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Whip smashing fun

hoveringbeef | Aug. 30, 2013 | Review of Castlevania Lord of the Shadows Ultimate Edition - PC

If you're intrigued or on the fence, try the free demo. It's basically how the game is throughout. 3D Combat, more of that typical "press the button now to do the special!" crap that you find in games these days, and you buy new moves with xp. The accents are pretty much horrible and the narration I thought poor and lacking depth. Yeah it's Patrick Stewart, and? Still sounds boring to me. Physics can be annoying when you're visually out of range, or you're killed at the beginning of a move. You know, when the enemy has their sword behind their head, before they actually chop forward. But that's literally it for my complaints! I like the story, though I'm only on chapter 4 (9 hours in, there are 17 chapters in total). Once you complete a level, you earn the right to try the trial for it: completing the level within a time limit, or meeting certain criteria. You can replay any previous levels from the world map screen whenever you want, which is necessary as you unlock more moves etc and have to go back to collect weapon upgrades you couldn't get to before. Platforming is bountiful, along with those "where am I supposed to go now?" moments as you scour the screen. Puzzles aren't too hard, and you can forfeit the completion bonus to see how to unlock them, autosaves are plentiful, though if you die during a level you respawn with less health than before, which continues until you're totally dead and need to start the level over. Not that frustrating as the levels themselves never feel that long, and the chapters seem to have a different number of levels within them