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Great Football Manager Expereience

k4zabdin | March 9, 2013 | Review of Football Manager 2013 - PC

I’ve been playing the Football manager series for as long as I can remember and in this review I’ll be comparing and changes which the user would experience from the previous installment of the game, Football Manager 12. The UI: The User interface in FM13 as had a visual change and overhaul compared to FM12. Although the UI has been ever changing from the begin of the series, this change is not as painful as the others. It is easy to get used to as the basic home screen is still present but a few options which were present in FM12 are shifted around and can become rather difficult to manage at first, but in time you’ll get used to it. Training: FM13 made a large step to help simplify and streamline the player training system. It is very user friendly as you can easily assign players to their training schedule as all the options are available without having to shift the different bars of attacking, shooting, technical etc to create an optimal training schedule. Match Engine: There isn’t much to say about the match engine other than the fact that the match engine has also been tweaked with recent patches to help reduce match engine exploits and make the game feel more realistic. Overall the game has had some significant improvements over the previous installment to improve user experience such as the training and the UI and I’ll recommended purchasing FM13 due to this.