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Decent Game at a Great Price

jaredbb | May 5, 2013 | Review of Mars War Logs - PC

Yes, the voice acting is sub-par and the graphics are not the hottest thing, but it's a good game for the price. The choices you make will influence the end-game outcome, and there is some decent replay-ability. The game itself is a gritty first-person action game with a weapon and armor crafting mechanic and cyber-punk themes. I saved at several points where there was a clear indication that the choices I made would effect the story and then went back an saw how things changed. The story itself is nothing spectacular, but it's good enough. Combat on Normal mode is easy to learn but may take several hours to master. Take the advice of the game and use the Tactical menu when things get chaotic and you should be able to fight your way through. If you stand still and button mash, you will die. Overall, this is a good game for the money and is a nice break from the main games in your stable. If you have reasonable expectations about the quality of games produced by a smaller independent team, then you'll enjoy the game.