Reviews by jonnymroberts


So very nearly an all time greatest game

jonnymroberts | Dec. 16, 2012 | Review of Dishonored Nextway - PC

The cartoon-y style of the game works so well with the steam-punk Victorian like setting of the game along with generally amazing graphics (the lighting on this game is some of the best I've seen). The story is engrossing and the control of your character is good. My issue with the game is the length and this is the reason it can't be one of the greatest games. It can easily be completed in less than 5 hours. With promised DLC however, the life span of the game should start to increase to a more reasonable amount.


Best MMO?

jonnymroberts | Dec. 8, 2012 | Review of EVE Online 60 Day Time Card - PC

Yes this game has a steep learning curve, but when you get past that it is amazing. There are many ups and downs, ie you can be on a winning streak then the game will cruelly wipe that from you. Graphics are gorgeous and the new expansion is great