Reviews by johnnyt305


Great game, don't let the name scare you away

johnnyt305 | Oct. 25, 2013 | Review of Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams - PC

This game might not be known to some people because they see the name and maybe the art and think its just girly or something. PLEASE TRY THIS GAME!! This is one of the best platformers of the year. It has excellent top notch graphics and animation. It has a wonderful soundtrack of rocking music. It has excellent gameplay which is most important. You can switch between 2 sisters as you jump and fight your way through levels. Each sister has different powers and abilities. So, in order to get through some areas you must switch to the right sister and figure out which is best for each situation. When you switch between sisters the graphics totally change from bright to dark and the music from light to heavy. It is awesome!!!! Again, GET THIS GAME if you are even a small fan of platformers, you will not be disappointed.


Arcade port at its finest! Nostaligia + Modern features

johnnyt305 | Oct. 23, 2013 | Review of Dungeons Dragons Chronicles of Mystara - PC

This game is great! This is an arcade classic. They retained all of the old graphics, sounds and text, it is a true port from the arcade. YOu can even set scanlines and different views so that it looks like it did back in the old arcade(even has arcade cabinet view). You can also improve the visuals with other options like smooth and different settings. The new stuff they added are all kinds of unlockables. You earn points as you play and can buy things from the start menu later on like different game modes, game settings like "vampirism" and other stuff such as art and music from the game. There are many rules you can also set to change up the game "house rules" as if you were a GM in a D&D pen and paper game. There is an online co-op mode where people can jump into your game or you can go into theirs, this is the only downfall of this game. There are usually no other players online to play with. This is what keeps the game from being perfect. Overall, the game has lots of features, a challenging difficulty and a lot of replay value with different classes, settings and such. This is a wonderful game!


Good game and no monthly fee

johnnyt305 | Oct. 15, 2013 | Review of Guild Wars 2 Digital Edition NA Overflow 1 - PC

This game has all of the basics you want in an MMORPG. God graphics, good combat that is a mix of action and tar-targetted, lots of quests, dungeons, pvp minigames, and a decent story. They add lots of content and events every couple months to keep players interested as well. It is not as good as FFXIV: ARR to me, but it is still a top MMORPG right now.


FFXIV: ARR is the MMORPG final fantasy fans have waited for

johnnyt305 | Oct. 15, 2013 | Review of FINAL FANTASY XIV A Realm Reborn NA Post - PC

2 years ago Square-Enix came out with FFXIV and it was a big disappointment. However, the new director Yoshi-P has taken that game and re-made it into what final fantasy fans have been waiting for. The graphics are still beautiful and IMO overall are the best of any current MMORPG out there. The music is another classic that you will love if you are a fan of this series. The combat is the classic tab-targetting MMORPG kind where you have your spells on the 1,2,3,4, etc. keys and it uses the trio system where you need a tank, healer(s) and DPS to beat dungeons. It is done well and you can level up in any class you desire. You can have al classes on one character in this game and change classes by changing the weapon you wield. This game includes all of the best features of MMORPG from the past 10 years such as story driver quests with cutscenes, hub questing, public quests where randomly monsters appear on a part of the map and you just go to the area and everybody there can join a quest without having to be in a party, small group dungeons, bigger group dungeons, and much more. This game is very good and will be adding a ton of great content over the next months such as PVP, a very complex Housing system, a Casino where you can play mini-games, chocobo raising/breeding, vanity gear system, and a ton more. If you are a final fantasy fan and love MMORPGs as well this is a must have game. For those that are not fans of the series, it can still be very enjoyable as long as you are comfortable with tab-target combat and the staples of MMORPGs from the past 10 years.