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An interesting game wrapped in a solid PC port

jetpacksheep | Oct. 13, 2013 | Review of Alan Wake - PC

Alan wake is a strange kind of game that is half way between a horror game and a thriller TV series. The game presents itself as if it were episodic, recapping the previous events in every chapter, helping to ensure your always caught up on the story. Gameplay is a mix of tense combat and simple finding of items/switches to get around. You'll actually spend most of your time running away from the various enemies in the night heading for safety in the light rather then confronting the horrors head-on. The story is a strong point and stands out against other games although I thought the conclusion was a little confusing. Nordic and Remedy have done an excellent job bringing this to PC, Graphics are astounding with brilliant lighting and some real detail among the environments. Performance is equally brilliant, you wont need a top of the line card to get the most from this title. Overall I would say to give Alan Wake a shot, it may not be to everyone's taste but the interesting story and eerie feel will sure drag you in to the experience.