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Sleeping Dogs: Limited Edition

jonnas1982 | May 11, 2013 | Review of Sleeping Dogs - PC

It is a fantastic open world, parkour, action, fighting, and Third Person Shooter game. The story is very emotional and you will get to really hate and love many of the characters in the game. The parkour mechanics in the game have been made nice tough there still are some mistakes in the game, where it will not do what you intended for it to do. This few mechanical mistakes will not be find in the fighting system. It is for my part the best system I have ever seen in an open world game. The graphics in the game is not of the highest, but it does for sure look nice and suits the game nicely. When the game where first were released there were a few graphical mistakes, where bodies flow in the air when they had so lay on a table, this have been fix in a later patch, and I have not been able to see any mistakes any more on this end. The sound of the game is really nice, nothing to come for there. A nice mix of English and Chinese (especially when swearing). The radio also have this nice mix. The menus in the game seem to be a little too much “console-ish”. You will be able to click on some of the buttons, but have to go to the keyboard afterwards and there will not be clicked the exact place where you have clicked.