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Different, but in a good way.

kaj100 | April 5, 2013 | Review of Resident Evil 5 - PC

Remember the first few scenes from Resident Evil? You enter the mansion? You go to the room on the left and see Barry checking out the blood? The room to the North where you turn left and BOOM. CGI of zombie? Terrifying right? It's not here. It does try to instill fear in you early on, but as you gain more weapons and become accustomed to the controls, you'll just blast through it. Even the developers feel this, it becomes more and more action orientated. Graphics? This is a pretty game. Seriously, past the zomb- excuse me, majini faces and tentacle monsters, the actual graphics looks very polished and detailed. The audio? It's okay, not something you're drawn too. Fits the theme/tone though. Gameplay. People are divided on this. I personally like it. Yes, not moving while shooting feels so archaic but it works. The controls apart from that, feel smooth and responsive. Guns do feel like guns in most cases and the mowing down of zombi- majini is quite fun. Friendly AI is very average. Dumb but won't be killing you. Enemy AI? Again, dumb but can be a challenge at times. Story. It's back to Chris and Wesker. It's not really interesting, mostly bland and filler till you get to the confrontations with Wesker. Then it's interesting and the fanboy in me just squeals. Get a friend. Play this game. Enjoy this unique shooter (not horror), and I assure you, when you get to unlock Mercenaries, you'll play it again and again. Mercenaries that is. Not the campaign.



kaj100 | April 5, 2013 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown POST - PC

Why are you reading this when you could be playing this GOTY winner from like everywhere? Okay, now for the serious bit. This is pure old school yet modern gaming. The graphics and art style? Good, nothing more, nothing less. The audio? Cool. I like it, especially the voice acting with different accents. Very nice touches. Gameplay? Superb. It runs like a dream, optimised so brilliantly, that most cpus from i3 onward can run it. The actual gameplay is deep and difficult. Not unfair or irritating, it's balanced perfectly on that fine line with difficulty and annoyance. You'll play through the missions, and build your base. Each time taking minutes to plan it all out, and see whether it will affect you negatively or positively in the long run. You'll go into a mission all prepared and come out of it, barely surviving but proud of what you accomplished. It's a great game when you accomplish something, when you don't, you can't blame the game, you just made a mistake somewhere. The combat is my personal favourite. It's a mix of turn based and real time. Real time as in when you move into the line of fire of an alien, they'll shoot you. Vice versa too. Permadeath is present too. Your captain just died? Better reload that save :P Unless your playing on Iron man where NO RELOADING OF SAVE ARE ALLOWED. Yes, your guy dies? Mourn him and move on soldier. You'll play this game. You'll cheer, you'll boo, you'll scream but you'll enjoy it. That's what counts right?


Shmups + Time abilities = Fun

kaj100 | April 5, 2013 | Review of Sine Mora - PC

First, let's get the story out of the way. You don't play shmups for deep stories, this one tries to force one on you but it's not interesting, rather dark and pointless. Yes, dark with anthropomorphic characters doesn't seem to fit. The audio is kind of annoying, I don't like the sound of Hungarian, just a personal preference. Now, the interesting part. Gameplay. Very good. I'd highly suggest a controller, it fits perfectly. I think it plays fantastically, very smooth and the mechanics available are not gimmicky. This added to the beautiful backgrounds and stunning areas, does make the experience very enjoyable. Overall, I'd play this game just for the gameplay and skip the cinematics, you'll enjoy it much more.



kaj100 | April 5, 2013 | Review of Spec Ops The Line - PC

Conflicted is the first word that comes to mind about this game. It's 3rd person shooter. It's Americans shooting in the middle east. I'm already bored. Then something glints at me from the sand. It's the story. Yes, buried beneath all the awful shooting, useless AI buddies and top of their class bad guys who will snipe you a mile away with a shotgun. Okay, maybe i'm slightly exaggerating but it's close. The gameplay works but is tedious, especially after rooms/arenas of just wave after wave. It's hard. Even on normal. The true promise, is the story. The conflict and the character development. It's well written and you will enjoy it. Unless you're here for the mindless shooting, which is always present. I'm not sure whether digging through the hours of shooting for this interesting narrative is worth it, but I'm all for it.


It's okay.

kaj100 | Oct. 23, 2012 | Review of Sniper Ghost Warrior - PC

It lets you be what the title says. You are a sniper. Not a ghost. Don't be silly. Gameplay - Pretty good. The sniping is very detailed, but quite easy because of the game literally giving you the spot where it's going to hit. It's still a cool and well thought out mechanic. The stealthy sections work okay, until the AI spot your pinky finger in a bush 10 miles away. Story - Kill this and that and this. Do you really need one to concentrate on? Get sniping. Graphics - It's okay. Nothing fancy or special, but if you've got a 2 year old laptop like mine, it'll run pretty well. It's not Crysis standard but considering how much backing most shooters get, this does pretty well for it's price and standard. Overall, I'd check it out, get a demo or watch gameplay. If you love sniping, go for it, just wait for a sale :)