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Tropico 5 is a great game.

jmintuck | June 24, 2014 | Review of Tropico 5 - PC

I bought Tropico 5 as I have had great experiences with the Tropico series. I really loved that you could now make your leader fromany of ALL the ethnicities that there are, and just not the Hispanic one that always seemed to come along with the older parts of the series. You can pick the gender and clothing of the leader, which is a cool thing to do. When I bought it, I heard in the days before I bought it, that you could do this. My only criticism is the rebels always get so piled up and it can be hard to point out rebels and bribe or assassinate the leaders in time to keep them under control. I like how you can start in the Colonial era where the island has a part where is isn't covered by a fog, which indicates that the fogged over part of the island is not explored yet and you can send your military to explore it, thus lifting the fog as they walk around. The boats that deliver and export goods also change throughout the centuries. If you start in the Colonial era like I did, you get paddle wheel boats. Those look very accurate to the time of when they are used. These seem to be used to the WWII when the boats update to a boat as we know them today, approximately. Also in the Colonial era, the people don't use cars, and I applaud them for being this accurate. Rather, people are pulling along carts down the dirt roads as there was no paved roads at most times. By the time the WWII comes, it updates to vehicles and paved roads. There are more buildings and evolving technologies enabled as you pass through the ages. I really liked that during the game.