Reviews by joeman098


Interesting Geeky puzzler

joeman098 | Aug. 6, 2012 | Review of Hacker Evolution - PC

At first I was like Why would i play this looks kinda eh. I already had uplink and this game looked almost the same so why bother? I couldnt have been more wrong this game blows uplink out of the water. I love how you really have to type real commands into a console. this game does have a pretty steep learning curve however. But at the price it is more then worth it. If your into a puzzles or pretending your a leet hacker dood then this is def a game for you to try out =D thanks GmG.


Dead Island aka LOL DIE ZOMBIE =D

joeman098 | Sept. 9, 2011 | Review of Dead Island - PC

******** DO NOT LISTEN TO VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE ABOUT LAUNCH DAY QUALITY, a mess up with the release did cause a debug version to get released this was patched within the day and is by no means the actually product. There are still some bugs as of writing this but they are being patched extremely fast********** This game is amazingly fun to mess around even with these bugs the game is a blast even more so when playing with friends. For example me and my friends just hopped in a truck and drove around running over zombies and off-roading for a good hour and a half ignoring the quests we were supposed to be doing. those survivors can have their food when we are done having our fun! On a more serious note though, this game is one of the more realistic zombie outbreak events I have seen. From the beginning it really captures the confused and scary quiet isolation you would expect from waking up into a world gone to hell. Quickly ramping up to frantic trying to form a plan to stay alive. The combat in this game is very realistic and fun, pretty much imagine trying to beat a person with a hammer you would brake the skin then muscle then bone then eventually the limb would fall off. That's how it is in the game your not some overpowered space marine. It takes work to take the zombies down. The realism and beauty of the game is astounding. Defiantly worth the money.


A more then worthy follow up to Deus ex

joeman098 | Sept. 3, 2011 | Review of Deus Ex HR Augmented Edition - PC

This game is a beautiful blend of stealth tactical combat and social interaction. there is no overt good or bad choices the conversations are more in depth then i have ever seen in a RPG. if you are the more run and gun type this game wont really be for you as more thought is required. if you try and run into a fight guns blazing you will probably end up on the floor rather quickly. the AI in this game will flank you, suppress you while others try and get around. toss grenades at you and all around try and ruin your day. some of the smartest ai I have ever seen. this game is def worth every cent.