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Review after release of 2.0

ices625 | Sept. 17, 2013 | Review of FINAL FANTASY XIV A Realm Reborn NA Post - PC

This game is really great and lots of fun. This game is not as in depth as FFXI but it doesn't require 3 hours plus the time to get a party started to get decent experience. Difference between FFXI - You no longer lose exp after death instead your equipment gets the penalty - There is no longer long wait time looking for party, they have a function called dutyfinder that would match you with people available in any server. You can also start your own party first and then find the missing player. - Each class have their ability to solo and fight against an enemy your level - Instead of starting as a job that you used to know White Mage, Black Mage etc you'll start off on a base class ex: Conjurer, Thaumaturge. When you get to level 30 with a specified secondary class you'll be able to choose your new job. - You don't need to know what SATA, skillchain, elemental weakness again. - For BLM you don't need to research for the weakness of the enemy anymore. They simplified it so that Fire is your attack spell, Blizzard is your refresh spell and Thunder is your DoT spell. You no longer need to rest for mp as your mp will always be full assuming that you have Blizzard on. What you do to gain experience: - There are plenty of quest available to get experience - Levequest are available for you to gain experience through a dedicated quest - Dungeons are available to dutyfinder to gain experience as a party - FATE is like an event that happened within the map that everyone If you're reading that there are a lot of server issue ex: 1017 they are no longer there at least for my server.