious to watch the enemy's body be flung across the street and nail a wall when you chuck a nade into his bunker. While there are a lot of WWII games out, DoD sticks to the formula in terms of weapons and models but strays when it comes to game modes. There are two game modes, One where the team who holds all the flags at once win, and another where the team to destroy the opposing team's strategic points up first win. Both are fun to play and are different from your average deathmatch and team deathmatch modes. Day of Defeat only lets you play as the Allies and The Axis which is limited but each side does have classes each having their own unique weapons, such as Rocketers and Machine gunners. While having a single player option would have been a good idea, Day of Defeat: Source clearly provides a fun online gaming experience.


A decent sequel that sticks with the same Deus Ex feel

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of Deus Ex Invisible War Steam - PC

Deus Ex:Invisible War sets you as Alex Denton, a young student at Tarsus who is biomoded and very elite. You make many choices in this game and each has its own reprocusions. If you kill a trader later in the game his friends may not be too happy and instead of helping you they will turn on you and you must survive. The graphics have a futuristic feel along with the environment. The game does this very well with great lighting but some objects in the world could have looked better. The physics are very sand boxy and can be fun whilst in a fire fight but the objects and bodies in the game react poorly like they are weightless. The weapons and biomods are very fun and add a cool RPG element to Invisible War. You can modify you weapons with 10 mods including silencers, glass destabliizers, and EMP shots. There are around 15 skills that you can get from biomods. Most are pretty basic but cool skills like Hacking, Health Regeneration, and Environmental Danger Resistance are avaliable. With all the open world choices and fun gameplay comes the bog down of A.I. The NPCs play a major role in the game due to the fact that they let you make choices and give you quests. The sad part is that these A.I. are almost brain dead. You can throw bodies at them and they will stand there like nothing happened. The A.I. can also glitch and get stuck in walls and other various bugs can occur. Speaking of bugs I got a game stopping bug that reverted my save to the start of an area and TOOK EVERY SINGLE THING from my inventory. This is just ludacris, seeing as this was AFTER I had patched. While I wanted to love Deus Ex:Invisible War as much as the original the A.I. and bugs held me back. If you are willing to risk your time and want a open and rewarding Shooter try out, Deus Ex:Invisible War. Pros+ RPG elements, Tons of Choices, Weapon Mods, Graphics, Futuristic Setting done right Cons- Loading Screens, A.I., Game ending Glitches + Bugs, Shorter than the first


A different side of the WWII shooter genre with more tactics and

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of Brothers In Arms Road To Hill 30 NA Steam - PC

You should not blow off Brothers in Arms as another WWII shooter that fails to the greatness of say Call of Duty 2. At first I did this. I looked at the cover of BIA and said "I'd rather play a good shooter thank you very much". I didn't play BIA when it came out in 2005. Now in 2007 with a drought of games I thought I would maybe try the game. My first impressions were horribly wrong. The thing that stuck out to me in Brothers in Arms is the combat and squad command system. It reminds me of the Freedom Fighters System but easier to use. You usually have two fireteams, a base fire squad and an attack team. With the base fire you well, lay down a base of fire while you and the attack team, flank the bad guys and take down them down. The whole system flows well throughout the game and you really have to think at times to outsmart the enemy. The audio is suprisingly realistic with guns sounding on par with what they should and your squad being very communative. Brothers in Arms also has decent graphics with a low requirement compared to Call of Duty in which it may look beautiful but needs a higher rig to run it at these settings. You really get to know your men by their names. When you make a bad command choice they will die and you will be effected by it. It won't be just another allied casulty of war. The games combat system doesn't relay soley on your aiming skills rather than your team work and command. Though it doesn't relay on the weapons it does help to have a nice weapon. This is where BIA lacks, the gun choices are limited to about five or six weapons. Loads can also be a hassell due to them being quite long, making you try harder to not be careless. Pros+ New command system, team bond, looks fine, tells a meaningful story Cons- Not a wide range of weapons, long loads, could be difficult for noobs to the series


A large add-on to Dawn of War

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War Dark Crusade - PC

Dawn of War was a great RTS from Relic who also made the critically acclaimed, Company of Heroes. Now the 2nd standalone expansion pack is out for DoW. The first being Winter Assault which need DoW itself. This being standalone could be its own game due to its large amount of hours that can be had. With 7 armies to choose from, The Tao, Bloodangels, Chaos, Orcs, Imperial Guard, and the Eldar. You can play each of them and try to conquer the planet. You do this by whipping out the other armies territories and claiming for them for your army. Each army's conquest will take around 10-20 hours depending on how thorough you are with taking out your enemies. If you add that up it will be around 100+ RTS gaming hours. With that in mind Dark Crusade can get tedious at times and if you don't switch up your strategy you can feel the repeatitivness in the gameplay. It is mostly the same game as DoW but with more features for the different armies. The new maps and RPG feel of conquering, reinforcing, and hold land is a new touch. Your main hero/leader can also be equipped with add-ons that include missile launchers, upgraded swords, and other special items depending on the background of your hero. Overall Dark Crusade is a great expansion that is what an expansion is meant for, to expand the current game, even if it is for countless hours. Now you won't need the original Dawn of War to play and enjoy this RTS gem from the makers of Company of Heroes. Pros+ Lots and Lots of Killing, 7 armies, Countless hours of fun, Low Req, High Quality gfx, Hero RPG Elements, Like a virtual Risk game Cons- Tedious at times


The expansions live up to The Elder Scrolls name.

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Game of the Year Edition - PC

Shivering Isles is the first official expansion for TES:Oblivion. While Knights of The Nine added another quest line and a few more hours of gameplay, Shivering Isles does double that with a larger main quest for the special land and dozens of side quests. Nothing graphical has changed here so you can expect to see top of the line graphics that require an average machine to run decently. The main point of the expansion is New content, whether it be creatures, quests, items, details, or settings, Shivering Isles has it. Many new creatures such as Shambles and Scalons make their debut in SI. These are not only more creatures to fight but they each have their own special abilities like Electryas poison you very quickly and Scalons are stronger while near the water. This is a fun touch that adds to the surreal feeling you get while playing Oblivion. The new area of Shivering Isles is a seperate land that can be accessed by a door on a tiny island in the Heartlands. The mere size of the Isles is about 2 Imperial Cities. When you aren't on a quest it is just plain fun to explore the new areas and see what cool lore or details you can find in the landscape. The main SI quest is by far the best experience you will get from the expansion and is along the fun factor or the Main quest in Oblivion. You meet Sheogorath and he asks you to help him stop Juggalag and The Greymarch that destroys his realm at the turn of every era. Along the way you meet lots of new characters and have a new take on the lives of NPCs in the game. The items in SI are a great add with many being better than the Original drops and just being unique in attributes and look. Since Shivering Isles isn't your average place you can also expect to find many odd weapons such as a dagger that heals the enemy on strike. At the end of the 20+ hours of Shivering Isles you feel as though you have a new take on Oblivion as a game and it feels good. I really reccomend Shivering Isles to any person who likes Oblivion and the TES series and wants to get more gameplay hours out of them. Pros+ New everything- quests,items,creatures,areas,gameplay Fun look on the TES world, reminiscent of Morrowind Cons- No major Gameplay changes, still need a higher end PC, could have been a few more hours longer


Bioware never ceases to amaze its fans with great characters

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of Mass Effect NA Origin - PC

Story: You are "Insert First Name Here" Shepard. Save the galaxy, humanity...or not. Your choice. Missions: No mission is ever the same. No repeats here my friend. Controls: Different, takes a little to get used to but work fine. Features: In depth, story, gameplay, characters, choices, and lore. So immersive. Plus the diologue scenes are awesome and not boring like so many other RPGs. A.I.: Can get in your way and stuck at times but usually do their job in combat. Loading Times: Lots but they don't take as long as people say they do. The quick ones take around 5-10 seconds. Long (elevator) ones take 15-30 seconds. Graphics: Look great. Only fault is the popping due to the Unreal 3 Engine. That could have been polished a little more. Audio: Voiceovers for all. Usually don't repeat which is nice. Multiplayer: None. The Good: Story, RPG elements, characters and their development, and just the feeling of being in such a large universe. The Bad: Loadings can slow the gameplay down... The Ugly: The textures after loading when the skins don't load... Replay Ability: High. I've played beaten this game twice (1st time fully all missions, sidequests, etc. 2nd time just did the opposite of the 1st) in about a month. I still have another playthrough in me. The Bottom Line: If you like Sci Fi movies and/or RPGs, Bioware delivers you a pretty, package with a nice bow of awesomeness attached.


One of the best wide open and freeform shooters

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of Crysis Maximum Edition NA Origin - PC

Story: You are Nomad. A special U.S. Raptor force sent to investigate the North Korean presence on a desolate island. Then something unexpected happens... Graphics: More than pretty. Jaw dropping. Audio: Good. Especially enemy voice acting (can be in English/Korean depending on difficulty) Missions: Mainly survive, some recon, some search and destroy. Controls: Flow and fit well. Nanosuit features easy to change on the fly. Features: Nanosuit (Cloak, Super Strength, Speed, Extra Armor), open environment, explorable areas, lots of free-world choices on how to tackle situations. A.I.: Very smart and act accordingly but sometimes it is obvious they know where you are (like when cloaked but they walk past WHILE STILL LOOKING AT YOU) Loading Times: Each level, Quick. 12 Missions in all. Multiplayer: Can be rather slow paced, takes many hours when you get into a match. Not for everyone. Requirements: To run it, lower. To run it AND look pretty Medium High to High. Weapons: Not too many but just enough to get the job done. Customizable. Very Nice. The Good: Graphics, Custom Weapons, Open Tactics, Features, Choices. The Bad: A.I. can be redundant, Story isn't the most original. The Ugly: The way you get rid of evidence when your fellow nanosuit comrades die. Replay Ability: Medium to High. The Bottom Line: Have a good PC? Like shooters? Buy Crysis.


Ubisoft peaks with this version of Rainbow Six after many years

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Vegas NA - PC

Story: Your two squadmates are taken hostage, you must get them back while saving the city of Las Vegas. Graphics: Great looking, Shader 3.0 required. Audio: Squad has good communication, weapons sound great, all round well recorded. Missions: Kill bad guys, defuse a few bombs, save the hosties, etc. Controls: I prefer the mouse and keyboard to the 360, so IMO superior to the gamepad. Features: New cover system that works very well and can save your life in many spots. A.I.: Smart, can flank, and will own you hard if you let them. Loading Times: Many but never more than a minute long. Multiplayer: Get your money's worth, cool rank up system. Requirements: Shader 3.0, Decent Gaming PC. Weapons: Standard RS M4 :( The Good: Graphics, Cover System, Enemies. The Bad: Frustrating at times, No M4! The Ugly: In Games Ads. Meh. Replay Ability: SP- Average, MP-High. The Bottom Line: The Best Rainbow Six Game to Date.


An in-depth shooter that is top notch.

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of BioShock NA Overflow 1 - PC

Story: Deep. So Deep. That you must play it to experience it's Depth. Graphics: Amazing. A great art style also. So Pretty. Audio: Creepy and really make you feel like you are in Rapture. Missions: Very open-ended. Controls: Better on the PC and easy to switch from Weapons to Plasmid, Etc. Features: Most everything in the world is interactable, Mod-Able Weapons, Many different plasmids, tonics, etc. A.I.: Very smart. They work around and with the world of Rapture in an attempt to put you down. Loading Times: Long depending on your PC. Multiplayer: None. And that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Requirements: Fairly high but there are work arounds for Shader 2.0 video cards. Weapons: Mod-Able. Your average FPS weapons with many twists and extras such as different types of ammo and add-ons. The Good: The whole experience of this game and how you are immersed in Rapture. The Bad: Requirements are a little rough but other than that nothing. The Ugly: Your Enemies, the splicers. Blah. Replay Ability: High. The Bottom Line: Buy This. A must buy for 2007.


What Gothic 3 should have been.

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of Two Worlds Epic Edition - PC

Story: Save your sister. Or something lame like that. Graphics: Decent for PC but not the greatest. Audio: Hilariously Bad Voice-Overs Missions: Your common RPG Quests. Controls: 3rd Person RPG controls. Nothin' New. Features: Teleporters, Uber Weapons, Etc. A.I.: Run at you, Attack you, usually die. Loading Times: Average. Multiplayer: Cool MMO-Ish Servers that allow you to carry over your single player character, fun with friends. Requirements: Medium to High. Weapons: Swords, Staves, Axes, Spears, Pitchforks, Etc. The Good: A decent and large RPG. The Bad: Another RPG. The Ugly: Your enemies. They ugly. Replay Ability: Low to Medium. The Bottom Line: This is what Gothic 3 should have been.


This game showed me what an RPG game was. Just try it.

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind Game of The Year Edition - PC

Story: You are the chosen one. Fufill the prophecy. Graphics: Good for it's time. Audio: Mostly text dialogue but some voiceovers. Not bad. Missions: Hundreds of Quests. Controls: Classic TES. Remap to your liking. Features: It's TES, Amazing. Combat is bland and could use some work/ A.I.: Sometimes feel like cardboard but it's playable/ Loading Times: Average. Multiplayer: None. Mod's if you want it. Requirements: Low/ Weapons: Many. The Good: One of the longest games ever. The Bad: A.I. and combat could have been better. The Ugly: The last boss, he's nasty. Replay Ability: High. The Bottom Line: This game showed me what an RPG game was. Just try it.


A fun and quirky RPG that lets you control hordes of minions

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of Overlord - PC

Story: You're an Overlord, Awoken after many years you will control your minions and rule all! Graphics: Different art style, Fable-Esque Audio: Hilarious dialogue, Always funny to hear "For you master!" Missions: Your run of the mill quests, Save damsel, kill big boss, get gold, etc. Controls: Innovative minion mouse controls, Not so much keyboard controls. Features: Minion control, Tower customization, forging your own weapons A.I.: Minions are smart, pillage what you want them to, retrieve items for you, kill all each with their own skills Loading Times: Quick, Not many Multiplayer: Not the most exciting but different at most Requirements: Average, A little demanding Weapons: Mainly your minions but you can forge and use your own armor and weapons such as axes, maces, and swords. The Good: New idea of evil and minion control The Bad: Can get frustrating due to controls not working out, same with camera angles, only at times though. The Ugly: Your right hand minions, Gnarl Replay Ability: About twice, one doing all good, one doing all evil The Bottom Line: A fun game that adds a new mark on the RPG world with innovative minion control and customization of your hero.


A great montage of Historic Turn-Based Strategy

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization IV Complete steam - PC

Story: Build your civilization, progress through time, rise to power. Graphics: Same old Civ IV art style, never gets old. Audio: Not the most important part of the game but sounds fine. Missions: One. Build your civilization as years go by. Controls: Easy access UI, Can play most of game with just mouse Features: So many ranging from cultures aspects to military units. Very Deep. A.I.: Can out whit you very easily if you let your guard down. Loading Times: Only one per scenario. Quick, painless. Multiplayer: Almost the same as playing A.I. unless with a friend then it can get much more interesting. Requirements: Low, Friaxis did a good job of making sure most Civ fans could run the game. Weapons: You can be peaceful and avoid war....or build your army and destroy other civilizations. The Good: The best Turn-Based Strategy game out. The Bad: Non-Civ Fans can be turned off by the deep gameplay...their loss. The Ugly: Ghengis Kahn up close and personal :D Replay Ability: Very High The Bottom Line: Just for Civilization fans or those who have missed out on the great game that is Civ 4, shouldn't pass up.


A large improvement from the last game but doesn't bring anythin

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 NA - PC

Story: You lead a special ops Ghost Team against Mexican Rebels and Panama Mercs threatening the safety of the USA. Graphics: Average, less of a a futuristic look than the last. Audio: Guns sound good, Teammate voiceovers are decent. Missions: 10 Missions in All, Spans Three Acts. Range from securing battlefronts to rescuing a captured US Soldier. Controls: Standard FPS controls with Tactical Controls tacked on. Features: A well designed tactical layout (similar to BF2's Commander Screen) A.I.: Movement and Cover system works great for the enemy, Realistic manuevers, Horrible looking deaths due to weird physics Loading Times: Many and usually long. Multiplayer: Nothing special but Co-Op can be a good time. Requirements: Medium to High Weapons: Best looking weapons I've seen in a game for a long time. Great selection also. The Good: Way better than the first GRAW installment. The Bad: Some missions feel pointless, Enemy model duplicates are common The Ugly: Poor use of Aegia Physics with enemy deaths Replay Ability: Low to none. The Bottom Line: If you are a fan of the GRAW series go for it, if not don't expect much innovation to the FPS genre.