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An exciting neo-noir actioneer

jackrhien | May 23, 2013 | Review of Max Payne 3 Steam - PC

Max Payne 3 is a heavy departure from the original two in terms of its tone and pacing. What was once slow burn, traditional noir in terms of plot has been turned into a straight-up action title. Don't be fooled by the new style though, the depth that comes from our brooding hero has not disappeared, nor does the heart of the noir themes. We have a broken man attempting to find redemption, as well as escape a curse of death that follows him. The plot may not be as strong as the others, as the story feels somewhat more like a revenge action title than a really well layered conspiracy story (the twist was rather weak), the action and style more than make up for it. With new mechanics that make things much easier to deal with (simple things like cover), it helps one adjust to the now unrelenting carnage that comes into play. Technically speaking, the game is great. The models, textures, and lighting all stand out, but despite the quality, it runs rather smoothly (also this is due to one of my complaints, framebuffer limiting, which limits how much you can adjust the settings in the game based on how much VRAM you have). The attention to details is simply staggering, as everything from the sterile skyscrapers to the dingy ghettos are given top notch detail, especially if you can handle the max settings. The sound design is also high grade, as one would expect from a Max Payne and Rockstar title. The voice acting is believable, with Max Payne continuing to be gruff and disparaging as usual, played with a certain deadpan style that only works in favor of the dialogue, which can be a little bit on the cheesy side of times. The varied sound effects are also well done, as everything from walking on surfaces to the ringing of gunshots all sound different and high grade. I will say that if you were hoping for a classic Max Payne title, you may be a bit disappointed, as the departure from tone is pretty heavy (the same way Aliens departed from Alien). If you're not bothered by that, you'll be in for a solid, fast paced action title that doesn't let up. Odds are you'll be pretty entertained.