Reviews by houiew


Puzzle game that delivers what it promises.

houiew | Feb. 12, 2014 | Review of Safecracker Steam - PC

Play time ~9 hours This game delivers what it promises: a puzzling experience. There is minimal exploration, as the entire time you are inside a home. Although, the graphics are very excellent, not being able to interact with much of the environment as you would in most adventure games does break immersion. The puzzles are all logical puzzles, although some seem to heavily rely on some assumptions of the player's knowledge of existing puzzle types and assumes the user would know how to go about solving it. Those seeking for an easy ride should look elsewhere as well, as the game has significant challenges ahead, which is a good thing too! Note: there are some very new logical puzzles in this game that I've never seen before, so props to Kheops for making those. The voice acting is terrific, but there isn't much of it, as most of the time you will be speaking to yourself and exploring alone. The music seems to have some issue and sometimes stops looping (and it noticeably is repetitive sometimes). The story is also very minimal and it's difficult to empathize / sympathize with the characters in the game because the descriptions of each are so brief. When you reach the end of the game you'll understand why this is a drawback. The game is family friendly and suitable to all ages.


Good sequel to a terrific original game.

houiew | Feb. 12, 2014 | Review of Return to Mysterious Island 2 2 - PC

Play time ~ 20 hours The game plays much like the first one, except with much less item combining. The first game I believe is better. It seemed to have a fresh feel, whereas this sequel seems to be very similar to the first in terms of setting, atmosphere, appearance and types of puzzles. Notably, some of the puzzle mechanics are borrowed from previous Kheops titles. However, it steps away from the original game to introduce puzzles in which you play as the monkey, which is pretty nice. I believe the fun in the first game of item combining is mostly taken away from the second game, with a few exceptions. Overall, still a very excellent game that deserves a play-through. Again, those seeking a vivid storyline should seek elsewhere, but there is solid puzzling here. Great graphics and sound also are nice to have.


Re-defines 1st person adventure stereotypes. Great game!

houiew | Jan. 6, 2014 | Review of Return to Mysterious Island - PC

Play time ~8 hours Before I tried this game, I thought all 1st person adventure games were “Myst clones.” This game completely changed my perspective on it. The puzzle mechanics of this game are awesome. For those who are fans of item collection and combining, this is your dream come true! The introduction of a monkey companion and multi-item recipes is great. There is a great variety of puzzles ranging from (mostly) item puzzles, to logic puzzles, to trivia (I know, trivia may sound not so fun, but they way they incorporated it in to the story and gameplay was marvellous). Great graphics (not surprising since it is Kheops who developed it), superb audio (so many ambient sounds in this game and voice acting is top notch). The story is minimal, so for story fanatics, this may not be your cup of tea. One other thing is that the game is quite open ended, puzzles can be solved multiple ways, and some puzzles are even optional. I actually have created some interesting items in the game that I never got to use. So there is some definite replay value for completionists Smile However, I deducted some points due to the fact that I thought I wouldn’t have to deal with war and unnecessary violent conflict, but there was quite a bit of that toward the end.


One of the most innovative and best modern day adventure games

houiew | Jan. 6, 2014 | Review of Journey to the Center of the Moon - PC

Play Time ~13 hours Return to Mysterious Island "wet my appetite" for Kheops games. I thought it would be hard to beat, but Voyage really is even a better game and longer too, and that is saying A LOT, considering how much I enjoyed Return to Mysterious Island. This game has a wide assortment of puzzles (inventory, logic, environmental, and some "sort of timed" ones - no fear on the last type, they are easy) and so many different adventurers will enjoy the game, especially because many of the puzzles can be solved in different ways; for example the store can be used to buy items if you hate chemistry puzzles. Notably, some puzzles put in a new twist I never saw in other adventure games. I won't spoil it, so I won't list them. Great graphics (not surprising since it is Kheops who developed it), superb audio (so many ambient sounds in this game and voice acting is top notch and the music extremely well done and very suitable to the atmosphere). The story is minimal, so for story fanatics, this may not be your cup of tea. The game also breaks new ground on immersion. When I played the game I felt like I was on the moon and trying to adapt to my surroundings, learning about the environment and culture/language of its inhabitants - creatures and plants alike. The game is well suitable for all ages in my opinion, and I highly recommend it to everyone.