Reviews by jackdude180


Very good and loads of fun

jackdude180 | Feb. 22, 2014 | Review of Far Cry 3 - PC

Despite being the worlds biggest ♥♥♥ hole to your girlfriend this game rocks!!! Fire works really well, and there perk system is probably my favorite out of all games I've combining it with your tattoo's it makes it look so much more awesome and seeing it grow as you become more powerful is a really nice touch. A healthy range of weapons and beautiful tropical paradise with so much character. finding a reason not to explore the island is hard story lines a lot of fun and the characters you meet very interesting. I wont discuss it all in case I spoil stuff but do yourself a favor and get it 8/10 its worth it


Funny and fun

jackdude180 | Feb. 6, 2014 | Review of Hell Yeah Collection - PC

The concept behind the game is quite humour’s. You play as the prince of hell who just so happens to be a...Rabbit. Shoot, cut, squash and shop your way through a 100 different enemies with funny and entertaining mini games between each main enemy as you attempt to acquire the embarrassing photos. I’ve had an interest in this game for a fair while ever since it came out. I never brought it straight away because I didn’t believe it was worth $20. Even after playing through the game I still don’t believe it is worth that much, but if you can get it on special for say $8 or like I did (for cheaper) You’ll be much happier. As far as game play goes it is quite fun. It’s kind of like a FPS sonic the hedge hog. Only less frustrating and not as fast paced. The weapons are enjoyable to use and there is a very satisfying feeling killing the boss’s as the mini games give some interesting and often funny results on how to kill your enemies. Some areas in the game prove to be a bit difficult but there all good fun and the stuff the main character says should get a few giggles out of you. All up I'd give it a 7/10 Jackdude180


A brilliant game 9/10

jackdude180 | Nov. 21, 2013 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown ANZ - PC

The game is brilliant. I spent somewhere near 40 hours playing through this. I will admit I got into a bit later then most but it was so worth it. The controls in the game are easy enough to pick up, and the meanings of all the attack controls just as easy to learn. I have come across the occasional bug in the game though, mostly to do with being on roofs or inside buildings. But these happened rarely. And there have been the occasional hiccups like for example. I have a 99% chance of hitting my target and my sniper misses by half a field.... that’s happened a few times and is extremely irritating when that happens. But the game is a lot of fun and there mechanics to stop you from sacrificing your soldiers is very powerful. I spent a lot of time making sure every soldier came back alive in the game after each mission and always felt terrible if they didn’t survive. It’s a really unique twist that I enjoyed and made the battle system all the more brutal. I won’t fail to point out though that at about 40 hours in the game dose start to feel a little repetitive. But I enjoyed the ride while it lasted. I won’t ever understand why the game file is so big but it's worth that space. Do yourself a favour and get it 9/10