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Good Game ,i don't understand the bad review on steam

jeanarh1982 | May 31, 2014 | Review of Watch Dogs NA - PC

If you expect it to be like a copy of GTA5, then look somewhere else, if you are expecting that the game needs you to know programming and other things so you can do a "real hacking" stay away! dumb people saying one button is not hacking.. its a game! it has to be easy to do some stuff!! Geez..... Graphics are not bad at all, you want photorealism in an open world?? How many really have 4 GTX Titans to be able to handle the game steady? Seriously driving is like in GTA, no complains at all. You want full realism? go play forza or gran turismo or arma 3... Geez people are just trolls thinking this game had to be 100% realistic! they never said that! No graphic problems or framerate drops at all for me... Come on if you pc is **** and u want full hd 60 fps with all ultra settings, upgrade your damn PC!