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Like a Movie

hotmando | April 4, 2016 | Review of Ryse Son of Rome - PC

The game plays like an action movie and that can be a good or bad thing for people. For me, I enjoyed it a lot because it was beautiful to play and watch at the same time. The animations were really well done although they could have added more. Some enemies only had one death animation or only one model. Seeing 5 or 10 clones on the field breaks the immersion to a degree. The single player was quite predictable. The squad mechanic was interesting but rarely used. For instance, you get to go into a testudo formation with your squad as you advance but you don't get to attack in formation. It quickly breaks off into individual combat and the squad tactic loses it's uniqueness. The multiplayer is another aspect of Ryse that I really enjoyed. It easily extended gameplay by another 10-20 hours. The map variety is extensive but you'll quickly begin to feel the boredom seeping in from seeing the same maps after a while. However, the fighting is just so brilliant that it keeps the game fresh. I still play the game once in a while because of how well fun it is to mindlessly hack and slash in Ryse.


Warhammer for everything

hotmando | Feb. 17, 2016 | Review of Warhammer 40000 Regicide - PC

With a recent slew of warhammer games coming out from the woodwork, regicide comes across as a twist on chess. I felt that the game tried to make twist into something more exciting than a battle of wits. I ultimately didn't enjoy the game because the Ai is so easy even on the hardest difficulty. Furthermore, the player base is wanting, there aren't many players on multiplayer. If you want to try out chess, you're free to play classic chess in Regicide. Regicide is okay if you're interested in seeing how warhammer translate to chess.



hotmando | Feb. 16, 2016 | Review of Middleearth Shadow of Mordor NA - PC

Middle-Earth had really good gameplay. I felt that it improved on the assassin creed gameplay with the addition of new abilities such as mind controlling enemies and executions. The coolest feature was the nemesis mechanic. Basically, enemies that kill you may become stronger and become your arch rivals if you continue to fail against them. Yet the system never really takes off unless you purposefully die to your targets. You become too powerful as you spend more time in the game. Furthermore, the main boss fight might feel lacking but the dlc boss fights make up for it. In conclusion, play the game for its good gameplay but not for the story. Don't expect a Lord of the Rings script from Middle-Earth when going into it.


Witcher 3: Just Excellent

hotmando | Feb. 16, 2016 | Review of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - PC

This game without a doubt is one of the best. There is a reason it won so many GOTY awards. First, the environment is excellent because of how it is crafted. The trees and grass shift back and forth as the wind blows. This is something you don't see in most games. The combat becomes easier and easier as you level due to fixed enemy levels. I personally think the side quest concerning the Baron outshines the main storyline itself. If a side quest can outshine the main storyline, that by itself speaks to Witcher 3's masterful story crafting. Thusly, I recommend Witcher 3.


Fallout 4: A Good Shooter

hotmando | Feb. 16, 2016 | Review of Fallout 4 - PC

Fallout 4 is an excellent game because of it's gameplay. In contrast to New Vegas, the gameplay is superb but the plot is weaker. While there is a major plot twist, the storyline is still weak because it does little but motivate you to go from one place to another. The gunplay is the best between Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Enemies seek cover, enemies shoot out of cover, enemies flank the player, and more. Somehow, the game feels more realistic and cinematic than modern games like Call of Duty. The power armor changes introduced in fall out 4 are the best features of fallout 4. Power armor feels like actual power armor than just regular armor you wear. Power Armor or PA requires fusion cores/fuel to operate in exchange for superior defense and strength. This is the fallout i've always wanted.



hotmando | Feb. 16, 2016 | Review of Grand Theft Auto V Post - PC

I played this on the ps3 before it came on the pc. The story line was much better than the previous gta games because of the focus on three instead of one main characters. However, once the story ends, the game feels lifeless because there is little interaction beyond the minigames and player-inflicted violence. Furthermore, I found little incentive to go beyond the city most of the time because there wasn't much to do outside of the city. The online aspect was interesting but not without flaws. Playing with strangers will often enrage you rather than encourage you to cooperate. Overall, the singleplayer is excellent for as long as the story lasts. The multiplayer leaves much to be desired.


Fun in Co-Op

hotmando | Sept. 10, 2012 | Review of Lara Croft And The Guardian of Light - PC

I expected this to be boring when i played with one of my friends, however it turned out to be the opposite. Puzzles are not too hard and engaging at the same time. The game is clearly meant for co-op play but it even supports single players just as well. Sometimes, you'll need a second player- instead the game gives the single player a ball or etc to replace the needed person. Truly, the game is a gem.



hotmando | Sept. 10, 2012 | Review of Front Mission Evolved - PC

The first front mission game looked to be a good entry into a genre. Sadly it resorted to a cash cow. With numerous multiplayer dlc for a game without anyone playing in multiplayer, the game defeats itself. sure, the gameplay can be fun at times- but its no fun when the core game play resolves around human players. And as of right now, no one is playing it. The story mode will keep you interested for a few hours...but even then, the story is generic.


robots killing robots

hotmando | Sept. 10, 2012 | Review of Supreme Commander 2 - PC

Supcom2 is a game come true for all die hard robot fans....even for those who tried to get into supcom1 but never could because it was too hardcore and time consuming. Basically, it has a ton of base building and robots ranging from super ground. The ai isn't a joke either as u can adjust the difficulty yourself. Skill or casual player is taken into consideration and that'ss evident when a new player can easily play the game without hassle.


Worthy STORY

hotmando | Sept. 10, 2012 | Review of The Last Remnant - PC

This is a one of a kind gem in RPGs. A battle system thats unique compared to the past final fantasies for example. Quick decisions are required and good decisions they must be. A wrong choice may lead to a loss of a squad or even more. Boss battles are epic, especially the end boss. The biggest problem I had with the game is overheating on the hardware. Secondly, buying armor and such did not chance my character appearances which as disappointing. However, the gameplay more than makes up for the fun factor!


Too massive

hotmando | Sept. 10, 2012 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

JC2 is too massively fun. With a new and upcoming multiplayer mod, its bound it surpass games such as GTA in terms of fun. Why? Because the world is far too beautiful to even comprehend! Even on a low spec pc, the game still feels huge and even the scenery makes up for the graphics lost. Gameplay is vast and diverse ranging to using airplanes to even latching onto rockets flying into space! A great game all in all.


worthy DLC

hotmando | Sept. 10, 2012 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution The Missing Link - PC

The only dlc to come out and its well worth because it finally fills in the gap in the story line...although it wasn't exactly shows the amount of devotion the developers have towards their fan base. The end boss fight was pretty neat too thanks to various ways of.."beating" him rather than it turning into a gun battle. It's obvious this dlc was not out-sourced, another plus for the game.


worthy DLC

hotmando | Sept. 10, 2012 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution The Missing Link - PC

The only dlc to come out and its well worth because it finally fills in the gap int he story line...although it wasn't exactly shows the amount of devotion the developers have towards their fan base. The end boss fight was pretty neat too thanks to various ways of.."beating" him rather than it turning into a gun battle. It's obvious this dlc was not out-sourced, another plus for the game.



hotmando | Aug. 1, 2011 | Review of The Void - PC

This game defines the word" weird". It's weird because all of a sudden there is a void. Between life and death, souls, heaven, hell, it's all a real confusing mess. The game doesn't bother to explain any of it to you too. The only plot and lore it provides is what everyone already knows. There is not much speaking or talking to do around here as much as resource gathering. Also, the visuals look extremely lacking. They are heavily outdated and the trailer does not make it seem any better. Gameplay is real the point where you might just quit. There are easier puzzle/action/adventure games for a better price. So unless your looking to lock yourself in a void, look somewhere else.



hotmando | Aug. 1, 2011 | Review of SEGA Bass Fishing - PC

This game really feels like an arcade game. Oh wait, it is. Basically, it is a port. And as usual, ports are bad in one way or another. Controls are hard to use, they feel like you need a joystick or something of the kind to actually do anything. Hence "arcade". Visually speaking, it's okay one way or another. It's not completely terrible, just enough to be bearable. Gameplay can be fine if you ever get used to the visuals. Just don't expect it to be bug free and such. I'd rather go for real fishing though.


PRetty Cheap

hotmando | July 30, 2011 | Review of Total War Shogun 2 DLC Sengoku Jidai Unit Pack - PC

Compared to Ikki Ikki, this content pack is pretty cheap..and for good reason. The only thing I liked about this was the wako raiders and the fire cav. Everything else was horrible. All units are limited to ONE in deployment. Just one. I don't understand? Long yari should able to be spammed. I guess CA really wanted to focus on balence. It's a shame they haven't released a patch yet but rather more dlc. We'll see. For a price about half of the ikki ikki but also half of it's's about as good as much as you like shogun2.


Awesome RTS

hotmando | July 29, 2011 | Review of Seven Kingdoms II - PC

If your like me that wanted Warcraft2 to be very similar to warcraft1..and starcraft1..then the game. Mass armies and fantasy settings. The game really built on what people wanted at the time. Being able to field massive fodder and giants of monsters! How great is that? And best of all, they just slam and crumble into each other...fantastic. Combat is lesser than current day, that is a given. No sync kills or anything. 3d is not very present as well, so don't expect dawn of war 2 visuals. Still..gameplay is just amazing. The plot is great...But if your attention span is really short like mine..the game gets boring later. Random campaigns may be different but they're all the same in a way with the same end goal. Nothing to really define them. Still...if you like rts games with a rpg blend, then this is for you.


Feel the need?

hotmando | July 29, 2011 | Review of Tropico Reloaded - PC

If you ever wanted to play the past Tropico games since you played the latest. I advise you not too. First..visuals are out rightly different. If your like me, this is not my cup of tea. I can't stand going back to lesser visuals. Soundtracks are not that great either. Not cool! You'll find that each Tropico game builds on each other. So you'll find less features, Something I don't admire. It's not really worth going back to. So unless, your really looking to take a trip through time. Don't bother with the older games.



hotmando | July 29, 2011 | Review of Worms Reloaded - PC

Worms Reloaded is an old old game. You can find better games of this type in the market these days. Still, this is one of the best games out there. It should really be called a classic in it's own gene. first..visuals are great. They're really cute in a way and attractive to younger people. Visuals are fun to play with and watch at the same time. Lets not forget the soundtrack too. Fun is all I can use to describe it. Few bugs and glitches make this an enjoyable experience too. It's well made for the pc, not some port. Being able to use my gamepad that I really only used for Sonic is another great plus. The many game modes and level editors....surely means many MANY hours of playtime. I really think it should be ten, not twenty bucks though. Still..a game that is well worth it.


The last

hotmando | July 29, 2011 | Review of Alien Breed 3 Descent - PC

For anyone like me who have played all two alien breed games before hand, then a MUST PLAY. First, it is the last chapter of the series. Finally, you'll know what's up with the "ghost" ship. Gameplay is much better as you can see. The developers really evolved their co-op. One flaw though, too few co-op maps. I thought it would be increased but I guess not. New Aliens and such really feel forced in too since there is already a huge horde but it's okay I guess. Still, the game plays really well. I haven't encountered any bugs whatsoever. I regret that there is no first person camera, it would've been cool to at least have it in one of the games. Still, good game and a great conclusion to pretty well thought out plot.


More Aliens

hotmando | July 29, 2011 | Review of Alien Breed Trilogy - PC

The entire storyline is composed of three games. Generally, your ship crashes with another ship. Other ship has aliens. Aliens eat your guys and your an engineer but you just happen to know how to handle a gun. You go through doing missions and listening to Ais, etc. Storyline is pretty weak but it'll keep you going. For the most part, I just wanted to know how the Aliens were even on the other ship. Also, eventually you move onto the other ship and it's infested. It's almost like Aliens the movie, except....more aliens. Gameplay wise, shoot em up. Theres not a lot of guns, assault rifle, shotgun, minigun, flamethrower, etc. Sometimes you'll use grenades/stun/etc. But it's just the right amount. I used the assault rifle most of the time, it felt right. Visually speaking, it is far better than games like Alien Swarm. the environment and level design is used by the Aliens to attack you anywhere. It's not just straight forward. It can be anywhere. Therefore, level design is a huge plus since it also makes you paranoid. Not a ton of bugs or glitches too. The entire series is great. But get the second game first if your unsure if you want to play any of the alien Breed games. It's the best one.



hotmando | July 26, 2011 | Review of Woody TwoLegs Attack of the Zombie Pirates - PC

This really feels like it's for kids. It's not my cup of tea. But as you can see, the visuals are really done nicely. They're cute and fun to look at. The game is not serious at all. Not realistic. So if anyone is looking for a realistic naval battle, look away. The game is entirely the opposite of realistic. It is a casual game for those seeking enjoyment. And there is a LOT to enjoy from here. Powerups, weapons, to even enemy ships: it's all good stuff. There's even sea monsters if people don't want to fight just ships. But all in all, not much of a challenge. At the very least, it's not a challenge until later. Unlocking difficulty levels is very annoying as you have to go through a game without a problem only to be confronted by a wall of issues. It's better to just have all difficulty levels available to players. Anyway, I suggest this to anyone looking for a good and cheap casual game to play. But for people like me looking for a more realistic game, this is not for them.


Like a sims

hotmando | July 26, 2011 | Review of Sid Meiers Railroads - PC

Like all locomotive genre games, you should know what to expect here. Visuals are okay, soundtrack is okay, a LOT is just okay. Nothing really stands out to the average fan or gamer. It's very bearable. Game is almost very polished. I couldn't really notice any bugs too. But visuals do not feel as polished as they should be. They're not up to today's standards and they look lacking compared to new locomotive titles being released. Anyway, gameplay is very simple and fun. It's just what you expect from a Sid Meier Game. Managing and controlling your own little "railroad empire" against others. If you've played any Sid Meier games..know your getting your money's worth.


Hmmm Not really great

hotmando | July 26, 2011 | Review of ARMA II Operation Arrowhead - PC

ARMA2 itself is currently okay and bad at the same time. I wouldn't really recommend this to anyone who is not a fan of the series. It hasn't really fixed a lot of bugs and requires a pretty good rig to ever have these "epic" moments of fire fights. And speaking of which, there are very few. Most fights require a lot of patience and skill. A big turn off to those looking for another call of duty/modern warfare experience. The expansion doesn't really add a lot besides new maps, etc, etc. Anyone familiar with games know what to expect. Don't expect bugs and such to be fixed though. Game is still pretty laggy. Multiplayer still lags as well. Big turn off. Sometimes you'll even load a game for 3 minutes only to get disconnected. This game is also not very newcomer friendly. Be advised if you ever play this!



hotmando | June 21, 2011 | Review of Magicka DLC Watchtower - PC

Another followup of more dlcs. Another bad attempt to chuckle money from players. Nothing really new besides a new area for friends and family to screw around in while other dlcs provide yet again, a new area alongside items.



hotmando | June 21, 2011 | Review of Magicka Reservoir Robe - PC

This dlc is just a followup of others, it's a domino effect. Buy one dlc, why not buy them all? This dlc contains the same amount of content as the other cheaper dollar dlcs. I don't see why ten color choices on a robe and a handgun would warrant the dlc to be twice it's base price.


Cheap and nice

hotmando | June 21, 2011 | Review of Magicka Nippon DLC - PC

Another dlc that is not needed in the base game but fuels it's fan base instead. The cheap price of 0.99 is enough to lure anyone into buying the dlc and anyone with a japanese love. However, these items may give the advantage to one player over another which brings the idea of "buy to win" in the game. Item dlcs are always risky as seen in the recent battlefield3 preorder scandal.


Overly Expensive

hotmando | June 21, 2011 | Review of Magicka Final Frontier DLC - PC

For almost two dollars lower than the vietnam dlc, you get about 1/4 of what vietnam offers for only five us dollars. In fact, this dlc should be not worth almost dollars but rather two. It is a dissappointment.


Very minor

hotmando | June 21, 2011 | Review of Magicka Wizards Survival Kit DLC - PC

While the base game itself is very fun, it is also very easy to see why it's so cheap for a minor price of ten us dollars. It has an array of dlc that can cost from a simple dollar to more than five. An intereasting strategy because it'll easily drag you into buying dlc when you see your friends with so and so items.