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Legendary collection

infidius | Nov. 4, 2013 | Review of DOOM Classic Complete - PC

The Doom series has been around for a hell of a long time, but still has plenty of kick in it. I remember playing these games as a kid many years ago; and even to this day it brings back great memories. The music, sound fx, graphics, controls, enemies, etc... are still just as amazing! Once you play these games, you will find there is a certain love or fascination you will have with them that will never die. Hell, I still get a thrill out of finding secrets that I had not found as a kid. If you decide to play these through Steam, it will run on a dos box, which might need configuring to get it to work. Otherwise you can install the games through Steam and get a front-end/launcher for the WADS, to add some customization to the games. Customization includes: graphical tweaks, sound configuration, and a GUI to run parameters that would otherwise need to be typed into a command line. If you are looking for a very simple launcher, without all the bells and whistles, chocolate doom is a great place to start. Either way you roll the dice, through dos-box or launcher, the Doom games have plenty of replay value. However, say you get bored after the 5th nightmare difficulty play-through of the collection, do not fret! The Doom community has made plenty of custom WADS that correlate with Doom, Doom II, etc... Some of these will be extremely challenging, others look to replicate the original games and expand on the story/fun, and some just want to be their own story. Played through a handful of those and want something new again? Take a look at some of the front-end/launchers that have multiplayer capabilities. For your information, custom wads and multiplayer will require a front-end/launcher. These games are definitely worth your time and money. Though they look old and dated, they have great action and replay value.