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The Night Falls and Wake must Survive till Dawn

horebesoklibur | Aug. 18, 2012 | Review of Alan Wakes American Nightmare - PC

This spin-off put Wake in the desert of Arizona where he found himself trapped in a time loop a-la Groundhog Day and in a game of cat & mouse with his "evil twin" called Mr. Scratch all the while starring in an episode of Night Falls (Wake's universe of Twilight Zone) This game changed quite a lot from the original Alan Wake. Most notably from the setting which changes from the dark forest and hills of Bright Falls to desert of Arizona. This game span into three settings and a time loop events where things changes little by little each time. The atmosphere and style of presentation also change from the Twin Peaks' or Stephen King's darker atmosphere into something more similar to Grindhouse which can be seen from the get-go on the title screen and main menu then span throughout the game. Another welcome change is the action part itself where this time take quite a turn into something more past-faced and brutal. The inclusion of full-auto weapon such as submachine gun or nail gun sure makes the combat somewhat easier but the new types of enemies manage to put some more challenge. For me, this change of pace was quite nice but maybe fans of survival horrors will cringe with the fact that there's a plenty of ammo lying around. The story itself wasn't as disturbing as the original Alan Wake, in fact was quite a letdown due to the previously mentioned groundhog day style of storytelling and uninteresting cast of characters beside the amusingly wacky Mr. Scratch. The exclusion of the interesting tv series-style was a letdown too. Other than that, this game was improved on both of graphic and sound department. The graphics was more crisp and nice to look at while still didn't eat quite as much resource compared to Alan Wake. Sound department also get their enhanced now the sound of the gun feels more meaty and makes you believe that the gun did delivers its intention to hurt Wake's enemies. However, for a price of $15, you'd still get quite a package. The main story takes some times to finish, especially for dlc/spin-off. The addition of Arcade Mode, which dubbed Survive Till Dawn, is where the game faster combat really shines. The enemies were more brutal and more varied map really complements the overhauled gameplay. In the end, this game was a nice change of pace, so if you're open to that and love the original, you'll also love this game.


Fun and brutal shooter - this game makes my day!

horebesoklibur | Feb. 26, 2012 | Review of The Darkness II - PC

First of all, this game is fun. Period. Different developers tends to take different approach from the previous game which led to several changes which spawned critic "hatred". The game itself is fairly short and changes from the rather open environment seen in The Darkness to corridor shooter in The Darkness II. However, Darkness II manage to exhibit a brutal & fun gameplay which makes the game worth playing. The overly brutal gore-fest is there at their finest, supported by superb sound that lets you hear each bone crack and break. Executions are pretty neat and cringe-worthy while demon arm slash is fairly fun to use, especially with gamepad (however it's quite hard to control using mouse). Gunplay is so-so, nothing special until some skills kicks in and turns your character into a superior killing machine. All of these skills, gore and everything surrounding the gameplay almost never get stale. The story itself tries to be compelling, at least until the last part which just got weirder and spiralled out of control. It tries to humanize your main character which is a rarity compared to robotic-killing-machine characters in most shooters these days. The story is supported by great voice acting that make the whole thing worthwhile to enjoy. Overall, this is a fun and brutal shooter. While this wasn't the best game out there, it's still worth your time and will make your day.