Reviews by jha4ceb


Almost brilliant

jha4ceb | May 21, 2012 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V - PC

This addictive game has almost everything you would expect -- wonderfully realised graphics, a good range of civilizations who require interesting different play styles and have varying accompanying soundtracks, a fascinating tech tree, a complex social policy track, a plethora of game options, and so on. However, it is let down by the diplomacy AI, which is overly aggressive and very irrational. One might think that this is merely an accurate representation of history -- but since it definitely detracts from the game's fun sometimes, it's a negative point for the game. You'll have dozens of hours of fun playing Civ V, and you'll always want to play just one more turn. Here's hoping that the AI is pacified somewhat in the upcoming expansion, Gods & Kings.


Fascinatingly complex

jha4ceb | May 21, 2012 | Review of Victoria II - PC

A great game for everyone who finds Civ V just that little bit too simple. You can choose from dozens and dozens of countries, and can take control over every aspect you can imagine of your country's day-to-day running. The fact that combat doesn't take centre stage marks it apart from other similar grand strategy games -- though, of course, war is still a crucial part of the game. While the learning curve is steep for players unfamiliar with the genre, an exhaustive set of tutorials helps you get up to speed in no time. Highly recommended, though beware -- you may find it taking up whole evenings of your life in no time!