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Amazing series

jinlaw3001 | Sept. 6, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Pack - PC

This is one of my favourite game series of all time. And I don't just say that for funsies, people. This is one of the most intelligent and enjoyable games I've ever had the joy of playing. The first one was outstanding for it's time, and though the graphics are awful now, I still play it every few months just to re-live the game, and each time, I walk a different path. You can do so many things. You want stealth? You got it. You want rockets? You got em! You want robots? Yup, have them too guys! The second game was very...let's not talk about the second one. It will ruin the flow of this review. The third game is simply breathtaking. It's such a beautiful game. I spent more time looking around than I did playing. The combat could use a tweak but hey, what can you do. The DLC for that game is also worth buying if you're a bit of a lore nerd.