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Fun but repetitive

jasbro | Aug. 29, 2013 | Review of Saints Row IV Nexway - PC

Well here we are with the release of SR4, with even more over the top antics of the saints than ever. The game starts with you saving the world from an attack and being elevated to the president of the US, but hey good things dont last and shortly after aliens invade and kidnap everyone and sticks you in some weird matrix style simulation, one of the many parodies that fill SR4's story. Once again though sadly the game falls into the repetition of SR3 were activities are somewhat forced on you, but this time they are relegated to side missions and away from the main story, which is nice, but you'll still find yourself needing to do them if you want the special weapons like the Dubstep gun. You get your side missions from each of the saints as you free them from their simulation with these side missions sending you to complete a series of activities for which you do get a nice reward like a new outfit or weapon. The addition of superpowers livens things up for sure with you gaining your first ones within the first hour of playing, all powers are upgradeable with collectable orbs you find all over the game world, they are very fun to use but i found that when you upgrade your super speed and super jump a few times which takes no time at all if you go hunting for the orbs for a while, you will never need to use a vehicle again which i found to be a damned shame, there are alot of cool new vehicles to play with. Overall i found the game to be quite fun and i do recommend it to any fans of Saints Row, and if you really loved the activities in SR3 you will absolutely love SR4's, but for me it just got boring quite fast.


Good story with an addictive multiplayer

jasbro | Aug. 29, 2013 | Review of Splinter Cell Blacklist - PC

I am a huge SC fan and loved all of them even Double Agent, and this one does not disappoint when it comes to story, its definitely the best one since Chaos Theory. The Engineers an organized militant group sends a threat to the US demanding they call back all their troops overseas or face the penalty of a series of crippling attacks which they have dubbed The Blacklist, and its up to Fisher and his team to find out their agenda and stop them. The gameplay hasnt changed too much from conviction so fans should feel right at home, the graphics are quite impressive and with the benefit of your home base being set on a plane you get to visit a great varity of places and they all look stunning. The coop has been changed a bit in that instead of playing a couple of random spies you actually play as Fisher who is joined by Briggs, you can do most of the coop missions solo but there are a few that require coop and i highly recommend you do all of them since you'll need the money they provide to buy new equipment and upgrade them. The multiplayer, one of the main reasons i actually bought the game since i've always been of a fan of Spies vs Mercs from when it was first introduced so long ago and was so happy that they brought it back for Blacklist, you have the classic 2v2 pitting the spies against the mercs, the new Blacklist version with 4v4, as well as some other modes. Overall the game is alot of fun and i do highly recommend it to any Splinter Cell fans out there, the only bad point is ofcourse the replacement of the voice Micheal Ironside who for me is and always will be Sam Fisher, but if i can overlook this travesty, anyone can.


Mindblowingly good

jasbro | Aug. 21, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

When they first announced Infinite i was skeptical at first because i had grown very fond of Rapture with its amazing backstory and crazy cast of characters and felt there was still alot left to tell and was a little disappointed they were moving away from Rapture to some weird sky city. However when i actually got to play the game i was blown away, the characters were very engrossing especially you're companion throughout this adventure Elizabeth, you really grow attached to her as you go through Columbus trying to get her back to whoever hired you to acquire her safely. If you've played the other Bioshock games and loved them then you NEED to own this game, its just that good.


Great fighting game

jasbro | Aug. 21, 2013 | Review of Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition - PC

We dont get many fighting games on PC so when we do get one its a big deal, and this one does not disappoint, it looks great and runs flawlessly, the cutscenes however look really low res which was disappointing not to mention you cannot skip them which can be frustrating as some of them are quite long, so be prepared to re-watch them if you quit the game and load up again. But overall i do highly recommend this game for any fighting game fans out there, it has a really cool and engrossing story which i feel is probably one of the best one in any fighting game next to the Injustice Gods Among Us game, it comes almost every character you can think from the MK universe plus the extra bonus DLC ones included for free.


Interesting Finale

jasbro | Aug. 20, 2013 | Review of Dishonored Brigmore Witches Bethesda - PC

And so the 2nd part of this excellent story of Dauds epic final days before the his confrontation with Corvo in the main game, if you liked part 1 of this story and want to see how it ends then do not hesitate to pick this up as it is one epic final piece that ties up the story very nicely and makes you think of Daud in a new light with him trying to undo a grave mistake before its to late. The new enemies (the witches) are quite a different breed to every other enemy you've faced before, they come with a few powers similar to you're own like blink, and use them to great effect and provide a really nice challenge, you also gain a new power in this DLC called Pull, and it does what you'd expect a power called Pull to do, although i never really found a need to use it which was a shame. The only downside to this DLC for me personally were it was too short but i guess that plagues pretty much all DLC content, and i found the final boss fight was less then epic, it was an "oh that was it?" moment, but i do stress dont let that stop you from buying what is an overall great experience.