Reviews by jeliozver


Craziest DLC ever

jeliozver | Feb. 25, 2013 | Review of Magicka Vietnam DLC - PC

When I first heard about Magicka: Vietnam, I thought it must be some sick joke. And at some point i was right. Perverted, but it really came out and is very funny in its way. Vietnam is probably the craziest mini addon you'll ever play. Be sure of that. Magicka: Vietnam will throw directly into the jungles of Vietnam in the form of two-level sections in Challenges mode. First will throw in a linear map that have different purposes, such as to evacuate prisoners to dispose of enemy ammunition vietgoblini etc. While all the other level is reduced to one thing - your survival (you stand up to constant waves of attacks).Overall gameplay is unchanged! Perhaps the most significant differences are the new setting and the weapons machine guns, rifles and all sorts of firearms of that time, and the fact that there's barrels and vehicles that can be blown from a distance.The difficulty level is even higher. Now the creatures can launch Magicka bullets from a distance. But is it worth it to give $ 4.50 for a mini expansion which can be completed for no more than an hour? The answer largely depends on whether your friends are on hand with which you can play coop in Vietnam.


Great basketball game, but disappointing Online Mode

jeliozver | Feb. 23, 2013 | Review of NBA 2K13 - PC

My impressions of the game are mixed. Definitely this is the best (and only continuing its developing) Basketball game for PC. The graphics are very good for a sports game. Optimization is perfect and the game runs smooth even on old PC's. Face animations for most players are pretty well polished and resemble those of real basketball players. The movement of the players around the foor and their style of shooting to the basket is also well reproduced. Most of the players in the NBA are present. Even legends like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird etc. There are various game modes among which you can choose. Starting a career with Rising Star will also keep you many many hours in front of screen. Developers maintain rosters list to keep abreast with the current form of your favorite basketball players and teams.Playing alongside with friends can bring a lot of joy. Overall experience with this game in offline is perfect. Decision of developers for making online account bound to only one machine is terrible. If you replace lets say motherboard you can pretty much say good buy to your Online Profile and you have to buy the game again to be able to play online. PC gamers have been harmed in options for multiplayer games, unlike those in the console versions of the game. There is no custom modes for playing and searching for players is terrible. Overall the multiplayer part of the game for PC is broken.


Could've been a decent game back in 90's

jeliozver | Feb. 23, 2013 | Review of Blaster Simulator - PC

Well this game could've been good in 90's ,but this kind of graphics in 2010? Developers say "Detailed landscape in 3D graphics", but again they probably live in another dimension when games with details like this one are considered as "detailed". Game is interesting at the beginning. You will enjoy it a lot for some hours just to blow around whatever you want, but those 30+ missions make your experience with the game quite boring. My advice is stay away from this game unless you are some maniac collector of simulator games.