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Contracts finally re appears on the PC

iaincmet | Jan. 22, 2014 | Review of Hitman Contracts - PC

After problems with a certain audio track in the game Contracts vanished a few year ago. Square Enix have now managed to sort the issues out and get this game released digitally. The game itself is the tried and tested original Hitman formula, large open play areas with plenty to see and numerous ways in which to take your target out. This game being set out the way it is and with events that it shows during the opening cinematic takes you through what can best be described as Agent 47's greatest *hits*!!! You get new material and also a few of the levels from the very first game redone in the newer engine and with larger playing areas. Visually the game is nicer looking than the first 2 games, looks more like the visuals on Blood Money. Sound has full voice over, and awesome music throughout. The game itself I think was for the fans and new people to the franchise at the time, hence the inclusion of some of the hits from the first game, kind of gives you a previously on Hitman type feeling. It is not the strongest Hitman game, that lies firmly with Blood Money and the newer Absolution but is a worthy addition to the franchise. There was an issue with music and voices on its release on Steam, however, IO / Square Enix fixed it within a few hours of release so good to go. If you like the older Hitman games or just want to experience Hitman for the first time this is a great way to do it before venturing into Blood Money and Absolution. Well worth it for the asking price


Linear Hack n Slash 3rd person platformer

iaincmet | Feb. 10, 2013 | Review of Ninja Blade - PC

I just can't say I enjoy this game at all. I tried it a few year back when it was first released and it was really buggy so uninstalled and gave it away to a family member. The problem lies with it trying to be Ninja Gaiden which was never released on PC. Ninja Blade though is extremely linear with literal corridor sections with enemies which lead up to a boss battle. Rinse and repeat for each level. Visually it looks nice in 1920x1080 resolution and does have a cinematic feel to it. Thing is though you get continuous Quick Time Events and awkward controls even with a pad is off putting. You get a boss battle and knock its health down to zero, the boss will follow a pattern which is easy enough to follow, then you make your way to a point in the environment once it goes still and hit the action button and you will finish it off with a QTE. Now if it survives through this you will chase it a bit further into the linear level taking out enemies on the way and do the same thing again to finally take it out. The game itself makes no particular sense whilst playing it, plenty moments when you will think to yourself what is going on, it jumps all over the place and you will sit and watch in disbelief. The story itself looks like it could be interesting as it is all down to a parasitic infestation in Tokyo. It is such a shame From Software (Demons & Dark Souls fame) done this game in this way. They should have gone open world or even larger areas and gave you a bit more freedom like in the Ninja Gaiden games. Its hard to recommend this game, good ideas but the QTE and linearity REALLY spoil it, wasted chance to create something epic. Only buy it if it is cheap and you want something to pass a few hours.


Very underated addition to the series

iaincmet | Feb. 3, 2013 | Review of Hitman Absolution (1) - PC

I have played through Absolution twice in the past week, normal mode then also hard to get the Absolution achievement. After just over 40 hours play I can safely say I have enjoyed every minute of it. First off I will mention the good, the PC version has many graphics options to suit your system, you may want to knock the bloom levels down a bit as there is just to much glare when its on high. The story itself is actually quite interesting, its long and interlinks the levels together nicely and the way it ends makes me wonder if a lot of reviewers actually went through the entire game. There is a new addition to play style which is Instinct which will help new players to the series to get an idea where enemies are before making a move. Play on the harder levels and Instinct does very little and you have to play the way you did with previous games, sit and watch what they are doing for a few mins before moving. There are numerous ways to actually take out your targets, if you look at level specific challenges you can see the different ways to take people out. For example King of Chinatown has 12 different ways to kill the guy, ranging from 3 different poisonings, single shot with sniper rifle, a few accidents etc. I personally liked redoing the levels to try out the different tactics, kept me interested and going back. Even if it was just to beat my previous score or to beat people on my friends list, it tells you at the start of the level who has the highest score for that section out of your friends. Now the bad things, first off is the fact that the levels can be quite small. The older games were one huge level, a virtual playground if you will, Absolution trims these bigger levels down to bite size chunks. Secondly the enemy AI can be very inconsistent, at times you will do a headshot with silenced Silverballer and a guy that isn't looking at you and not in the immediate vicinity will immediately spot you, this can mean numerous restarts at times. This also brings the save system in, sometimes you can spend a good 20 minutes working you way through a level and you hit a manual checkpoint, activate it and all is good..........Not so, if you mess up the whole level is reset so all the progress you have made up to that checkpoint is gone, guards are back etc. It can be REALLY annoying at times. The game also has a contracts mode, you can pick a level that you have done on the game and mark up to 3 targets. You then have to take them out and make your escape. If you hide the bodies then others will have to do that and also mimic the weapon you had used. Overall success has a score and leaderboards. Create a good one and you will have thousands of players all over the world playing your level. Its a nice addition to the game, creating your contracts and playing stuff that others have done, adds extra life to a fairly lengthy single player campaign. I do feel that the good far outweighs the bad and Absolution is a great addition and welcome return of the Hitman franchise. Don't let bad reviews put you off or you will be missing out on a great stealth based game.