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All style, no soul.

imasquare | Sept. 29, 2014 | Review of Starpoint Gemini 2 - PC

I really really wanted to like this game. It had great visuals, a great premise, nice customisation options, modding, an interesting sounding campaign..but then...I actually played the version 1.0 and... It's not actually that fun. It goes through the motions of things that one should do to make a fun space RPG....but I never really felt engaged. It doesn't garner my interest as it is so cut and dry. The combat is a bit boring, and so far I haven't felt particularly threatened or in a situation I couldn't easily escape if it was getting a bit too hot to handle. In combat you also have some passive abilities, but you can press 1,2,3 or 4 to activate...boring abilities, and you have consumable items that can buff you for a short time if things are getting a bit more pressing. This is ever so routine and much the same as any RPG and yet Torchlight as an RPG is charming and is full of 'soul' and 'character'. Starpoint Gemini 2 on the other hand doesn't have any of that, and the campaign...ugh...I wish they had paid for better actors. I don't know who they are and don't care to look them up, but they convey the story along with about as much enthusiasm as those 5 year olds reading their scripts directly from the pages in the 'Avatar: The last airbender' movie. Is it worth the price of admission? Eh...maybe, if you're a first time gamer and want to spend your money on a pretty looking space RPG for a few hours of 'fun' looking at the pretty visual and the pew pew laser death - then yeah maybe drop some cash on it. Meanwhile I remember the days of Freelancer past when the storyline was engaging, voice actors conveyed the situation, it was FUN and engaging - you could tell the creators behind it had a passion! In summary Starpoint Gemini 2 will not give you numerous hours of entertainment, but it is pretty to look at for a little while until you can find something else to scratch that space RPG itch. I reward this game 50% for all its technical excellence, but I award it no further points for failing to provide fun and excitement.


GOTY 2012

imasquare | Nov. 13, 2013 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

This has to be one of my games of the year for 2012, you will not be disappointed if you buy this I have logged over 48 hours according to my steam stats. 48 hours of some of the most memorable...beautiful....over the top...octane fuelled...grapple roof diving...exploding...gun mania. This is a sandbox of epic proportions with an epic storyline, you can traverse the massive island(s) with planes, trucks, atv's, helicopters, fighter jets as you set about taking down the dictator of Panau. There are also plenty of diversions, secret locations, hidden weapons and so on. If there was one fault to this game I'd say it's repetitive, and they've cloned some buildings in the ginormous island however it's nothing to be worried about in the scope. If you haven't played this game it already, you will not be disappointed. They're now beta'ing a multiplayer add-on for this game which is enhancing and extending the game.


Retro fun

imasquare | Nov. 13, 2013 | Review of Thunder Wolves - PC

'Murica, $%^& yeah! From the popular movie 'Team America' Pretty much sums up this game. It channels that 'Team America' cliché intentionally and is self aware. The gameplay itself is a throw back from the 90's arcade machine 2D scrollers, except now...IT'S IN 3D, like we all wanted anyway. It's over the top, pedal to the metal, guns, missiles, rockets and all manners of destruction. The graphics of the game are certainly not up to contemporary standards and probably belong in 2001, but the graphics don't detract from the gameplay at all - heck they might make you feel a bit more nostalgic. I'm glad though that the focus has been on gameplay rather than poly count as it's game play that matters..


A game for our generation.

imasquare | Nov. 13, 2013 | Review of Spec Ops the Line - PC

There are very few games I will ever give 100/100, ignoring multiplayer that is. I won't mention multiplayer as it was completely unnecessary to slap it on top of this masterpiece of story telling and self analysis on many aspects of human psyche, war and even violence in gaming itself. That may sound a bit heavy, and it is, but you may not even notice the heavier elements of the game. The gameplay elements of combat are fun, engaging and challenging enough to players. You won't find anything new in terms of gunplay here, but it's a perfectly refined third person shooter that will have you headshotting 'bad' guys with satisfactory results against challenging AI in dynamic environments. The game may be short, I've played it through twice and had 10 hours of some of the most engrossing and visually impressive gameplay you will have. If you are a gamer you must buy this to experience this masterpiece first hand and understand what all the talk is about.


Not GTA, but it's own genre defining fun

imasquare | Nov. 13, 2013 | Review of Sleeping Dogs (1) - PC

...Buy this game! Ok, so you'll often go into this game thinking it's GTA. It's not quite GTA and honestly I'm glad it's not. The more you play this the more it's own unique styling, gameplay, story telling and characters will grow on you. If you're like me the martial arts combat aspect is something you'll need to work on, and finding all the statues to upgrade your combat moves is necessary to make combat 'easiest'. When fully upgraded you are a master of kick ass, and it's enjoyable to see opponents grimace as you break bones and twist leg joints in the opposite direction with satisfying 'crunches'. The characters of the story are clichéd at first, and the settings are fairly low key and atypical, which is what makes the later scenarios more exciting. There are some moments when you will genuinely smile or sympathise with characters like Mrs. Chu, and be pissed off when your friend #spoiler# is brutally killed. There are plenty of fun diversions to be had and you can spend many...many...many...many hours playing. Graphically this game is a wonder to behold, stunning polygon counts and polished DX shaders. This game has top notch programming and I never encountered a bug during the entire game, a lot of people don't appreciate these things, but this is a genuinely well made game. Hm...anything else about this game... Oh yes, buy it!


Fun game well worth the price

imasquare | Nov. 13, 2013 | Review of Galaxy on Fire 2 - PC

We can often only hope to get many hours of enjoyment from a game when be put down our hard earned cash. My Steam stats for this is 18 hours of fun that I have enjoyed for the same price as a movie ticket admission and I can tell you I've often spent $20 and not even enjoyed a 90 minute movie. I'm a freelancer fan and have played it through many times, and Galaxy on Fire 2 (GF2) HD definitely channels many aspects of that game. GF2 is a well polished game compared to some other recent 'attempts' by developers. The controls and flight simulation are good, and the combat mechanics will keep you on your toes. The weapons are interesting and there are a variety of tactics that you can use. The fact that it is a port from iOS does show through in aspects of it's simplicity in design, but the HD texture update keeps in relevant to the PC platform. My only wish is that they were able to release the DLC for GF2 to extend the playability of GF2 beyond 18 hours. However I definitely think 18 hours is plenty of play time! I'll put the Galaxy on Fire 3 on my to buy list when it comes out.


One of the best of 2000

imasquare | Nov. 9, 2013 | Review of Aliens vs Predator Classic 2000 - PC

This is one of my favourite old school FPS shooters that I purchased many years ago. It's a well balanced, well thought out game with moments of greatness that surpass it's successors. The alien campaign was probably my favourite of the three, starting out life as a chest burster you eat your way out of a poor saps chest one bite at a time then work your way up. The marine campaign was excellent, fun and at times making me jump from my chair and fire wildly. The predator campaign is deliciously fun but still challenging with an array of dominating weapons to slice, dice, electrocute and detonate your foes. I really enjoyed all three campaigns, the way they weave through each other is smart and interesting. Although the graphics are dated by today's standards, it has volumetric explosions that I have not seen in many other games since it was released and is eye opening when you see it in the right situation. Then there is multiplayer which is fast paced and more fun than some produced in 2013! Put this on your list of games you MUST buy.