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Well Worth it.

jdbeta | May 23, 2014 | Review of Air Conflicts: Secret Wars

To start this is not a full simulator but does have the options to to play the game in simulator mode allowing you to control more of the aircraft's functions.

I'm a hardcore flight Sim gamer having played hundreds of simulators of all types starting with my first on my Atari 400 back in the mid 80's. I bought this game on sale as a bundle including all 3 of the Air Conflict games for PC for a very low price along with a lot of T.H.Q. games before they went under. Let me say this I was not expecting much from this Air Conflict series and I was very happily surprised at what it delivered.

The first game in the series Air Conflicts: Secret Wars had my attention grateful for the custom controls settings and ability to play in simulator or arcade mode. The story kept me playing the game from start to end, unlike most games of this type the story made playing the game and I will remember the game because of the story kept me interested. The game was surprisingly longer then I expected very happy about that kept thinking it was going to end to soon as I was now hooked into it and didn't want it to end. I love the story its uniqueness to a flight simulator/arcades made the game more then your basic fly around blow things up style of game.

All in all I am very happy with what this game delivered and still think about It unlike most Sims you play beat and forget. I'll play the whole game over again as it was very enjoyable. This time I'll play on a harder difficulty level speaking of difficulty levels another nice feature is on the fly difficulty level settings. If you want to give these series a try don't buy second or 3rd game before playing this. I started playing the second game in the series It does not seem to have the great story writing involved as the first game did or maybe I'm not far enough into the game yet.

Sure you can compare this game and complain about how its not like this game or that game but I haven't played a Sim game that even came close to presenting an entertaining story as this.