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The Game R.U.S.E Wanted To Be

jaxlancer | June 14, 2012 | Review of Wargame European Escalation - PC

Wargame: EE comes from the developers of R.U.S.E, labelled as the RTS for consoles. R.U.S.E was a very good game but it was held back by it's console foundations. Developers, Eugen Systems, ditched Ubisoft and decided to make the game they wanted to make originally. The result of that is Wargame: EE. Wargame's scale is epic. It takes even the fastest tanks multiple minutes to move from zone to zone on the map. This makes for a really interesting strategy game in which a single mistake or wrong tactic will not ruin your chances. It is like a chess game. For some it will be overwhelming. But for others it will be the game that stands out from the usual crowd. Too many times have I tried to play Starcraft or Company of Heroes only to get spammed by boring macro tactics. You cannot rush on Wargame, and you cannot turtle. You have to adapt. I am a huge fan of RTS games, and this is pretty much the only one I play these days. That says it all.