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Finally surprised by a developer

jimmyxtreme | April 26, 2011 | Review of Rift - PC

After spending many years going through the same old routine, New MMO released, Buy, Download, Play to level cap, Rinse & Repeat, I have found the genre to become rather stale & dated. then about a year ago I stumble upon Rift "Planes of telara" as it was then called, by this time i was pretty much sick of MMO's and had lost all faith in the genre so i bypassed applying for the beta. i bought the game about a month after release and must say i was pleasantly surprised. I log on for the first time to find one of the most polished MMO's available today. sure its cookie cutter same old same old, but rift already seems to have attracted a very mature & friendly community, not seen since the launch of LOTRO. its very refreshing to finally have a developer that listens to its player base & acts upon its requests. as for the actual game itself although it could on the surface be any generic mmo there is so much more, the class system is one of the most versatile things i have seen in an mmo and allows the player to customize there build to suit there play style exactly. There was recently a world event that, granted did have teething problems but this was amazing and really helped bring the community together you had raids of people roaming the lands with a variety of people from all over the world, ranging in level from 10 to 50, no one was left out. also if you like surprises then rift is the game for you as the world is constantly changing and rifts & invasions are a lot of fun once you get the hang of them. and on a final note, we have been promised a lot of new things with regards to world PVP which, when added to all the other aspects of this game, i know that i will be playing rift for a long time to come.