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Portals everywhere

kalil | Dec. 20, 2013 | Review of Portal 2 (1) - PC

When I see and think about the amazing title called PORTAL 2 me gives many things to think about , but more than anything , as antesesor PORTAL. By having a beginning in a locked room and meet our nice friend WEATHLEY from 1 minute and have some humor, infile know that this is something that will be worth the hours totally worth it. Although it has the best gameplay with some flaws that make us lose unfairly. It has a beautiful movement that whenever we make a movement will blur everything for a second. Throughout our super- adventure, we will discover some secrets of our classic and fun GLA0S WEATHLEY new partner and that will leave us quite sorpendidos . We may also discover the ancient local APERTURE SCIENCE with some dark secrets we can tell from our own. The title is set in the good old Aperture Science laboratories all absolutely destroyed and we will be crossing the old parts of the previous game making tutorial. And then many places that will have to discover on your own . The game is almost completely devoid of soundtrack , except a little sounds that put to acclimate the scene and the great ending song that VALVE gave us this wonderful delivery. The infile not force us to replay the wonder that gives us Portal 2 , but if we have a 3 available horitas finish the game without any problem . What I will review is the most fun game in my opinion, the cooperative mode, we can play with our friends and you'll have an endless experience with the Steam Workshop , which will ensure we guaranteed fun.


The cake is a lie

kalil | Dec. 20, 2013 | Review of Portal - PC

Considering what it is (a free add a pack), Portal surprising, refreshing and very inspirational. Introduces new concepts and new puzzles constantly, and has a tremendously original game mechanics, based on the use of portals and a few elements (like boxes) that make each room into a stimulating new intelligence test. It is a little short, but it can not be repeated or stop amazing, partly due to the presence of GLaDOS, the great villain of the game. And Portal is that, besides being a puzzle game, tells a disturbing story in the best way there is: by me to be the player himself who experience it firsthand. Refreshing, original, daring and brilliant in concept and execution. It was just getting too short.


A slaughter of zombies

kalil | Dec. 20, 2013 | Review of Left 4 Dead - PC

A highly anticipated game sold very many people have it installed on their PC, and I think it is a good buy , mandatory for survival horror lovers who wished to kill zombies. It is very difficult to get bored playing this game is very entertaining and gives something scary parts , but more afraid of nerves gives you killed the zombies . There are different types of zombies making it more compelling , I think it's one of the best zombie games within the top 10 have to be sure . What is good and what is bad: The Good: - We have a remarkable variety of weapons of all kinds . 'We can be with 3 companions, and a choice of 4 who want to use . - There is plenty of zombies, making it , after Dead Rising, the game with more zombies. The bad: - The companions are a bit stupid when it comes to help , but a little inattentive when cured. - To finish a mission, or yes must be the 4 comrades , meaning that if you let one die and not saved , you'll have to go back and bring it all back safe.


Bloodier, more entertaining and more complete

kalil | Dec. 20, 2013 | Review of Left 4 Dead 2 - PC

The sequel of Left 4 Dead gets better the first half despite the little innovation , and the problem is that with only a year apart can not do much really . It is a title that may like or not those who have already played the first installment and may appeal to those who are not familiar with the series and play Left 4 Dead for the first time with this second part. History of Left 4 Dead 2 is not the strong suit , as this is divided into five seasons (eight with downloadable content ) whose storyline between the two is very slight. It begins with an introduction that I quite liked , although it is somewhat "liar" with what the game actually offers . This ends with a few survivors on a terrace fail to reach a rescue helicopter , which they see how it away from them . Here's how it begins Left 4 Dead 2 , armed with a crowbar and pistols, killing every zombie that crosses us as we pass through the halls of a hotel infested . This game is basically go from point A to B killing any zombie that is crossed, there is not much around. Arguably is somewhat repetitive , because all you have to do is kill , no puzzles to solve or anything, something I did not like that much . Each campaign is divided into five or four levels , and is always the final where we escaped , either on our own or someone rescues us . The finishes are based on stand and survive, they are the most complicated parts of each campaign. Here not much changes the game, most of the final look similar , but the end of the campaign that was more to my liking is the second season : defend against enemies everything we can on stage , listening to pure rock , full of lights and fireworks bursting boxes ... the end of the season I liked most of the game, and yes I enjoyed it . There are different types of zombies : normal and special , which is six zombies with a unique ability to complicate things. Throughout history we will find somewhere with a zombie boss named Tank, but unfortunately is always the same and this game does not vary much . Each campaign has its special or unique zombie , which can be tougher or stronger, but nothing more. In this installment , enemies react more realistically to bullets , but not entirely , because with an AK -47 we can from a zombie in half and smash it with only three bullets. Something that I did not really like was the fact that the first time we play we will have the opportunity to play until the latter part of last season if we wanted . That is, we have everything unlocked , which I did not like it much, because I expected that campaigns go unlocked as you progress in the story. Do not expect to see many cinematics , because throughout history we will see very few , which are basically the ones that open and close a campaign. They are very short and they are very poor . In Left 4 Dead 2 we can choose whether to play or just an online campaign , and no matter what we choose, always be the group of four survivors who are Coach , Rochelle , Nick and Ellis. Do not care much we use, virtually all are equal , no one has something special , the only difference is the appearance. The AI ​​of both the enemies like humans, is right and proper . But there are times when a special enemy attacks us , our colleagues will do nothing and lose a considerable amount of life to react (this only happened to me twice). The controls are correct and are comfortable . I 'm a console gamer and I could adapt quickly and easily to the keyboard. The difficulty of this game is high, it is not easy , always talking up the normal difficulty , things get very complicated. Left 4 Dead 2 is an addictive and fun game, although the duration of the story could be a problem , complete the story we will take from 6-8 hours, but you can always turn to the multiplayer modes . Graphically the game is good, although you may notice the change of introducing graphic and gameplay, although this difference is somewhat slight . The modeling of both survivors and enemies , is good, though arguably some zombies modeling is superior to others. The scenarios also liked , there are some fairly cornered , some not so, but overall we go through the scenarios are well done . I liked the sound effect , sounds of the weapons are fine, as are the effects of audio from enemies and the soundtrack. Although the game is not scary nor scary when you have to go near a Witch somewhere dark listening as she cries , can give us a little thing, but nothing to worry about . This sequel does not show many new things to say, although it is good to have three new multiplayer modes , three new types of special zombies and to debut the melee weapons , this game is very similar to the above , the same graphics engine and same style of campaigning. Despite this, the game continues to be very entertaining and fun. + Very entertaining + Very good to play with friends + Improvements from first game + Good graphics, both as characters modeled scenarios + Good sound paragraph - Very slight argument between campaign and campaign Hilo - Something repetitive - Slight innovation Left 4 Dead 2 is not a game of innovation , that 's clear , but the fun and entertainment offered by the first delivery shown in the same way in this sequel but improved form . As I said at the beginning of the analysis, this game may not like both those who have already played the first game, but will not disappoint those who touch the series for the first time through this part .


An example of science-fiction and shooter

kalil | Dec. 20, 2013 | Review of Half Life - PC

history: Gordon Freeman is a graduate from MIT signed by Dr. Isaac Kleiner, a former professor of his who invited him to work in secret government corporation called Black Mesa. Gordon accepted the contract and was taken to the section of foreign material , that first find a mysterious man in blue suit with a briefcase and condescending . From here everything seems to work another day when suddenly a spectrum analysis of anti - matter there ... Unintended consequences. gameplay: Half -Life has been honored multiple times as the best FPS of the story , the father , the inspiration of all current shooters . The game presents a smart shooter mechanics and solve puzzles with hints of survival horror. Your mission is to survive and escape the madness that is taking ahead the entire installation and Gordon know several methods to rush your order . At your disposal a wide array from classic to experimental weapons and aliens , but sometimes you can not choose the path of authentic part of shootings both sides and just wait to remove one by one the battered survivors. Gordon was able to live out their need the help of scientists and security guards companions, although you can always ignore the past to get some ammo for your glock . graphics: The efforts of young Valve to build a new engine started with Half -Life , that although this was not yet a completely genuine engine ( Quake Engine) itself was much improved and advanced version known to all . sound: A festival of fireworks, ammunition , caps, agonized screams , explosions and electronic music. The best way to live a totally epic experience is with a good soundtrack , Valve knew and did the right thing , giving alarming tracks where even the bravest could decide to stop playing not know what kind of "thing" would be found to around the corner, and the most consistent songs with an action scene , so that the player may embolden too jumping from corner to corner which Elected Matrix movie . In either case , they have done a fantastic job with the sound of the guns , the aliens , the radio chatter of HECU and ambient sound of broken fans and charred cables. technology: Both the engine and artificial intelligence was something that had never been seen before. The engine was modified Quake Engine, but few realized it, because the change is large and remarkable work behind Valve was colossal , so that when they had made ​​the game , they threw it all away and decided to try again , only geniuses know how to do something and get away from the situation. Artificial Intelligence was a delight and still in diapers leaves many triple A games of the current generation . Each enemy has their behavior , analyze their environment, and if they find allies work together to survive. innovation: What to say when the first is everything ? Not much, have my hundred .


Funny and difficult

kalil | Dec. 20, 2013 | Review of Day of Defeat Source - PC

Day of Defeat is a online FPS to have to devote enough time to play. That is, it is more likely that the top will not only bored but get angry, because in the big servers players have gained enough experience through hours of play and that is what you must do if you want to have fun. It is quite different from games like Call of Duty , as the decline in weapons makes them more difficult to handle. The number of classes to choose is sufficiently varied and it is advisable to start playing with Thompson ( in relationship management / power is the best weapon). Also in relation to the classes , a defect of the game ( relatively speaking) is that we can not " hold your breath " with the sniper, what makes it even more challenging . Graphically it is a good game for the year it came out and for the price, like the sound section . In short , if you want a challenging game that should be played by many more players who play it .


Old games will be epic everytime

kalil | Dec. 20, 2013 | Review of Counter Strike - PC

Best mod of history and the most successful and long-lived of all time multiplayer game. Playability and accuracy is unsurpassed and far superior to its predecessors CS: S and CS: GO. And thanks to the AlliedModders community, there is a lot of different mods for zombies, deathmatch, surfing, paintball, gungame, deathrun, Furien, HnS, jailbreak, etc ... the list is almost endless. Counter-Strike is the king of shooters, from 1999 to now, and wish to remain so for many more years.


A classic game counted differently dyes

kalil | Dec. 20, 2013 | Review of Bastion Steam - PC

Bastion is a great game . Of the best indies in recent years . Note that it is a job done by a few people , but you have much, much pampering . Note that it is a small study, a humble project , because the game is short ( about 10 hours in my case , increasing the difficulty as you become more powerful ) . GRAPHICS : the care with which the game is made by paragraphs like this is noted . Everything is hand drawn with a taste and a sublime palette of colors. The art section is a high level. The scenarios are varied enemies , too. You can interact with many objects in the scene. TECHNOLOGY : It is not your strong point , nor intended. It is a game that could be technologically previous generations. Playability : Very worked. With a learning curve and difficulty appropriate . It is an action- rpg, with touches of hack n 'slash . The combat never becomes monotonous , despite the few available actions ( attack , guard , dodge , heal, and special attack ) in part by the large number of available weapons , each more spectacular and effective , and the variety of enemies and when you think you 've seen all and know their attack patterns , new enemies begin to appear with different behaviors. SOUND: The music is without a doubt MASTER . From the best I 've heard in a video game in recent years . You had heard praises me this before the game, and not exaggerated . It is a shame that many issues have not ( between 10 and 15 items equally). Marry perfectly with the game. The sounds are good , nothing more. INNOVATION: I think this game will be remembered mainly for innovation that has led to the inclusion of an omniscient narrator, a voice who explains us not only what it has to do with history , but it often makes comments about the things we are doing at all times. Surely the significance of this narrator gameplay is not great , but gives the game a depth and complexity that would not exist without it ( I must say that everything he says is right , witty, and also has a voice in English , that 's cool that you shit ! :) otherwise it is a game that does not innovate in any section. BEST: - The gameplay , which grows as the game progresses . - The music, impressive as very few . - The novelty of the voice of a narrator , which gives the game more complex . WORST: - It is short , though to be an indie, approx 10h can be considered long even - Sometimes I get the feeling , it's a wasted game, with pillars and ideas that revolve around the history of the game , too ambitious for such a small study


An anti-terrorist war against terrorists!

kalil | Dec. 20, 2013 | Review of Counter Strike Global Offensive - PC

Since the first edition of the game " counter -strike " , you could say (or at least I 'm telling you, that could aver been one more in the series tom clancy 's ... but the game was developed at the end by valve, and brought to Spain and many countries for store or online with "Steam " , a program to buy valve games . The game began to be a mod of "Half- life" (base of almost all FPS games valve game), in its version 1.6 , then it was better to become what it is today , an independent game with great graphics and very good gameplay. The gameplay is simple, as simple as choosing how you want, (either deatmach .. for example), the map you want to play , and after charging is finished , choose the team you want, terrorist or terrorism . In ancient games of that series, terrorists and anti-terrorists had different weapons , ie , terrorists can have a counterterrorism AK47 ... but no ... and vice versa ... can have a counter-terrorism and terrorists bullup . in this last game of the series, it has been removed . The game does not have a " story mode " , as if they had in the " Counter -strike condition zero" or " Counter -strike condition zero deletes zones" ... but the game is based on mutual fighting between terrorists and anti-terrorist controlled by console or controlled by real people in " multiplayer " . They have added several additional details to the game , such as the reports you get sometimes , actual reports of fighting against Universal SWAT terrorism. On the other hand , and moving away from the gameplay, the graphics and sounds are quite improved over the last saga.Los games graphics have been remastered and sound better, not as in " Counter.strike source" that the graphics a bit more heran necientes and sound also . In short , a game with so much potential, independent ... from his first appearance to be a "MOD" of a game, lots of fun and great gifts of history by our most loyal assistant, SWAT , which will always be to protect us.


The best Lego

kalil | Dec. 19, 2013 | Review of LEGO Marvel Superheroes NA - PC

Lego snowmen return to the fray . This time venture into the world of Marvel heroes and villains . Lego has tried many themes from Harry Potter to Star Wars , but is this a game aimed at the little ones or also like a more adult ? gameplay: It has a control system very easy and suitable to the game. The game has fully themed Lego and I love to use different characters , including the creator of the Marvel franchise, Stan Lee. This game should never be taken seriously because it is riddled with jokes easy laugh that will bring out a small smile between scenes . Also encourages exploration in search of collectibles that lengthen your games more . Each time you unlock a mission just a free mode where the characters will choose to want to play it again . My rating is a 7.5 and that your game system hooked and you will have playing it very well but is not a very difficult control and not be a very big challenge for experienced players . graphics: The graphics need not be detailed and as it is a game in which everything is made with Lego . The Lego look great in this game with variety of colors and textures but need not have very good graphics and it is a serious game . My rating is 8 because the Lego look great and have done a very good job with the characters and structures sound: The voices are very good. The Marvel characters are folded and in character with his characters. An example is Tony Stark. Fucker has a voice that I love . The music is also different tones introducing good music in the various situations that happen in the game My rating is a 7.75 because some of the voices do not complement the character and are acted on innovation : If you've played any game in the franchise of Lego , everything will sound. They have not changed anything except the freedom to walk around New York in vehicles and etc. ... I do not need because if invara in this regard would lose the essence . My rating is 8 because they have innovated adding some changes but not needed them since, is still a very fun game Rating: My rating is 8 . Marvel fans will enjoy playing this game as a few minutes. I must also remember that it is not a game to be taken seriously and if you prefer to invest the money in a more adult games tone should look for other options though, this game is fun and entertaining, I would go for it.


A great start

kalil | Dec. 19, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead Season 2 - PC

I've waited this second season from the moment I finished the first . Unlike the first season (not quite expect anything from that game when I bought it offer ) , I had very high expectations for this first episode and I really do not disappoint. The action and plot twists unfold at an early stage and hooked me even more than the first episode of the first season. - Gameplay: I will not talk much of this section as it is an adventure and there really is not much to talk about in the general area jugabilistico . - Graphics : I notice a slight improvement over the first season , although some animations remain somewhat robotic and overdone. That any other flat texture, maybe it's the game looser paragraph (excluding the gameplay ) . Despite this , I like the atmosphere you have given comic . - Sound and music : The sounds have improved so brutal , especially those in the atmosphere . I remember a scene where Clementine is opening a can of food and that's where I noticed it worked is this section. The soundtrack is also very good although many are recycled from the first game . -History : The Best of the game very clearly . As I said before, I was hooked more than the first game , honestly I like even more the game and the series in my life I had this happen with a videogame based on a series or film. Not much to talk about history , it is an experience that you have to play to know of what I speak . Finally, one of the negatives of this episode is the duration and the end of it, took the whole episode with plot twists and final I expected a little more honestly Habra to see how the story continues in the next episodes .


Feel the battle

kalil | Dec. 19, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 4 post - PC

Gone are those days when Bad Company 2 was the maximum exponent for many faithful of the franchise with the release of Battlefield 3, expected to give the generation gap and were disappointed to a lesser or greater extent ( myself included ) . It is true that many charm them , and win the game much at maturity , but we all know that we wanted more. I will not talk camapaña mode , although some points right ways , should be analyzed as a curious aside or added to a set of these characteristics. However, caution and illusion , I could experiement for a good number of hours with the online section of the title in question. Despite what many say , the graphics for Ps3, are an authentic beauty , clouds of dust, particles of light and shadow elements, all recreated with an impressive degree of fidelity. Clear this on a PC with 4 ultra graphics in silide , we will see better, but that does not mean that ps3 has the graphics of mario bross 1 nor less. The gameplay is excellent , good , lie , surely happen to you hundreds of ideas to improve it, but I can tell you , I have to much fun as I did not, the learning curve , even for someone who has skipped a generation in the series, is not exhibiting excessive hard and after about 10 or 15 games , even the most novice in the series began to feel integrated into the battle, and not a guy who has no idea what to do and the game with 200 points. The sound ..... for the love of odin ... the sound is magnificent . You can identify a gun just because he heard a distant shot of it. The dynamism of projectiles being fired in an enclosed or outdoor enclosure, it is formidable. If I have to put some hits , it would put to the music of the loading screens before the game .... but we all know that half the tracks minute or so more . I think in terms of inovation , and auque not seem so at first glance, is pretty good . New weapons , new look , 10 maps , new game modes , vehicles , accessories, etc etc etc camouflages . Needless to say Levolution or improved shooting mechanics compared to his older brother, one of the most criticized aspects of battlefield 3 was that when firing any weapon, this had a similar to a plasma cannon recoil interplanetary defense . The latter has been corrected with great success by the guys at DICE . I'm sure those of you with in your power the title , podreis give more pros and cons, but in this analysis I have preferred to stay with what is really important , is that on this occasion, battlefield have known better than to ever make us feel the battle blood and accelerate us pulse. A recommended for those who enjoyed 3 purchase, and for those who do not finish them convincing in his day . The battlefield 4 is really what many were expecting .


The best sports simulator of the year

kalil | Dec. 19, 2013 | Review of Football Manager 2014 - PC

I will not dwell much , little need be said of this great game . Just touch a try and fall in love with him. It is no doubt, as I said in the title: The best sports simulator year if you're a fan of football , and dream of becoming a coach, this is your game . 117 leagues in 51 countries , is a range of opportunities dreamed . Everything is easy, simple , effective, fun and colorful , compared to earlier in the series. We have a lot of graphs and charts of information that we have access to the statistics of the players of our team or the opposing team , to change strategies, among other things. Although there are many people who skip these things , other people like me ( a little perfectionist in these games ) we had more fun with these . The issue of transfer is very, very polished, excellent. All with an amazing depth that makes you think these actually leading a team and trying to book you your favorite stars . In conclusion , Football Manager 2014 is a dream come true for many football fans . It is a comprehensive and realistic experience , that despite his mistakes , at a good price , they can not pass up.


A classic forever

kalil | Dec. 19, 2013 | Review of Final Fantasy VIII - PC

Launched in 1999 by Squaresoft , continuous landmark in this fabulous PSX rpgs saga . The plot puts us in the skin of Squall Leonarth , a student of garden Balam Seed seeking to become like their peers. His personality is cold and hard so it has a hard time relating to other people . Later will know other people like Zell Dintch , martial arts expert and do Conas , Rinoa , a mysterious and flirtatious girl , Seifer Almasy , her rival who is always poking , etc ... The plot hits a turn when the most important nation on the continent ( Galbadia ) starts a war in command of a witch with evil intentions. Squall and other garden members tried to stop him but the thing is not as we initially painted . As for graphics was a big improvement over its predecessor and incorporating 3D real bodies imitating characters , designs and prerenderizados funds and a CGS with quality infarction. All this adding the cool light effects of the magic or the breathtaking scenes video of the invocations (GF ) . The music is awesome, each item composite Nobuo Uematsu genuine . The sound effects do their task perfectly , every shot , hit, impact , etc. puts us squarely in the adventure as though we were living it right there . The gameplay presents a shift heavy battles where magic units will be as if they were items we can draw from the enemies and invocations we will cover your vitality while we casteando . The strength appears when we are low VIT , if this condition is met our character can execute a special attack that varies according to who is the executor of the attack, this gives a rate of something more frantic and original game that greatly increases the fun of battles. The world is vast in quantity, we can take hours exploring every town , dungeon , island, etc. . New to the series we are incorporated vehicles such as rental cars or trains or use pre- pay using petrol cans . The last details to refine his secrets are : to complete the game 100 % with all the cards , end weapons, special attacks , magic , GF take us a long time but worth it for every new item we got more power in battle or fragments of history we can heavy italics . In short it is a gem that any collector or Gamer videjuegos must have in your shelf and have enjoyed it once in your life with all its juice .


Good fighting game

kalil | Dec. 16, 2013 | Review of Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition NA - PC

I'm not a fan of fighting games , but this game if I charm. I have seen most of his videos from that ad. This is proof that if you know how to Netherrealms fighting game Mortal Kombat as having the great reference and now with Injustice . Now analyzing the game: Plot: very good story was the truth the parties never imagine what would happen in the universe of DC Comics. Although I must say that your story reminds me of the movie The Crisis on two Earths , and prefer not to spoiler. Gameplay: easy, smooth, nothing complex , has more combos mortal kombat characters , so if you have to be a professional to handle the characters to perfection if anyone wants . Graphics: excellent. the design of the costumes are great and highly detailed scenarios in my opinion too, seem original . Maybe not have graphics game like Metal Gear , Final Fantasy or Bioshock . But no need , just make the game good. Sound : not a game with great soundtrack, but it's good . What really surprised me is that the game is doubled in Latin America which is unusual . Generally games microsoft bend in Latin , rarely sony games and more rare games multiplatform bend . For those who like the Latin dub , here Injustice . Innovation: it may be your weak point , but really fighting games tend not innovate much. Many fights, Biography of the characters, alternative or independent stories of the characters, etc. . Although I admit that the challenge Laboratories STARS contains original challenges. In conclusion Injustice Gods Among Us is a good fighting game, recommended, entertaining and super- moment .


Spectacular game of pirates!

kalil | Dec. 16, 2013 | Review of Assassins Creed IV Black Flag NCSA - PC

It is a very good game with many hours ahead far right , much collectable, very beautiful with huge mapped very entertaining naval battles whose boat can improve = to the character but eventually maybe and depends on each one so battle naval will do repetitive, and a main character with sparkle = the supporting characters around him. The only thing this game is sin in the story is a good story and has its moments but cojonudos enough to be called Assassin 's Creed ...... besides having some bugs as always but not annoy you much time to play at least to me , even with some parts like the ass , the issue of IA which is like us already accustomed a poo cow ostias Great perfect , but very very easy and this for me did not make me laugh . In short, a piece of game that certainly will enjoy the ones you like this type of games and if you clear up as you enjoyed fan probably say more but with a little disappointment in terms of history .


The origins of the Dark Knight narrated better than ever

kalil | Dec. 16, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham Origins - PC

As the title says , for my Warner Bros Montreal had an added pressure due to the proper quality of IP , because the boys have complied with this prequel, and boy, have met , I have found it a great game , of when you all have you end up wanting more , A level plot spoilers are not but it is a very well-crafted plot with unexpected twists and frantic delight plowing you over if you're a fan of lore character In terms of gameplay , we can say more of the same if , but ? that's bad? absolutely not , remains a jubable delight by mobility, planning , fighting, combos , how to investigate whether it is self-guided but is so well cast that you stay soprendido therefore fighting with bosses truth are very good , even some very epic especially with Deathstroke and firefly , Bane , etc. , as is usual there is also a smart development of character skills that allows us to exploit irlas as we go on an adventure Visually , say PC gaming is where I've been able to play with everything in Ultra is a visual delight, apart from artistic design is also excellent A sound level , also excellent, a very good soundtrack , as is also usual in the series , and a great Castilian dub While innovation sins by their absence can not say a bad thing because it keeps everything good in the previous two games and that's a level of very high quality , you may get something more like the Batmobile he had had his grace but I think that in terms of leftovers fulfilled staying true to the series To finish , this is a game that if you liked the previous two 'll love , you left a great taste as in my case and wanting more Batman , should instead not to play the other two , which so do not take for back as it is a prequel to these and therefore the echos that are told in the past , so you already know, you can still enjoy this great game that I was particularly delighted me


Very good to be a Remaster

kalil | Oct. 6, 2013 | Review of Flashback - PC

When I installed it I liked a lot. It is quite playable, has good graphics and the music is pretty accurate. The gameplay may vary because it has 3 modes of difficulty. I'm playing on Normal and it's pretty simple. But I'm starting record may later become complicated. Otherwise the game is about right for the times. I like the graphics is very well done indeed. With powerful equipment you can put everything in one bolón Alto and enjoy.


Reinventing perfection

kalil | Oct. 6, 2013 | Review of NBA 2K14 - PC

Very pleasantly surprised with the new installment of the series 2k . With an initial sensation of this year , if they care to detail. Although improvements have been made in a separate graph ( which in any case , as already ocurrión in 2k13 , it is sensational ) , if they have fixed the issue of appearances on the players. In addition to the factor of mean players also seem much better prepared , with emphasis on the issue of the Rookies . GAMEPLAY : No doubt the biggest asset this year. Big changes , which at first, to which we are to play more installments of the series , we adapt causes serious difficulties , but certainly worth it, because it raises more game options . A much more fluid pace , more physical presence on the contacts, a defense that requires much more in attack, and vice versa. GRAPHICS : No remarkable progress , with the base of 2k13 . If attention to detail is . At last we see Danny Green with their heaters , or short-sleeved shirts , or all players with branded shoes . In addition to the novelty of the Pelicans and changes in the Suns. SOUND: I do not notice a big change in the pavilions in relation to the previous release . The Soundtrack of the game if I feel very well prepared . INNOVATION : Year after year , I think I set the bar high for his next delivery , and year after year , come and invent something new with what they manage to surprise and convince. This year we have given a twist to the gameplay , changing many controls , in order to improve the game options . Although in graphics may seem that this is a 2k13 update , when to play, we have a completely different version . This is the king of sports video games . The best series that has given this generation of consoles , and a role model for any other developer of sports video games .


Be realistic ...

kalil | Sept. 9, 2013 | Review of Total War Rome II Post - PC

Well here's my review about Rome 2 and shall explain in steps I have found the game in each section. Gameplay: This point may be one of those who waver. Despite having developed the game interface with new aspects, of which some have been good, as the system of provinces, seems to have been slightly worse since less information added and simplified sometimes becoming something unfinished. Anyway have had the hassle of changing it, and I'm sure that will improve for the next installment. Learns from mistakes. Technology and Graphics: Well I'll link both because I think the same of them. Im-pressurants. These sections are the most improved with the new graphics engine whilst adding new battle camera, which displays perfectly all the fighting in spectacular fashion. About this I have no complaints and I think in this aspect CA is overcome with each new release. Sound: Pretty good with special effects and all the sounds of battle as screams, crashes swords ... Perhaps the soundtrack has lacked a touch. I have not noticed many songs such as the Shogun 2 seemed precious. Although I have to admit that the trailer music was just perfect. Innovation: The last aspect, which so much controversy unleashed. The game has innovated, that's for sure. But she did it better? I'll leave it there, because I do not want enzarzarme posts. As a final point I would emphasize that there are people putting notes misunderstandings causing laughter. We must be realistic and take into account all aspects.


Epic platformer

kalil | Sept. 9, 2013 | Review of Rayman Legends NA - PC

Great game just like the top of a pine tree, but not fun to power, acceptable duration , exquisite gameplay , graphic design and great sound quality . A great work they have done one of the few games I have hooked fun to spare either individually or with friends, great job on this great game Ubisoft and I'm glad that was not exclusive to Wii U , I take my hat off Michel Ancel for making me relive old glories with Rayman . Playable have nothing to envy its gameplay is exquisite , either with keyboard or with a command is a fucking wonder so many things you can do with so few buttons or keys , commands respond effectively in this game that requires us to sometimes be Quick and test our reflexes jumping platforms or using the mosquito that to help us overcome X phases. Technologically not talking about a game with super quality characteristics or current but the program is quite optimized and well kept and polished moves and feels good on my computer just does not ask much to move it , the FPS are constant ( in my case) In a few graphics to say? is beautiful great for the human eye and got me love her beautiful graphic quality Rayman Origins if I fell in love with this cartoon type graphics even more with graphics between cartoon and 3D with funding on stage demonstrating the great work done in this aspect , simply gorgeous and beautiful as I said before some funny animations that make you laugh from time to time the terms of the enemies to be beaten the amount of things that can bring a single phase of the game is simply phenomenal . In terms of sound I must say one of the best compositions I escuhado in years (with permission to those I also love Batman and Darksiders ) femonemales really sounds , great and not to mention the musical levels are ostia , environmental sounds like screaming or hitting enemies of our heroes also hear very well , voices need not, everything is a mouthful in this game but that's what the texts that explain things . In terms of innovation I've loved music levels and if I had a Wii U that is best enjoyed where the game would be pretty good play on it, but as far as I'm concerned have done an excellent job on consoles and PC , a part of that online games have been added and is still the local cooperative for 4 people on a single computer or console, in what I regard is a thousand times better to play well or with a friend, if you pass the Origins very well well be playing with a friend imagine playing this with another friend / ao two more fun is guaranteed and added more than enough levels of the previous game . To conclude recommended game and not just for an audience "childish" as some would say give him a chance Rayman truth both are very well made and fun that is its purpose.


Good game!

kalil | Sept. 5, 2013 | Review of Hearts of Iron III Steam - PC

This is one of the greatest games of all time.. There is a great deal of work when you want to play it so if you are not serious about playing it then it may be a bit to much for casual gamers. Saying that, the game can be overwhelming but if you give it 100% of your attention it can be really great. They added the ability for the computer to control certain micromanaging which is a welcome change from the previous edition


One more of the lot

kalil | July 5, 2013 | Review of Lost Planet Extreme Condition Colonies Edition - PC

Enjoy a full capacity of this title is complicated. Complicated because either has one of the few (and expensive) Dx10 cards with more than 512 mb of memory (CF or SLI worth) or you choose to use the old XP and the result, though not the same, it is quite similar. But it is important to say that, in either case, graphically Lost Planet looks pretty good anyway, but not enough to theoretically define the new standard Games for Windows. Like much of the game will be spent on a snowy landscape, there has been much emphasis on trying to build a fairly realistic climate model. There are literally scores of simultaneous effects that look really good display: the falling flakes own windswept, the reflections of light on different surfaces exist, the definition and behavior of the shadows on these surfaces, the proper use of motion -blur to add the effect of higher and faster movement in the Akryd ... The truth is that not only the exteriors are more than well conducted but the interiors too: sometimes we attend scenes that take place in abandoned buildings or caverns in which, apart from improving the framerate, enjoyed higher contrast of colors and also some explosions with thousands of particles flying around the screen combined with the flashes of guns or powder when shooting while walking on dry ground. In Lost Planet many things happen simultaneously, and the graphics engine has to support at times to put dozens of enemies on screen with their thousands of polygons, while, download tons of ammunition from our walker or walking. In that sense, the title of Capcom is just spectacular. According to the requirements is demanding, but there are times when one has the feeling that it has spared nothing to display on screen: no more because there is no more. Of all the animations, including retractable hook that incorporates the protagonist, we were certainly some of the aliens. All human and enjoy the quite naturally, although it must be admitted that there is something wrong with the gait, the first occurrence of a "spider" is Akryd gape. An attempt was made to provide a good dose of credibility offworlders enemies and the truth is that in some cases has been achieved with great success, since those smallest to the big bosses that take up more than one screen Gameplay: Lost Planet is not lost. Or you love or hate. There is no middle. The main cause that produces it is to never, at any time, we are given a break. We constantly countdown because of doing nothing, we die. In other games there is always a corner in which to recover from the last fight, plan the next move quietly or just hanging around the stage: here we are continually pushing forward without remission. That's why the level design is well done but is extremely linear. You have to go from A to B without wondering much why, and not even the argument, after the first two turns, reaches to matter much. We move forward, kill everything that lies ahead, we end up with the final boss, period. Even it does not require too much skill on the default difficulty, even at the highest level and be something else. The reality is that there is a lot to think over the phases, even an exaggerated no shortage of ammunition. There really are many available weapons to kill the enemies assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers ... We can only carry two of them at the same time, you have to take into account this aspect. Just do not go away and we can always go back for them. But we also have other options for dealing with combat. In theory, the inclusion of the hook should provide the possibility of new tactical strategies for the player, in practice we use the gimmick only when necessary: ​​to get to a point that we can not avoid jumping or drop us an edge. Also to get benefits for the sniper rifle is feasible or we can use to approach enemies fast, but in reality although it can be very useful, is far from being essential. Defeat human enemies is really simple: just throw them more lead than not receive it. The Akryd require a slightly different strategy as they are extremely resistant to the whole body except for a weak point which is revealed in certain conditions: after the main attack, hitting any particular point or just get quickly get behind him. When joining multiple enemies of the same or different, Lost Planet is hectic at times, but usually short. Destroy enemies poking its weak point is very important because loose their dose of "heat". As advanced above, we absorb the heat with our suit and provides longer life expectancy but not only from the cold, also against the attacks of enemies that do not take away 'life' itself but thermal energy. This energy can also be obtained from the environment or destroying vehicles, scattered deposits mapping, etc.


A very good game

kalil | July 5, 2013 | Review of Lost Planet 2 - PC

At first the game did not conventional and set aside for a week. I've gone back to pick up and I started to play online along with 3 people. One word: Great game. I loved how it captures the feeling of working together from the start, it looks great movement of each character and certainly that of the enemy characters. Worst: Sometimes hard to find online matches that fit your needs, what good is that without AI players puts you about. Another shortcoming is the Liard times since the spaces are very small and sometimes a little crazy battle. The best: the game is clear that it is online, and offers its greatest virtue in that, long guns are simply SPECTACULAR, each with unimaginable features, such as plasma cannon or all types of grenades, machine guns also have basic, shotguns .. . but the greatest potential is in the robots, are incredible, from the simplest war armor and easy to carry even larger and bulky robots seen in a video game, I liked most was one with 2 turrets on the sides where could climb companions, and all this with a fluidity AWESOME. Another aspect in favor are enemy monsters, but the soldiers are sometimes boring, there are the Akrid to leave you speechless. It's gnarly as you see all kinds of creatures approaching with some textures, movements and impressive intelligence. Having to shoot the red dots to kill makes it even more exciting. THE BEST OF THE BEST: THE FINAL MONSTERS. just epic, they are gigantic and perfect. You get scared to death every time you see them appear out of nowhere, huge, make you feel very small in this show. Luckily you'll have to resort to weapons you get for the confrontation, especially robots. When you catch one gives the feeling of winning a battle that seemed totally lost. Teamwork. Cooordinacion and cunning.


Good, but not spectacular, as expected ...

kalil | July 4, 2013 | Review of Empire Earth 3 - PC

Frankly in the series I have not played her the 2nd installment, but if the first and last. The idea of ​​an RTS to take you through all the ages have always enjoyed. And within titles I like, EE III, is no exception ... However, it is not at all what I expected. The simplification in a game of this type is key. RTS that become too cumbersome are not accepted. However, this title seems to overdo this the "simplification" ... And the truth is that it has been more like an RTS title that does not provide enough. I understand that simplify choice civilizations helps mark their differences and improve as neither a civilization is like another. MAYBE BUT COULD HAVE SOME MORE. If you play with the Middle East, will have in the colonial age cataphracts mounted Cavalry Byzantine and Turkish conjugated in the same side (it's like Spanish conquistadors mingle with Aztec spearmen) ... If you play with the West will have to Greek warriors and spearmen Medieval medieval age. That's where your small simplification fails ... In addition, the system ages (Ancient, Medieval, Colonial, Modern, Futuristic) is good, but lacks an era apparently skipped. The industrial age itself of 1st and 2nd World War. Paragraph graphic is not great. I've only seen improvements in landscapes, maps, climatology and some effects (explosions, blood) But I'm seeing a ejérctio of clones in which units and buildings are not known for the quality of their textures. To make this game than expected, lacks innovation, a simplification that does not take away the excitement (or accuracy) to the game and a graphic section more worthy of the era in which it is. If skills include units, something very good and a tactical plus. Also the diplomatic system that not only develops with the other civilizations but also with native tribes, according to our actions, relentlessly attacking us or lend us aid That's it, no more to say. Well yes, spectacular, as everyone expected, no ...


As bloody as ever

kalil | July 4, 2013 | Review of Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition - PC

Mortal Kombat is one of the most emblematic franchises in the genre of fighting. I was going through its best, but this return to the roots fully recovers bloody nature, fun and deadly. Get ready for mortal kombat. Graphically, at first glance, the game looks very beautiful. Notable character designs, very good and tasteful, and with a good level of detail. The scenarios also have a great look, somewhat less than the characters, but with considerable detail, variety and a good level in the artistic. It is in the art direction which highlights MK, with its unique characters and dark scenes. But the graphics are not as good as they seemed at first glance, the approach is more the characters shown in greater simplicity of their modeled. At resonance the game is very good. Emphasize the effects of sound bites, screams, blood, broken bones, etc.. All perfectly conveys the violence and cruelty that has the game. The voices are fine, discharge their responsibilities, although Spanish translations leave something to be desired. The music is of high quality, classic recovering of the saga and brings them to the present. There are variety, though perhaps not as much and the music fails to win the necessary visibility. The story is interesting and it raised a good way to be a fighting game. Thankfully it is important and meaningful to tell us something while we fight constantly. It is in the gameplay where is the strong point of Mortal Kombat. Learning to play is easy but refined in the handling of his characters can be time consuming. There are a lot of characters, each with their individual moves and combos. All these require combinations of buttons and good timing to be executed, in addition to special techniques, which when combined with the punches you can make long chains. We also have the x-ray attack, a kind of special attack in battle, and the mythical Fatalities. The game features the story mode, the tournament (individual or team), the challenges of luck, strength, etc., the tower of the challenges and online. A wide range of options for fun for a long time. Besides tower features 300 challenges quite varied challenges that we will take a long time to overcome. The online, on the other hand, is very well made and let us measure ourselves in combat or king of the hill. It divertito, but very challenging and merciless for newbies. Also the game suffers lag sometimes and this in a fighting game bothers a lot. All in all a great fighting game and above all a great Mortal Kombat. This iconic title series returns with a bloody, ruthless, new while respecting their roots and deathmatches. Highly recommended for those followed and those who are not.


Do not judge by the look of Dante, the game is very good

kalil | June 27, 2013 | Review of DmC Devil May Cry Overflow (1) - PC

I think I was one of the first to complain of Dante with his new look and if the first time I saw it, I found a mess, a big mistake, this game maintains the line of the old Devil May Cry (but still do not like the look of the new Dante at the end means that you end up accepting) the movements of all Japanese games (Capcom) are somewhat crude, but can jump 5 meters are locked in a rock, this does not change but do not look at that, we to the interesting, the battles are very entertaining with simple puzzles that allow you to continue fighting and solving the vicissitude advance. Many variety of combos (although I only used 8 or 9) there is fun to mix all this action, varied enemies, both in form and skill, so the bosses movements represent a good challenge, so add another point, the scenarios are well crafted from the human, to the infernal, voices and text in Spanish, with very interesting story make this game fun and a good investment, let's not overlook and go judging only by the first picture, the game is much more and deserves a good grade


Great Game

kalil | June 27, 2013 | Review of The Darkness II Overflow - PC

The Darkness 2 is a gore title, very gore ... The game itself is rather short (I think I got 10 hours or story mode) but it is very entertaining and immerses you in the story, which by the way, this is completely safe some fantastic details ... Fight with and against the dark, raze the city, a mansion, hell itself ... GAMEPLAY: A very good gameplay, PC has some controls "pure shooter", the demonic arms control is fabulous, we cut our enemies like paper is treated. TECHNOLOGY: The optimization of the game was rather poor (considering the graphics you have), but still not bad, does not suffer drop frames and do not need a monster PC to play it. GRAPHICS: It has some graphics taken from comics, literally. In the sequences of images show much graphic detail that have had to create this game, it is as if we were reading a comic while aporreamos keyboard. SOUND: Great look, hear the cries of the enemy as if we to whisper in our ear. It is advisable to play with a volume to medium-high to enjoy it 100% (and to take the odd scare) INNOVATION: More than acceptable aspect of the game, there are times when it seems we play a shooter, but we shatter an enemy out of the way that idea.


Better but not much

kalil | June 27, 2013 | Review of NBA 2K13 Overflow - PC

It´s a NBA2K12 menu with another updated roster for sure, the graphics are good but not the best, the gameplay is the same, with the odd smallish hardly noticeable improvement. The point I'm getting at is that this game is a hair taken for pceros no comments in Spanish, without the all-star weekend, things we were waiting anxiously and then not show up and then learn that the DLC are not to PC, a total disappointment. It is emphasized that the game has bugs of the most diverse and this is a stone in the shoe for someone who wants to enjoy the game. It is also the best in basketball games now, the gameplay is very real and the graphics but not the best fit perfectly.


A different shooter, a unique history.

kalil | June 27, 2013 | Review of Spec Ops The Line Overflow - PC

We can not describe Spec Ops as a game shots. It's hard to compare it to Gears of War beyond its dynamic coverage and would be very bold to call it Call of Duty: The line. No doubt we have a different game. Where for the first time in a long tells a story that goes beyond the boobs american stories that saturate the argument. I want esplayarme in history, so I will describe the gameplay of the game. This is presented with the very typical hedge SISTEAM. But they have nothing to envy to games like Gears of War or other gender related. In Spec Ops shootings are a fun espáculo that develops smoothly and above all very intelligent. The frame of the game itself is hard, so play on high difficulty is prioritaro to feel the experience of survival more closely. The enemies will sell his life dearly and rarely expondran like idiots to give us a clear shot. Blind shot from corners, they separated to attack from different angles when you can and you will if you atrincheras grenades raining. His aim is enviable, not being the typical maximum diicultad game where enemies gives superhuman marksmanship. Especially satisfying are the violent executions you can perform against fallen enemies. Graphic violence is ensured in a title where we see the worst of human beings. The atmosphere is also great. As if nature remind us every step of who this world, the ruins of the city destroyed and buried waste under the sand will be our constant companion from start to finish. Golden statues used as parapets, coated silk carpets bodies, large and luxurious hotels whose only host is death ... and sand, lots of sand. Such is the work done on this item if we throw a grenade explosion on the sand lifted a cloud that will blind the enemies that surround it (and you do not leave a lot of visibility). Sand storms also be a constant. In parts dle game these will surprise us and our visibility is drastically reduced, along with our aim. The sound of guns can be improved. But still very good, along with the music that accompanies it will also have a high bar. Throughout dle game feel that the ammunition is not plentiful, it joined the miss just being able to carry two weapons (which are be) makes the game forces you to forget having an arsenal to the letter and in other shooters. Where if we like a weapon the game will handle ammunition supply it to the end of the game. In this game you try to take the same weapon to be our favorite player normally stops after a parapet shot at from all angles and unable to defend themselves because they have no bullets. As aa story revolves around a Delta Force team led by Walker (who drove) whose mission is to go to Dubai, the Utopian city pinnacle of wealth and waste ravaged by nature as a brutal sandstorm. So much so that during the game we mentioned that the storm was able to start the car paint. The mission of the Delta is simple. Search for survivors, as they have received an emergency call from the city unknown. This could be the case for any shooter, filling the typical story. But do not create a scenario consistent with atypical (Dubai razed and sepulcrada between sand) in this game give us a story without pecedentes. Without american stories without blunders. A story that as the game progresses presents the human being in all its glory. No flags, no honor and homelands, just survival. The game itself throws us a subtle and subliminal messages only. For CoD player (say a saga that has destroyed smart shooters) you will not see more things unfinished. But the observer will note a complex web of hidden messages created to tell a stark story. Make a level where endow put the player in an airport with a weapon and must shoot all civilians is uan a morbid, stupid and brainless to create atmosphere. An insult to the intelligence dle player, which stamped him with all the violence of a scene to stimulate your motivation to keep playing the story ... But in this game we have much, much more. The characters lso Tinen echos perspective that changes surprisingly simple principle an argument that gets harder as the game progresses. And as I said many, many hidden messages and symbolism. To give a couple of examples, tips typical loading screens sometimes other messages appear more "strange". Also, as I said earlier. In the game you can use a key to execute enemy wounded at our feet. The Walker runs early in the game are quick, violent but quick ... this pattern gradually changes considerably. And as these, very many messages that the game will happen right under our noses but we often realize. As I said, with these details a player "flat" see nothing beyond. But the observant player will be collecting all these pieces and will be unable to ignore this game has something more to shoot people, has a message. The game also gives you to make decisions in certain parts of the game. To go summarizing. We have a game above all fun and innovative as the stage. With a mechanical and views but much improved and satisfactory. Little ammunition and challenging AI will force us to sharpen aim and reflexes if you want to survive. Vilencia A brutal game, but not that of creating a scene filled with bodies, blood and corpses. In Spec Ops have a much deeper violence yet raw. A visible character development. And above all, a story with a capital. Which may like more or like less, but we will inevitably reflect a while at the computer to finish the game. By this way of telling a story, and the times where it seems that every shooter history reduces to kill the terrorist in office. I think the game has a deserved 10 innovation. A game capped with a lot to offer and lessons to give.


Walk Pandora! Best in Coop.

kalil | June 27, 2013 | Review of Borderlands Game of the Year Edition Overflow - PC

Game for lovers of the genre Shooter, regardless of the platform on which you play. Gameplay: Like any shooter, the more COD style, the button layout is the same as ever. No special powers or anything or Bioshock Bulletstorm style, everything is purely weapons. The movements of the characters are well done, sometimes feel a little jerky movements but nothing remarkable. In the weapons section, the algorithm manages to give us an outstanding amount of possibilities, weapons of all levels with different elemental damage types categorized by levels. The customization options are null characters limited to only change the color of the suit. Each character has a wide range of options to modify your stats, including shields, class modifiers, grenade modifier and four weapons to choose. There is no difficulty to choose from, it just start the game. That if!, A second journey that will challenge those who did not feel the challenge the first run. Great scenarios that can be boring if you do not have a car or fast travel. Technology The game is a revolution in paragraphs, while the Cell-shading gives a freshness with respect to others of its genre, fails to amaze. The game has almost no weather effects, although we have options like dynamic shadows, fulfill their purpose but not exactly essential to activate this effect. Optimization of title not more, because in a decent team AAx16 and textures in high quality runs almost at 60fps. The physics of the bullets is well done, the electrical effects, and fatty pyric met, the water effects are almost nil. Coop system is certainly very good, so much so that I have not felt any lag with a 2mb connection. Playing with four friends is the best title, so do not become so boring missions. Graphics The artistic apartador is bearable, the Cell-shading fails to meet expectations, but not greatly. The quality of the textures in many cases is weak, even with the maximum effect, the quality is somewhat low. The enemies are well recreated, come in all types, but something reprehensible reuse, many are merely similar, almost identical to each other with subtle differences. Moreover, if you stand heads, each with a unique style, with beautifully drawn art. The NPCs are very charismatic, with different characteristics, being well represented graphically. Sound One of the best aspects of this game. We could praise the great work of dubbing, which although not the best of this world, if it fulfills perfectly. Each character with their respective voice. The comments of mercenaries to kill help us continue to play without despeinarnos by boredom, enemies with voices that challenge us to keep shooting NPCs known for his wild comments, giving orders around here and there, completely masterful dubbing. We are grateful that the title is completely in Castilian. Innovation It is not the panacea between shooter, but if it manages to quench our thirst, this very well done and gives us many hours of fun. The amount of weapons is surprising, note that the algorithm used is very well worked, since this point gives you many more hours of gameplay. Playing with friends is very good, and this increases the level of the game so our loot will be much better. Other than that, the side missions go on to become an ordeal, are extremely tedious in most occasions and divinity to detract game, game linear worst situations is your weak point. The inclusion of this luxury car, but it would have greatly appreciated the inclusion of other more personal transportation, motorcycles, scooters or any other futuristic invention that does not take away those moments of boredom in which to travel from point A to B is a torture.


From the best in RTS ... of second line.

kalil | June 27, 2013 | Review of Empire Earth Gold Edition - PC

Empire Earth II has been a project whose developers aspired to so high that, in a nutshell, they neglected the ground where you have to have your feet and stumbled. An ambitious and full of additional features worthy of the title which is renowned EE2, as seasonal changes and periods of rain or sandstorm that adorn the interface. Just because these are merely arguinaldas mere decoration for a title that despite the remarkable amount of factions has not been raised as it should. The type of units vary rarely found despite some variety of world cultures, highlighted only a couple or three special units and little else. The technological system is not as objectionable, as Rise of Nations style interface is never negative, although here not been worn with such'' technologies'', which are nothing more than bonuses to units and buildings. However, this reflects the pattern of battles without much dynamism, which is about combining and scope siege units with good melee fighters without stopping to study the characteristics of the units, which at least my eyes is unfortunate in a game like this. The scope of diplomacy and taking territories are acceptable to some extent (diplomacy is the little that he could not openly criticize while taking territories goes with a functional and simple, nothing wrong in this case). So when we talk about Empire Earth II, we talk about a really fun game and well adorned with some remarkable features a supple acceptably population limit (bravo) and, yes, a little too animated graphics, so that sometimes seem too little serious fighting. Remarkable as second-line title in the genre of RTS, for me does not collect any feature or'' magic'' and classics master. Worth it, but there is to look forward too ...



kalil | June 27, 2013 | Review of Legacy of Kain Defiance - PC

Great game . If you are ceeping with Legacy of kain series . At first I was a little frustrated by the camera ,but with time I get use to it . The story line is Superb . There are many unpredictable twists and thurns ,for you get the chanse to fight both Kain and Raziel . And again Kain and Raziel fight for dominion over destiny . DEsperetly surching for a new path , for a choise , to breake the promised future . It's a interesting concept to fight agenst destiny for free will . LOK relegate with the medieval princip of the two swords of power . The one in the hand of the king , the other in the hand of the pope .... Great idea .... The grapihc is realy greate better than the previous series . The new battle system is also vrey fun for you can lift enemies , and kick their asses in the air .


Amazing game

kalil | June 27, 2013 | Review of Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver - PC

Hands down the only series I will happily say I am now a fanboy of. The story is deep and will keep you playing though the (lets face it) tedious combat (but then again you are armed with the SOUL REAVER!), The platforming is just purely amazing and the ability to switch between realms just adds to the story and the gameplay. Puzzles are challenging but rewarding. overall one of the best games of the year....... But could of shined even more. I want to see a HD remake.


Go for it

kalil | June 27, 2013 | Review of Strike Suit Infinity - PC

An excellent arcade space-battle game. Fluid, fast paced, pretty to the eyes and the ears (The music fits perfectly). The game requires a few minutes to master its controls, which aren't really complicated in the end. Overall, an very good game, especially for its price.


Really Hard but good :D

kalil | June 27, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider III - PC

Thankfully, the player now as the option to save at any point. The game is still difficult, but dropping the Save Crystals from PSX version helps a lot. Tomb Raider III is a more daring entry in the series. The emphasis on exploration is higher this time around with a well-balanced mix of action. The heavy use of gun fights with human goons from TR2 are lighter this time around. TRIII offers the most diversity out of any Tomb Raider game. From the wider arsenal of weapons (Desert Eagle, Rocker Launcher,etc) , more outfits, new vehicles (quad bike,kayak, etc), new moves like sprinting and crawling, to a variety of larger scaled levels (India, Area 51, London, Tropical island, Antartica). Levels now have multiple paths. The difficulty for this game ranges between intermediate to hard. Environments are more deadly. Traps and Death linger in every corner. Give this game a chance if you are up for a challenge. It's not going to satisfy everyone. TRIII's difficulty has resulted in poor reviews and mixed opinions. Don't let them fool you. Tomb Raider III is a good game that offers more of a challenge and more varitey than others titles in the series


Epic first game :D

kalil | June 27, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider I - PC

Technically almost perfect, Tomb Raider brings out a gameplay that has never seen: competitive, funny, hard, and various. You will need to get medkits to get some health, you will need to manage your weapons ammos and kill a lot of enemies. It features a great plot that will not make you bored. Great longevity, a thing that is really good, because a lot of games have the problem of being very short. Graphically, it's mind blowing: it has light effects and very good textures. The only (little) problem is the performance, which, sometimes, is a little bad: sometimes, the game reaches low FPS, but it's still playable


Good game!

kalil | June 24, 2013 | Review of Hearts of iron 3 - PC

This is one of the greatest games of all time.. There is a great deal of work when you want to play it so if you are not serious about playing it then it may be a bit to much for casual gamers. Saying that, the game can be overwhelming but if you give it 100% of your attention it can be really great. They added the ability for the computer to control certain micromanaging which is a welcome change from the previous edition


A good game despite the shortcomings in the PC version

kalil | June 24, 2013 | Review of NBA 2K13 Overflow - PC

GAMEPLAY: This is most noticeable in the game, at least par to me. The movements and how they end are very real, they give you the feeling of having made a good move and a good move and differentiate the technique about talented players some not so good. TECHNOLOGY: certainly movements are fluid and with a variety of them. Yesterday I played with Saquille O'neal and how to go around the defender and two-handed dunk hoop hanging ... totally reminded me in its infancy with Orlando. GRAPHICS: good, not bad or anything, all players are different to back, but are lagging somewhat behind other games, in my case I have in mind the graphics. SOUND: for as no surprise to anyone that the comments in Spanish are not present even after they heard I have to say I would not, take away quality to the game. One thing for me and I have not improved to take into account what is the sound of ball bounce, the shock of a pivot against another, hitting a Shank Matt Kemp type, that would give it more realism. I've changed the sound for it, but could be more exaggerated to enjoy a good mate. INNOVATION: of course the addition of the right analog stick has been a success, but we must relearn the movements again, but I find each of them in training is a joy to stay with the ones you like and then use because memorize them all is amazing. CONCLUSION: forget the fact the PC version will have been a decisive factor not to buy for many, but I get to enjoy both a good match (having raised the difficulty) that almost made forget all these problems. NOTE: could having added street parties (1vs1, 2vs2, ...) random selection of players and that the players chose PC. In PC there is also no online play this kind of way.



kalil | June 20, 2013 | Review of Men of War - PC

The 3rd game in MoW series, after Soldiers of Honor and Faces Of War. It's an improved version of Faces Of War, with some more options to use, a bit better graphic engine and better multiplayer. For me just perfect tactical RTS, which I play from time to time even now. As a WWII history buff and a RTS gamer I can honestly say it is one of the best games I've ever played. Tons of historically accurate weapons, vehicles and uniforms, coupled with the decent graphics and realistic effects (ballistics, explosions,cover, etc.) make me feel almost as if I was in the battle myself. The best thing about Men of War definitely is the GEM editor that allows you to create your own maps and missions. The endless possibilities of the GEM Editor really make up for the single player, that has some interesting missions but overall way too few. Assault Squad is a HUGE improvement, I would highly recommend this game



kalil | June 20, 2013 | Review of Kings Bounty Armored Princess - PC

Wonderful world and epic story this make this game good, but add to this very entertaining fights and u get great game. The only disadvantage for me is that you cant play a quick scenario or something like that - only full campaign. It´s brilliant; as was the first one. The gameplay, balancing and story are all top notch. As a translation from Russian, the humour and interesting plot transfer perfectly into English. (Contrast that with a translation from a typical Japanese title and you realise the contempt those publishers have for the western market!). One of the best games



kalil | June 20, 2013 | Review of Fantasy Wars - PC

A true blast from the past, turn based fantasy strategy in the spirit of old classics from 90s. A bold move that succeeds. Commanding your own orc horde or mercenary army to victory through the linear campaign is simply fun, especially when the game mechanics have nothing to be ashamed of, and there’s plenty of complexity to keep you thinking. We need more of unhurried, turn based goodness like this in the future. The AI is quite good , which makes this one of the most challenging turn-based games I have played in a long while. The perk-tree is intriguing, albeit lacking in adequate documentation. This game will stretch your strategy muscles in good ways.


The Matador

kalil | June 20, 2013 | Review of El Matador - PC

El Matador isn't as good as Max Payne, but this game gives a fun. Can not recommend to everyone, but for sure for people who do not require more than a decent shooting.I found it a lot of fun to play and absolutely beautiful to look at, its quite simply one of the best looking games released.


Recommend it or not?

kalil | June 20, 2013 | Review of Alien Shooter - PC

It isn't terrible. The graphics are below par. The gameplay is enjoyable as an arcadey, play-for-short-intervals type of game. It's very similar to the other games in the series of which I have also played and completed most of: Alien Shooter 2, Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded, and a couple more. They are all very similar and I can't help but think are basically all the same game. In this one and the others you simply walk around with a top down view and collect more powerful weapons than the previous, upgrade them along with your armor, and gun down thousands of enemies in huge groups at a time. It's very enjoyable to me because I've always loved old retro shooters, and I'm a sucker for most top down games. However I wouldn't often recommend this to, well, anyone, so in the interest of a community, and not my personal thought. It's a pretty personalized opinion on games that'll effect if you like this one, so do some research and try to think of what the game's like before buying it, maybe look at some gameplay somewhere.



kalil | June 20, 2013 | Review of Dawn of Magic - PC

Very interesting game, the spell system is really something new and it makes fun to "produce" new spells like a stunning fireball. But there are also some bugs and glitches which need to be patched. To sum up, I'd recommend this game to all people who are tired of the Diablo clones and want to try out something new


Intriguing Game

kalil | June 20, 2013 | Review of Reign Conflict of Nations - PC

It´s a highly underrated but intriguing game. There are no massive battles Total War style, instead this is a game along the line of Europa Universalis III with an element of RTS similar to Mount&Blade or Real Warfare 1242. This game has a beautiful albeit simplistic graphical approach a smooth tutorial and a good interface. The AI is solid, though like most games sometimes Moscow just really wants to conquer Oman or in this case the Crimea, personally I think that kind of result is intrinsic to the concept of alternative history strategy. The two primary problems with this game, as can easily be discovered by checking reviews or the 1C forums are that: 1) there is no decent manual, while the tutorial is a great outline it offers limited suggestions on strategic considerations, and 2) as many underrated games this was reviewed and pigeon-holed by "professional" reviewers who are either afraid to get their feet wet or think that no one else will want to either. This game is FAR from the opaque mess it has been portrayed to be and as anyone who plays Total War or Paradox or Starcraft knows that if you REALLY need to know something just open the game files to understand the actual combat mechanics


Very good game

kalil | June 20, 2013 | Review of Assassins Creed Brotherhood Deluxe - PC

Family and old friends will remember events that will rock the foundations of Ezio and force him to return to different sites to meet parts of his past. All this always connect with Desmond, who have ghostly encounters with his ancestor and go assassin perfecting their techniques while escaping from those who persecute you. With the help of Lucy and her team, which will attempt to maintain stable, the protagonist of this have to struggle to keep track of any of the tracks that left him in a past very lejano.Para end the setting, include the database system, which will give us very detailed information about the places we visit for the first time. Once a first walk through the facilities it will remain in the database for future visits. The curious will enjoy many data from both sites and of institutions or individuals that marked a before and after in the Italian Renaissance. Graphic work than expected Beyond the work of documentation and reproduction of each city or town is the graphics performance and reproduction of textures. Each character, Ezio and Desmond as the main figures, has a very broad level of detail. The different sites also provide incredible performance that will make you enjoy much of a game with a lot of material to be cut. Ideally this PC version is to play with a team whose performance allows execution of the title with the maximum benefits. Those without a machine so powerful lower resolutions can enjoy a very high degree of configurability, which will launch the game on medium power machines. Despite the clear loss of quality, the game is still a great title that hides great things. Another point of graphics performance are the different kinematics. As if it were a movie, Assassin's Creed offers introductory scenes assignments and important events in great quality. The correction in the lip when different dialogues and actions in the video is a great point to take into account in this regard. A good job for a deserved title In the introduction we mentioned the importance of knowing and seeing renewed past mistakes. Assassin's been known not only see but also has acted to avoid the latter title. From the repetition of missions of the first game there is no trace and improving the graphics technique is also spectacular. The different movements have increased and secondary level is another thing entirely. Stocks and options when buying and improving armor and weapons also increase allowing the player a good interaction and customization. Shopkeepers who appeared in the other game available to us many more goods. Each change has been to improve a game that already said ways in their marketing. The arrival of The Brotherhood is a good point and followed for the series, we will ally with the Countess of Forli, Caterina Sforza, and continue a relentless struggle against the Borgia family. A new search is open to us and we will be the fastest to find out what it is. A new mystery turns to talk of a lost civilization and magical place that nobody had ever heard.


The art of directing

kalil | June 18, 2013 | Review of FIFA Manager 2013 - PC

It is as always, year after year, a good game. It's nothing shocking since then but still a great game of football team management. He has innovated something, adding tools that asked previous players and adding new statistics, more interaction with the computer and more characteristics, but has not been a big change from Fifa Manager 2012. The rest is all very good as always, the gameplay is excellent, yet very neat and easy to use, the graphics are good and the sound is good, the music and sound within games. And that's all, a great game that would be missing one more innovation and a touch of reality could do with "touch of reality" I mean to witness the golden ball delivery, more frequent press conferences, with questions more varied and different effects as cause layoffs, offers ...


Just Correct

kalil | June 18, 2013 | Review of Crysis 3 NA - PC

Good to time who was willing to do an analysis of some game and so far I have decided on this seeing that it is a game that has caused much controversy both divisions notes as its duration, its little innovation among other things. Gameplay: I think one of the games I offered more gameplay and variety to make things in the market is not as free as the first but is more open than the second which is appreciated. He misses the broader maps playable with more opportunities and that they are more populated by NPC but without the extension of the first, a middle. Technology: Main reason is its useless IA noting especially that of the Aliens to melee over others. The PC optimization is very good for graphics beast it is. In addition to throughout the game I have not found a bug. I would also like to note that thanks to the drivers who scored the game's release later performance has augmentado exponentially. Graphics: In this section, too many words, you only need to see some catch to see the magnificent graphics that has the game and its beautiful artistic design. Sound: It seems sublime in every way, the sounds of the weapons are incredible, the Spanish dub this to a very high standard and the music perfectly complements the scenes that live along the game. innovation: Since it is a 3rd party and can not expect a radical change in essence have gotten several new features, such as maps broader, bow, side quests, to choose the path you want to use, etc.. History: I think by far the best of the 4 games (I count the Warhead as delivery) ahead of the second. At first begins rather slowly and can say that boring but with the advent of greater interaction with Psycho, the whole story gains. I would put almost a Psycho starring more than a Prophet, which makes a superb acting. To end the end they leave open to potential new releases but I hope you take it more calmly and shows the game and unhurried. duration: The game at its maximum difficulty and beating most side missions lasted me about 12 hours, mixing confrontation with stealth, so if you do everything you can quietly take about 15 hours (which I exceed the maximum cost Bioshock) . There is also a good replay value as there are different ways to ask yourself the missions. Multiplayer: I've spent a few hours and I can say it COD style but with nanotrajes. I highlight above this normal online Hunter mode far the option to enjoy as a dwarf. Conclusion: The game has not completely fulfilled my expectations were very high but not the monster that many people want pages and paint. It only remains to say that anyone who likes shooters with aliens going semiopen love and recommend its purchase.



kalil | June 18, 2013 | Review of Dead Space 3 NA - PC

Simply action, which asked both times in this case is to spare, have incorporated new things that make it fun and a good game, but this is not what was expected, or rather if, but not what it is wanted, we see how slowly the big franchises are falling from the hand of the action, you already play Resident Evil and when we think that a worthy successor had appeared, now makes it another 3rd-person shooter, too bad, the 2 previous deliveries were very good, this it is, but in his own way, always judging the survival horror, if you turn away from the story and call it Dark Space is such a great game! In short, Dead Space 3 introduces interesting elements that fans will find a different and fresh compared to previous titles. Even so, the focus for action is increasingly apparent clear and I must say that with this we can say that virtually delivers the series has lost most terrifying element. Clearly the campaign in cooperative mode is not intended to make us feel fear, but to play it solo not feel the anguish to which we had used this franchise in the past.


Every legend has a beginning.

kalil | June 17, 2013 | Review of Assassins Creed - PC

This game was the first of a series of hits in the video game market, and despite its flaws have created a shock in the PC world with its art section and incredible playability to the purest style Parkour at a time we all love. The Gameplay was horrible innovation in the world of video games, sandbox style gameplay very liberal with parkour style, where we can climb all the buildings you want, get on watchtowers, interact with people and the environment . In short, a great playable. If it is true that had his bad points, as the occasional failure Bug annoying and mobility of the character, even that precious few scenes very repetitive in terms of models and textures, 3 huge cities with very few things to do, but with a design good enough to get you enough time to explore them. His argument, a double-edged blade, one side is passionate, intriguing and attractive as few, but its development is somewhat dull and coarse, since all our goals will require us to act in the same way, and since September the number of victims can have done something heavy Its graphical section / technology was impressive at the time, few games that year had achieved such quality graphics show in that genre. Their requirements were rather high, which is understandable for the dazzling quality, good effects, textures, filters, usually a passionate graphic potential. Its soundtrack was very adequate with period style and creating tension in the moments that required it, maybe i miss some innovation in the different subjects. The game was highly anticipated, and despite not quite meet expectations, managed to break into the market quickly, and achievement catch thousands of fans around the world. A gem that every fan of AC should play and a great game to remember for years.


The best title of the Saga

kalil | June 17, 2013 | Review of Assassins Creed 2 Deluxe Edition - PC

This game certainly is the best Assassin's Creed so far, continues with the game doing mature a lot from the previous and the first game in the series "Assassin's Creed" in this game you get to enjoy the most of a game that deserves personally is a game that in no time I found boring, moreover, combines the story of Desmond Miles in the life of new character Ezio Auditore, whose history is a strong point of the game. Gameplay: Corrected all the bad aspects of his predecessor without removing the control new character style, which has given it a very personal touch to the later games in the series (except ACIII). It is a game you can play while having fun in no time with adjustable difficulty, despite not having distitnos difficulty levels, plus the complete freedom you have in the game, and the things you can do that do not follow the general argument but give you hours of entertainment. Technology: This section does not stand out much as the evolution from the previous is minuscule (and a game of such quality, totally unnecessary) Graphics: The aesthetic detail that has defined the personality of Assassin's Creed is enhanced in this release and also favored by the historical context of the development of the story, the Italian Renaissance, an era with lots of wonderful buildings, this game recreates very well. Sound: In this section, this game stands out more because of a masterful soundtrack, and Ezio Auditore phrases, each one more clever. Innovation: Follow the aesthetics of the previous Assassin's Creed with acrobat which crosses the city from rooftop to rooftop and using some new techniques that are not even in Altair. In conclusion, this installment is the maximum expression of a game that learns from previous errors (which are few), and that not only corrected, but improves the game, and makes it much more palatable to this saga.


It fell short compared to the previous ones

kalil | June 17, 2013 | Review of Assassins Creed III Deluxe Edition - PC

The game is good, but seriously lost the essence, The creed of the murderers made ​​sense as a group that was camouflaged, silent murderers that went unnoticed, but mixing a Native American in full revolution in American cities, because I can not imagine how to do it more striking, the only person hood, bow, arrow and tomahawk, not even used for camouflage colors!, worst of all, no match in camouflage and with the Indians, and with the Americans. Second and most important a game is to have fun but when the missions are boring or very extensive without ever getting tired ends as something concrete, for the rest the game is good, wide variety of missions scenarios, the most fun because obviously the naval battles, the character movements in the trees is great and maintains or improves some graphical aspects, little innovation, but appreciated the sound and text in Spanish language, the sound quality creates a good atmosphere even so expecting more than promised, maybe so fell short, however if you played the previous play this.


Really origins

kalil | June 17, 2013 | Review of Rayman Origins - PC

Ubisoft did it again, Rayman Origins is, in short, a "masterpiece" An excellent gameplay, graphics that impress cooperative mode for up to 4 hours of fun person presented in this epic platform game. Gameplay: The gameplay is really good, let it play smooth because of its basic controls. As for the game itself is very addictive and fun, multiplayer with up to 4 players that will offer hours and hours of fun devido to more than 60 levels presented, with bosses really incredible and imaginative. Technology: A technology with spectacular graphics engine really shines; desarrolo tools used by Ubisoft distorting real-time images, leaving a world of animations really beautiful. Graphics: The artistic aspect of the game is wonderful, totally accompanying playing style and consistency, creating a dazzling, long ago did not look much inspired by a section cradores to get so graphic. Sound: Not much to say, just that the quality of the soundtrack accompanying exelentemente at the right times, soft at times and agerrido in others. perfect Innovation: A truly innovative game, not long ago saw a game of this style and this originality really innovative. CONCLUSION Platform games are not as repercussions today, but certainly "Rayman Origins" is a game you can not miss in your collection. Really wonderful, suitable for all types of gamer and impresindible if you are after hours and hours of fun and a good multiplayer. A true "masterpiece".


Not suitable for boring people, serious and / or unimaginative.

kalil | June 15, 2013 | Review of Saints Row The Third The Full Package - PC

Saint's row in my view has always been a series that lived in the shadow of GTA, but with this release comes off completely leaving open just a game but a lot more fun. This game represents what we all generally tend to look for in a Sandbox game is to make the thug no matter what else, and with plenty of side missions of all types. Now cometh to give the score: Graphics: 8.5 The game's graphics fit perfectly with what I want to be the game that is exaggerating. The comic style graphics with makes everything more dramatic more exaggerated and made me laugh a lot. Sound: 8 Great soundtrack with many songs of all types from Heavy, Hardcore, Rock, Pop up "Regueton", great sound effects and voices improved over the previous game. Technology: 8.5 This much improved over the previous, better graphics engine, better sound effects ... Gameplay: 10 It is one of the best games I could try in this sense, is long, full of side quests, customizable vehicles, many objects for the character customization, a large island to explore. Several game modes. It is the very best that there is in my opinion. Innovation: 9.5 It's a totally different game compared to other games of the genre, the ones that look like it are the 2 previous games and GTA: San Andreas, but this a bit not much. Conclusion: 9.4 Absolutely essential game for fans of the genre and for those who do not like too much


Great war game

kalil | June 14, 2013 | Review of Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrad - PC

The Red Orchestra returns with more power than ever, I personally like this game more than any other war FPS ever seen (Battlefield, Cods etc etc ...) simply because it conveys realism, without overdoing it like ArmA. And the gameplay is exquisite. Once again we can get rid of all these modern wars are being both as new FPS Battlefield, we can finally go back to World War II, the Vietnam and many other places thanks to the free DLC that we give up the Tripwire . But with the weapons it needs a war, without overdoing it. Fighting between apartments, infiltrate enemy lines and begin to kill them one by one, to command a battalion, recreate what really convey the wars, sometimes we find wrapped and we will have to await us enemies in strategic areas to which not kill us and wait a little faith necessary reinforcements. Commanding tanks of the time, take francs, get on a building and make life impossible for the enemy (the situation reminds me of Full Metal Jacket when they begin to fall one by one by a single sniper, even having trained in a very organized and disciplined). In addition to the full range of possibilities that gives the game back with the strongest point, when I spoke of realism and gameplay was referring to the options we have to control your character, you can run, do OK, running crouched, Normal crouching, lying go, put barriers with machine guns, to peek through the left and right hand corners, etc etc etc. Toodas and each of the control options we have perfectly recreate you need a shooter, and more if war, in ArmA or be told of all the controls, but the difference is that there is exaggerated even more, we even more controls and many do not use them directly or we do not know to serve until we learn to control them, but clearly we are talking about a pure simulation game hard as never been seen, fortunately always be Red Orchestra to give a touch of touch it and the rest, without decompensation and giving us good vibes. For anyone who likes WWII or Vietnam wars, etc. iwo jima compulsorily have to play this game, or you'll be missing a gem of generation by Tripwire.


A great game

kalil | June 14, 2013 | Review of RAGE International - PC

A good story (personally lengthen that is awesome). The repertoire of weapons I find it very similar to old games like "Half Life" but with a graphic and realism Impress lets you take your environment with your game mode, one way you can go slowly firing from the corners or beast thanks to Impress repertoire of ammunition for each weapon, was what most impressed me to. The theme of getting around the Wasteland with vegetables besides doomsday scenario (which reminds me of the movie Mad Max) which is something I love, the power to "tune" our vehicle into a tank with authentic repertoire of weapons that we offers to equip. The theme is something amazing gameplay that is missions or contracts that we sent to kill something or get something good is normal in this type of game but the theme misioneses very scarce variety. The western style futuristic cities quite worked. Racing circuits to improve our vehicle the look very simple but cool to disconnect, because killing mutants and bandits be stressed. Dead City: truly scary and at some point and had to look back to make sure that no one was that if the designers tried to give fear, got but it's entertaining, always alert and mutants everywhere gives us the opportunity to squeeze our arms full and see what we can do. The bottom line is a piece of game, you will personally recommend a few hours of entertainment and will enjoy a good story, a piece of environment and great excitement against the mutants, become the defender of the people against bandits, mutants and authority , for my outstanding and a pleasure playing it.



kalil | June 14, 2013 | Review of Postal III (1) - PC

Mother of God! Here we are, after all these years, and a third installment of the Postal series. Who would have thought that after so many years we would get this far with a series that is saturated more absurd humor, perverse, desmadrado and politically incorrect and to make matters even have a movie based on the series? Postal III continues the legacy ...? Postal series, and tells pitch and lots of bad jokes. This time, instead of bringing the Unreal engine, Postal III takes the motor home to play, and with improved graphics (well, the last Postal came out eight years ago, so it should improve ...) and new gameplay, Postal III promises a much better game than its predecessor. How much better? Well, not much, but before going into details, let's talk about the story and execution. Postal III takes place after the second Postal. The Postal uncle has destroyed the city of Paradise and has moved to a place called Catharsis where it runs out of gas in your car. Now you have to make a series of missions to escape the city. In his quest to escape Catharsis, players can choose to make the "good" way or the "wrong" way. Ironically, the first two games Postal cause it seemed to be as many terrible, unspeakable acts of violence and destruction as possible (okay, there was always the possibility of civil and act calmly, but this is a game of Postal, after all), and in the past always seemed to be locked into acting terribly, so why bother to have a track in Postal III? Well, I guess at least the developer Running With Scissors is trying something different here, but let's be honest, the kind of player who plays a Postal game not act like a knight in shining armor.


An underrated game

kalil | June 14, 2013 | Review of Inversion NA - PC

For my taste Inversion is a game that deserves to be highlighted and a sequel, a story not as intended but enough interesting gameplay comfortable but could have been more fluid, however the game is quite long, and it can be difficult , innovate not only in the use of gravity to use objects and killing enemies, but also focuses on what history and ways of fighting the bosses, which are quite difficult in some cases and require the interaction of objects in the environment to kill our opponent and also a constant tour of the stage. The sound is average, not amazing but good. The AI ​​is quite good even at times it becomes very complicated. The variety of weapons are good, and very funny mutlijugador. Your partner, Leo, not make useless things or anything like that, ie not hinder, as in other games style. The graphics are visually pleasing but not leave you open-mouthed. What can be improved is the movement when you're on the severity that should be more fluid and perhaps get more out of those "powers". In short, Inversion is a great shooter action game will not be disappointed, do not hesitate and Miserable staff 3DJuegos note. Ahh I forgot also the enemies are not as numerous and repeated at the time of the game, a con but still great game and especially addictive.


Back to the classics of yesteryear.

kalil | June 14, 2013 | Review of Hard Reset - PC

Great independent fps not have anything at all to envy the biggest launches in the industry. An innovative video game inspired by the classic shooters of the nineties 2.5D, think fast and slay them. -Gameplay Simple and possibilities. Our mission is to end all machine that crosses us with our two weapons that can be improved and provide it with new attacks, which come to become other weapons. To destroy the enemies need to use the stage with classic barrels, etc electrical sources. Attack and dodge, these are our main weapons. On occasion we will have to solve simple puzzles and the ability to find secrets, not easy in the middle and upper levels. -Technology Excellent. An incredible potential that responds well in teams means but it will take medium to high to play butt and stably. I52500k, 6850 8GBRam and my team, and is about. The game boasts very good effects and lots of screen objects, rich animations, excellent physical and large scenes full of detail. Everything from indie studio (: o). -Graphics Magnificent artistic design supported by the great power of the engine. It's great to see the mapping that has been built with a lot of talent and class, the futuristic city streets overrun by robots, tunnels, testing center, plazas, ruins ... -Sound Good dubbing (English) and very good effects in the absence of much variety of enemies in the final stretch of the game can be a bit repetitive, but it is something that happens in almost every game. The OST agrees perfectly with the style of play and the sound environment is very accomplished, very immersive. -Innovation A priori it seems that does not show much progress, but machacabotones shooter reinventing the nineties what makes it unique. There are more games that follow a similar dynamic but Hard Reset has been serving a great engine with a great art which results in something new. Details such as the interaction with computers are things that give a fresh air to the overall game among other things. -Conclusion Powerful, nice and cheap. A must for every lover of the fps.


Unique and interesting

kalil | June 14, 2013 | Review of Damnation - PC

It is a game that deserves to be played. The innovative gameplay quite commonly in this genero.Lo that we were doing in Prince of Persia now we can recreate fairly entretenida.Eso if jodido.Talvez shoot it would have been better to use the camera on the shoulder rather than on the head, and leading to less precision.Aunque shoot when mastered through the game is quite fun. The technology and the graphics are typical for the time, although they are neither polentosos or "squares" are quite aceptables.Lo not forgive are the scenes because the game development team had previously developed two films, so you see pathetic and pointless scenes in the game has no explanation. The music is very well done, although very repetitiva.Muchos fighting share the same music, is that these parts are separated by the vertical dominated more and more exploration that encounters with enemies. Innovation is what most stands this juego.Si While the story may seem very generic (a wealthy and powerful that stands as a dictator, and a group of rebels who try to overthrow) the steampunk and western ambience is very uncommon in games. Conclusion: I would buy, perhaps because in addition to a long campaign and small errors such as poor AI, a camera incorrectly programmed and gameplay a little sloppy, has a competitive multiplayer mode coperativo and diversion.No prolonging find another game as this in this generation.



kalil | June 14, 2013 | Review of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - PC

Gameplay: It is virtually identical to that of COD 4, but has some changes to time to control some of these changes are for the better and others worse, as with all sequels. But leaving aside control and focusing on story mode I have to say this COD is the one I was hooked over his campaign, is very good, frantic and with a good argument ... I say no more in case anyone has not played. They have added a way that was not in COD 4 and is the Special Operations also engage you shit, and especially if you play online with a friend. The multiplayer has been improved, and I have to say that engages much too streaky new low, can drive some vehicles obtained through bouts of low ... well yes, that is the shit. Technology: This section has me a little disappointed by the terrible enemy AI ... But hey, not bad, has improved somewhat compared to COD 4. Graphics: A improved from COD 4 although not brutally as in Battlefield 3 compared to Bad Company 2. Still I liked. Sound: The Best of the game certainly sounds weapons have improved considerably and the soundtrack is ........ fucking brutal as any work of Hans Zimmer. Innovation: Virtually no ... As with all games of this style. Conclusion: I recommend you to buy it if you are FPS fans like me



kalil | June 14, 2013 | Review of Call of Duty Black Ops - PC

One more good CoD I've seen of all, with a very interesting campaign and profound that will surprise you at every stage of the game. From my point of view, the best campaign that has gone through Call Of Duty! The multiplayer, fun and entertaining, much better than MW3 online, although they could get more out to improve it but it's not bad ... Now with features: -Gameplay: The gameplay is very good till you entertained. -Technology: It has the AI so good but much better than some CoD you just caught recently (MW3 COF COF) -Graphics: The best graphics I've seen simply great and amazing: D -Sound: Very carefully worked, but not travel very far, but it's not bad the soundtrack .. -Innovation: The weapons are varied greatly, along with the online death streaks that makes it very appetizing, improved graphics, great truth: the gameplay better with zombies mode, a vice leave it at that xD .. No doubt this game MUST be marked as stay with it ..


I like it

kalil | June 14, 2013 | Review of Bulletstorm - PC

A FPS something other than what we have seen in recent years, faster gameplay and more dynamic, a game recommended. Just another FPS Bulletstorm is what we are used to, except that it has a somewhat different pattern to fashion FPS (CoD, Halo, BF), this game has something that hits you pretty and has many ways to kill the enemy, either melee or with your whip or the few but brutal weapons in game and of course you can also use the environment. The gameplay of this game is common like everyone, what I mean by dynamic is that you have to do Skillshots and find a unique way to kill an enemy with either the famous bullets Headshot or put him in the butt or just pierce the throat and many others and the environment. Both the keyboard and the mouse do a role, quite comfortable playability and accurate as I need ability to how to kill the enemy. The command is also comfortable for those who like to play more with your XBOX360 control is also a good choice. The game is very well optimized unlike other games but if you have a very good optimization in my case the game moves fluid at a rate of more than 60 FPS without any slump, the particle effect is well done and well done. In the area of ​​graphics the game has good graphic quality, a fairly well-made textures and effects in water or blood, smoke, toxic fumes are well done, the quality of shadows are well done also the same as the explosions, but as I said the graphics are not important. The sound, the more fascinated I really play it in English, one hears better swearing, insults etc, tastes are tastes, bullets, sounds and music enemies or environment play well, the effects of when you stick a Headshot an enemy or throat heard of disgust (in a good way, very filthy stuff themselves). Innovation, because for me it is the first game in which you use a lot of things to kill, but he added the whip although I have seen a game where we also handle a whip but do not remember. To conclude the game is quite entertaining and very good at playing solo or coop. The truth is a recommended game if you want something other than FPS fashion Bulletstorm is a good choice.


It promised a lot and stayed half

kalil | June 14, 2013 | Review of Brink Nexway - PC

It's a good game no doubt but much more was expected of him, the ending leaves it wide open you have to play two full campaigns to learn from history. Analyzing see that the controls are easy but sometimes unintentionally give breaks or something strange, what is worst is the dynamics of the missions in which it still one of your choice from the drop down menu did not know anybody, you like hitting shots but you'll be bored of it, missions may be short or long depending on the shit times but has a decent length. It is clear that the best is the multiplayer option. His features, technology well but the truth is that waiting to have annoyed too wanted to be very ambitious but ultimately stayed another indie game. The graphics good but could be better, but the animations are not convinced that the constitution strong and agile is innovative but not quite fit. The sound is fine almost the best game soundtrack without going good, the good weapons effects and voiceovers, some unconvincing but fine. Finally it is clear that innovation is what stands out, wanted to innovate too much and just play that badly hurt but it was a good attempt. In conclusion is a good game not the best on the market of its kind but is fine however, a month before going on sale is expected much more from him. A 7.5 for this innovative and exciting shooter.


Better in Coop.

kalil | June 14, 2013 | Review of Borderlands Game of the Year Edition - PC

Game for lovers of Shooter, regardless of the platform on which you play. Gameplay: Like any shooter, the more COD style, the button layout is the same as ever. No special powers or anything or Bioshock Bulletstorm style, everything is purely weapons. The movements of the characters are well done, sometimes feel a little jerky movements but nothing remarkable. In the weapons section, the algorithm manages to give us an outstanding amount of possibilities, weapons of all levels with different elemental damage types categorized by levels. The customization options are null characters limited to only change the color of the suit. Each character has a wide range of options to modify your stats, including shields, class modifiers, grenade modifier and four weapons to choose. There is no difficulty to choose from, it just start the game. That if!, A second journey that will challenge those who did not feel the challenge the first run. Great scenarios that can be boring if you do not have a car or fast travel. Technology: The game is a revolution in paragraphs, while the Cell-shading gives a freshness with respect to others of its genre, fails to amaze. The game has almost no weather effects, although we have options like dynamic shadows, fulfill their purpose but not exactly essential to activate this effect. Optimization of title not more, because in a decent team AAx16 and textures in high quality runs almost at 60fps. The physics of the bullets is well done, the electrical effects, and fatty pyric met, the water effects are almost nil. Coop system is certainly very good, so much so that I have not felt any lag with a 2mb connection. Playing with four friends is the best title, so do not become so boring missions. Graphics: The artistic apartador is bearable, the Cell-shading fails to meet expectations, but not greatly. The quality of the textures in many cases is weak, even with the maximum effect, the quality is somewhat low. The enemies are well recreated, come in all types, but something reprehensible reuse, many are merely similar, almost identical to each other with subtle differences. Moreover, if you stand heads, each with a unique style, with beautifully drawn art. The NPCs are very charismatic, with different characteristics, being well represented graphically. Sound: One of the best aspects of this game. We could praise the great work of dubbing, which although not the best of this world, if it fulfills perfectly. Each character with their respective voice. The comments of mercenaries to kill help us continue to play without despeinarnos by boredom, enemies with voices that challenge us to keep shooting NPCs known for his wild comments, giving orders around here and there, completely masterful dubbing. We are grateful that the title is completely in Castilian. Innovation: It is not the panacea between shooter, but if it manages to quench our thirst, this very well done and gives us many hours of fun. The amount of weapons is surprising, note that the algorithm used is very well worked, since this point gives you many more hours of gameplay. Playing with friends is very good, and this increases the level of the game so our loot will be much better. Other than that, the side missions go on to become an ordeal, are extremely tedious in most occasions and divinity to detract game, game linear worst situations is your weak point. The inclusion of this luxury car, but it would have greatly appreciated the inclusion of other more personal transportation, motorcycles, scooters or any other futuristic invention that does not take away those moments of boredom in which to travel from point A to B is a torture. It's a great game that I enjoyed the most, I played with friends and I was not bored, but playing solo is sometimes tiring, tedious and horrible if you have no patience. Not bad campaign, but is being left in places where missions can only be wound on foot, and that no other available means of transport motorcycle more personal style, becomes tedious. If you love your guns this title, has an arsenal of millions generated by an algorithm, this I loved, I never tire changing equipment.


Very good from the point of view of terror

kalil | June 14, 2013 | Review of Afterfall Insanity - PC

To my taste the cinematics have an occasional flaw such as not being able to jump very simple actions and things like that, however it is worth noting the excellent ambience that has this game, I confess that during the game I've screwed the shocks in certain situations the game but if you play with good audio, night and light off lol. On the other hand I think it important to note that the story is not all bad and to be a game incio meets many things that others do not play fairly and tours not met, the optimization of the game is very good. Playing games Actually I recommend this game because it's interesting, you keep shit of fear and after initially uncertain although later becomes more interesting and want to know more about what the hell is wrong and you playing and playing spades. Very good game.


Survive in the worst school ...

kalil | June 14, 2013 | Review of Bully Scholarship Edition - PC

The action of Bully Scholarship Edition takes place in a dorm called Bullworth will control where the protagonist, a boy of 15 years named Jimmy Hopkins is taken by his mother to be again expelled multiple times from their past schools, and the only solution is matricularnos in Bullworth, a school where the worst of the worst. The game is played with various activities and mini games you have to do to not be trampled by the "thugs" of the school and be respected by others. The mark of Rockstars Games is evident throughout the game as it reminds us too much to the famous Grand Theft Auto, but with other players and another totally different environment. Fortunately or unfortunately many of us after overcoming the hard school stage with this game we will revive the harsh lessons of mates, physics or chemistry among others These are taken every day from 9:30 to 11:00 am and afternoon from 13:30 to 15:30 and we will have to go if we want to see the principal (do not know why but more than once that office visit). Luckily Bullworth classes is totally different from the actual classes, often real "pain in the ass", will be treated in mini games that we have to go to pass this course. Between classes you can visit all the places of the school and can do tasks to be chained for a good script that will make us want to do more and more missions to know how it ends is more, if we keep a watchful even because of the missions lose some other class. The missions are quite varied, from chocolates to recover some quarrel or steal the hardest school. Our protagonist, Jimmy Hopkins is a loose cannon but also has a heart and of course we can fall in love with some other girl. Will you be able to maintain the relationship? That is all in your hands and how we manage to Jimmy. The most surprising part of this game are the huge and continuous loads experienced by the game to move from one setting to another, on missions, classes etc .... Really sometimes reaching despair, especially if we intend to play a little every day and barely notice a development in the game for the annoying burdens suffered at any time. And we are not surprised because graphically up to titles like Gears of War or Mass Effect where loads were much smaller. A negative effect is brought about possibly being a port as we discussed earlier. Luckily these two aspects of the game a little loose for anything not tarnish the gameplay and freshness of the game. Gameplay No doubt the gameplay is the strong point of Bully Scholarship: Edition, a form of play where we had not tried before (except in the PS2 version) and that this combination of Grand Theft Auto missions in the form of small game in an environment that we all know who are the colleges and classes is really fun. The variety of quests and tests assure us hours and hours of fun where we can do all sorts of mischief without fear of actually expel us, the dream of every student pranks galore ... without fear of fights and fouls ... ahhh and without giving explanations to our parents.


Play more Metal world.

kalil | June 14, 2013 | Review of Brutal Legend - PC

This game is not a parody or a joke metal world is the world of Metal inside a video game. The game puts us in the shoes of Eddie (Jack Black) one roadie that handles the instruments, scenery and safety of a metalcore group of teenagers, the poor must listen as these guys kill the metal but in an unexpected twist Eddie caught in a hell as is typical metal which must fight to save humanity. Your weapons are; Ormagöden ax and guitar, both can customize with your car, attire and tattoos in Metallurgical Workshop. The features are: Tainted Coil: A faction I'm not sure that tribe represents, but their outfits are the style Manson or Lady Gaga (not that it is metal, but they dress well). They are led by the cruel Doviculus. Drowining Doom: Have a pint of black metal or emo. Hairbangers: The Hairbangers are led by Lyonwhite, are based on the glam metal, with hairstyles, makeup and feminine attire. Headbangers: The "true" metalheads who appreciate metal as it is, no sissy or anything like that. Their leader is Lars Halford (so call my son) looking man like Robert Plant (young). Subfactions: Some outfits motoquieros equal to those of Halford. Some Amazons with painted face like Kiss or Gorgoroth. During the game you'll stumble across metal legends like Ozzy, Lemmy and a character very similar to Halford (the Baron). The game is not very well optimized, in larger battles that will take place during game (many units in the field) can make your PC cry a little, and there are some graphical glitches as the pupils but in general is very well. TIPS, does not matter if you read the rest should read THIS. There are certain powers that I think are completely useless, buy them and I did not find a time when those who come well. -Electric pump: the enemy must be in the air for this to work. I never had an enemy in the air this unless by strong guitar attack. -Slip: you glide and turn on flames, very weak and leaves you unprotected besides being annoying. When you want to equip the weapon to go faster (shift) you will slip. Pirotecnica Pump: This power you learn for free .. do not need to buy it. Unless you to buy the "potencies" even more than I'm not sure. Gameplay: Fairly smooth. Fussed around with the combos and the game is too easy, even on the level in Brütal not find too many problems. Technology: Not well optimized, but not as bad as Dark Souls. Graphics: Very good, the game tries to look caricaturistico so do not expect photo quality faces. Sound: Perfect, the car, the steps, the music, the game, the swings are also well represented. Innovation: I know of no similar game.


Hunters and Prey

kalil | June 14, 2013 | Review of Aliens vs Predator Requiem - PC

GRAPHICS It has good graphics yes, yes you compare it to a PlayStation 1 but with the technology we have today could have been much better, the game for the PC version surpasses a lot of difference to the Xbox360 and PS3 versions in all matters relating to shadows, lights, textures etc ... Still, we can see that many things are well crafted blood such as predator phosphorescent green and you can see almost the same as in the movies. The creators have been careful with what they have created to maintain the highest similarity to the movies and that is appreciated. Summarizing the graphics are well crafted but could improve but are decent. CAMPAIGN MODE We all loved it to have three modes oneself campaign game, at first seems tempting is like buying 3 games! But what many do not know is that every campaign has to be the same scenario, to say it in easy mode you can finish it in a matter of two hours each and are not incredibly durable. Yet are fun and entertaining three and you can easily notice the advantages and disadvantages that you have as your character, you'll notice of course that the campaign more difficult is the human, but if you catch the hang is a rather annoying for their weapons fire. ONLINE The best thing about this game of course. You have enough scenarios to fight with many game modes like Domination, Plague, By Species, Free For All, Hunting Predator and some others I can not remember right now. If anything I do not like the online mode without thinking say 2 times, its great very slowly to find items, look for a friendly game is normal 5 minute thing but if you want to find a ranked match (just gives you the experience to climb level) can sneak around about 15 even 30 minutes perfectly, the only game you usually find are the Plague fast but for my taste and I think many more people also is one of the most boring ways as it is very short but that depends on the players but usually tend to end fast SPECIES (Online) Well I guess they'll explain what imaginareis but anyway Human The most useless (sorry for my race) have virtually nothing, one alone can save the attack from a distance with guns as both predators and aliens are melee, we could also say that we have a radar that detects but let's move comes as an Alien you to 400 km / h straight to you're more aware of your surroundings monitor that get to play with the radar. If you are a human with a Predator about 5 feet in front of you you usually end up with easily hooked as well and if you let the trigger is down about 4 jiffy as falls to the ground really tried to flee or go after you fail in the attempt, however the Alien could jump that far above you, dodge, pirarse quickly or loosen up a flick and let the c *** in the air. Aliens or Xenomorfos The more agile the game, but do not jump as beasts as well Predators can hide in the shadows to camouflage but is not very useful to them honestly what good is that you can see enemies from afar with their smell and so we know which direction to go to attack very useful behind the truth in fact is the main strategy used with the Alien also his blood can remove some life to the enemy and automatically heals when relaxing in a corner, usually a white easier when the predator's pointing the "plasma cannon" (to put it in some way) alien attacks are something terrible just jackknife if these at a great distance or claws that are usually not useful, but if you combine acceleration with claws can drop a good whack that takes a lot of life. Predators For me the strongest in this game, also more people use invisibility, vision modes to detect enemies, big jumps, melee and ranged weaponry brutal if well used, to place explosive mines in narrow aisles ... what more could you ask for? A complete set to win games in spurts. The drawbacks of this animal for me is 3, the main one is that you have to start arms ranged attack (as they are really useful) after having to go every 2 x 3 to find energy to keep shooting as they with 3 or 4 shots you run out of ammo and you lose your big advantages. Finally is that whenever you find yourself facing a human thing and these 5 or 6 meters is just being shot and that neither can escape that is why I always recommend being up a tree or whatever where one can reach you Aliens and these fall by a cannon to try to climb, do not worry about the humans will take at least 1 minute to see camouflaged and then you open them and dropped a tidbit of your own.


Alan... Wake up

kalil | June 14, 2013 | Review of Alan Wake Collectors Bundle - PC

This game is unlike any game I've played, the first thing I want to point out is that there is a horror game is a thriller-themed paranormal. Alan Wake (a famous writer) that has not written anything for a rough patch and decided to go with his girlfriend Alice to spend a vacation to a small town, where supernatural things begin to happen that will go deep in a good story, with a touch of television series. The pros: -Good graphics. -Very good sound and dubbing into our language (I love it, especially Barry's voice). -Good story. -The campaign is quite long. The cons: -Little variety of enemies. -The gameplay you can play tricks. -A few moments of the game can be a bit repetitive. -No multiplayer. I recommend it, because for me it was a pleasure to play something different, but beware of the dark!


A good game, very entertaining and long

kalil | June 14, 2013 | Review of Hitman Codename 47 Steam - PC

Gameplay: 9 - Hitman is based on stealth and caution, and not the pure and simple mata mata as happens today with most games. It's a long game, and sometimes complicated not by the game itself if not in the moment you discover in some missions, complicates life a lot and makes you quite possibly have to restart the mission. - A good IA, a well-crafted stories, and a number of quite varied missions of this game makes a game worth having on the shelf, because despite the years, and last haberselo one a few times, achieved through the type of game it is, you can keep playing despite the passing years. Something that very few games can boast. - Control is sometimes a bit rough (the times more than anything), sometimes it's a little sickening in some missions by the fluidity of movement. But you have to admit it is a great game and very entertaining, which is most important. And long. What I value a lot. Technology: 8 - A neat and molona interface, although a bit simple for my taste. It required some important requirements for computers of the time, but had the virtue that if they are lowered a bit, you could pull the game fluent in more normalitos computers. And that is welcome. In addition, the AI ​​for the time was pretty good. Graphics: 8 - Great graphics for the motion época.El sometimes a bit dizzying, especially in certain missions in confined spaces, but very good for its time. Sound: 8 - Well, all right, without many excesses and music quite suited to missions and type of game it is. Pity that was in English and not in Spanish voices, but for what they say or comment, no need to read Shakespeare and Mark Twin. Innovation: 8 - Follow the trail left by the time great games like Metal Gear Solid, which prioritized the patience and the use of intelligence than the fast trigger (which is also necessary in several missions). Not that it was a revolution, but within its genre in those years was a great game. And to this day, would leave many great games diapers today. Conclusion: 8.6 - A game by not passing the years in terms of wanting to play, the player who is. The graphics are obviously noticing the years, and the fluidity of movement, but by the type of game it is and history, is still valid today for any player who wants more than just graphics.


Wonderful game

kalil | June 14, 2013 | Review of Trine - PC

Only say about this game that is an authentic beauty enjoying a widespread taste Bind all, graphics ... sound ... gameplay ... and details that make this title a gem almost perfect game lovers like the old Prince of Persia should try because not leave anyone indifferent and surely not disappoint you one iota. Graphically the game is a luxury worth seeing ... a development in 2D with some 3D graphics on a totally preciosistas well made and carried out, it is true that we have seen in other games but in Trine has an absolutely realizazion perfect ... light ... lighting effects ... shady ... all absolutely in trine textures slash perfection and is a visual joy. In terms of sound section we find a soundtrack without being epic as some even-aged Trine game is really well done and enjoys simple but beautiful pieces of music that encourages the player to continue forward in history with a touch medieval and magical to leave satisfied desdeluego more than one ... notice the musics are so relaxing you can get to fall asleep haha Ultimately the gameplay is sublime ... a few keys suffice to gain full control of the characters and their respective skills without actually overwhelm are just and necessary than would be expected from each of the protagonists, so it will press 3 to choose the cover gurrero that may launch other attacks and many more powerful enemies and crush them ... 2 for the thief with his arrows of several types his hook lift ... and tremendous agility and 1 for the Wizard which greatly facilitate things because you can create objects from nothing and use them as extra platform or weapon ... or move existing objects by the mapping. The game has zero bugs and zero errors ... is polished to 100 100 and is located perfectly to Spanish, their development is kind of fantasy story with a narrator background and sometimes the voices of the characters talking to each other, who said may bore the narrator or desconcetrarse is that he knows what is Trine ... is certainly a game with incredible taste.


It's hell!

kalil | June 14, 2013 | Review of NecroVisioN Lost Company - PC

The game is entertaining at times, sometimes it gets a little boring. The graphic section is good, has many textures, good effects, but the stage lighting is horrible. I understand it's a horror game, but sometimes and it gets annoying. The sound is the best you have, weapons that do a good noise, ambient sounds and music that accompanies levels, so good. The gameplay is normal, what is good for melee fights, not just with butts, but kicks and "combos" of both of them. Another highlight is the secret areas and hidden cards (the more you find, the more benefits can unlock), which makes the levels be flown from end to end over and over again as they are quite hard to find. The theme of innovation, leaves much to be desired, since the play is a precise blend of "Wolfenstein" and "Painkiller" together (especially when enemies come herds of suicide). It is one of those to hang out or when you're expecting a better shooter to go on sale and do not want to be sidelined.


A great simulator

kalil | June 14, 2013 | Review of Euro Truck Simulator Gold - PC

Euro Truck Simulator is a transport simulator. Take your truck from end to end of Europe carrying the most diverse objects. GOOD POINTS Realism, carry your load from one city to another, given that you must respect the periods of rest and refuel from time to time your truck. In addition each highway has the name given in the European code plus reality with which it will be hard to miss. The graphics are well made, the landscapes have a high level of detail. Hook, and you should go with those completing trasnportes receive money for improvements in your truck or in your passport (eg the possibility of certain types of dangerous goods) or simply to open borders and conquer new countries. NEGATIVES Both the number of roads as the cities themselves are greatly simplified: the landscapes are very repetitive. Excessive fines, especially in terms of speed: you can only go to 90 km / h, too slow considering the speed that vehicles carry the other with you, trucks included.


Far beyond a route

kalil | June 14, 2013 | Review of Euro Truck Simulator 2 STEAM - PC

The great game of Euro trucks surprise comes year after year with its variants in the simulation of trucks, but certainly this year passed, forgive me those who think otherwise, but this is the best simulation game of the year, innovation overall, with respect to its predecessor, without going too far the new implementation of a touch RPG, in which we gain experience and level up with every trip we make. That Throw in the great idea to not only improve our truck the technical aspect, but also the visual, unique by each of our trucks over all trips. I forgot about the implementation of online radio stations that you can listen live, the best ski europe, we also build our library of melodies, which is great. Now we own a garage in which not only can save one truck, but up to 5 trucks we have purchased with trips made, and the icing on the cake, the garage is also customizable, this game not only that it exceeded my expectations , made ​​it very far, you will not forget travel transcendent, ever comprehensive map will not get bored of exploring never, ultimately, for my GOTY


Title Most Awaited By The Fanatics of the Trilogy!

kalil | June 9, 2013 | Review of Back to the Future - PC

Gameplay: In some parts of the game can disappoint the gameplay, but it has to rescue this game is a mixture of his previous films and Ecological Disaster. Where we will investigate through clues and deductions (in an entertaining way) what happened to Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd), 1986, which after the last movie does not know his whereabouts. The gameplay of this game startles at the end of the chapter (which clearly I can not tell) you'll take a few headaches, entertainment and satisfaction to end this episodio.Donde end up wanting to play the next episode. Graphics: The graphics of this title does not resemble those of an Xbox360, but is the least worry if indeed you are a fan of this game. Because Back to Future has graphics rather low, but this done with a simplicity that take the player to not detach from your seat and keep playing. Sound: The music and game sound effects are perfect, so that makes you think you're seeing another film Back To Future! . The original movie theme mixed with the dialogue and background music that is flawless like their movies, leaves nothing to discuss around this topic. Innovation: The game overall concept innovates by 100% with story and new characters. It is one of the few games based on a movie that works as a detective style, which seems to be boring but at first but as you progress in the game will change your opinion of your format. In summary Back to Future is one of the games that are created for fans, because if you're one of those people who has not seen the movies or the saw and not like me, the game will seem boring. But anyway this title is recommended for all (regardless if you saw the movie) in the plot that will keep you playing and thinking for a few good minutes.


Dinosaurs everywhere

kalil | June 9, 2013 | Review of Jurassic Park The Game - PC

Jurassic Park is not a game: it is a lot of cinematics mixed with Quick Time Events. That said, you can not expect much. And if: not much in this "game" HISTORY Being totally unaware of the world of Jurassic Park, I'll just say that the game is the formula of Heavy Rain. Do you play a single protagonist: there are several, and at some point in history were related to each other. Anyway, something happened on the island and escaped dinos, so our heroes have to get to a boat to escape, while trying to evade these dangerous creatures. The game is divided into 4 chapters, not an excessive duration (in total I think it took me 5 hours pasarmelo) without any replay factor beyond repeating the QTE to get a better ranking. This feature present in the game of Quantic Dreams, is not consolidated by a previous title drinker gameplay. GAMEPLAY Jurassic Park is many things: a survival game, graphic adventure, and an "interactive movie". The negative point is that no game is well made. Survival is zero, since we have no direct control of our protagonists, they have no health or to inventory. Enemies only appear in the QTEs, and there is never really likely to confront. As failure graphic adventure that misses the point number one of these: there is no difficulty in the challenges. All puzzles are solved using combinations of buttons that appear on screen, and while there are some very well made (like the roller coaster), are startling simplicity. Now, as "interactive movie" and noting Heavy Rain, there is nothing to note. Here things or do well, or you die. And very often the second pass, since the QTEs are really frustrating. Whether pushing a button at the right time, a sequence of buttons, or maintain a point in a specified location with the mouse, everything is either very simple, or very difficult. Simple, because sometimes we precionar buttons like crazy and the sequence is completed. Difficult, because doing things we do not have enough time, usually causing death or loss of punctuation. How to reduce this? to Trial and Error. We also have the possibility of establishing dialogues, Mass Effect style, however not generate any change in the game's plot, or at least in our relationship with the characters, then you can cry all on a crazy old woman and will continue to believe that dinosaurs "are good" (sorry for the spoiler, although it is of great importance) TECHNOLOGY In this section I'll talk about the control schematic. The he saw video gaming consoles is successfully realized the ease of commands. In the PC version is more different. The game only uses the classic settings WASD to move the camera during the "exploration" or perform contextual actions, and mouse for everything else. This sounds simplest and smallest, and most certainly is, but that does not hinder the experience in relation to their sisters desktop. Where once a button apretábamos now have to do a sequence of buttons which are more likely to fail because of time they give you. Sometimes (and this goes for all versions), buttons to press are "cold", or somewhere hard screen location. Obviously we can connect a joystick 360, but no idea if it improves something because the one I have used with an emulator obsolete. GRAPHICS Considered in a pitch "Retail" (store, or whatever), play their gruesome clavaun 4 modeled, but not fresh textures and some ugly environments. As a downloadable game less than 3 GB, looks pretty decent, despite some unrealistic animations even go unnoticed. SOUND Someone tells me that the Triceratops bull makes noises, the girl a Spanish Costa Ricahabla shoddy, and have no background music? The game, at least my version, comes folded in 3 languages: English, French and German. What do Spanish one is unlikely, as there is a challenge with your achievement / trophy in which we have to translate "you need to rest" (you need descanzar) INNOVATION Far to bring something to the genre, Jurassic Park is a mix of some of them. Although the idea was good and that we could get to have a great game, even at the level of the best, the execution leaves much to be desired, particularly full control over the actions of any of the protagonists. And that is the worst aspect of the game: with a proposal so interesting, the game falls very low in many things, imagine it running through the jungle trying to avoid the dinosaurs and then complete a puzzle that requires all our skill explorative. It's like when you fill a game and it Hype suck. CONCLUSIONS The narrative hook, yes, but it's only truly positive in the game. If you give it away because you made a good investment between November 23 and December 12, worth it, but, avoid it as you can.


An unforgettable story

kalil | June 9, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead - PC

Do not think about graphics, or shots, even in an open world in which to move. Now, if you're looking for a powerful story with great decision making, this The Walking Dead is what you are looking for. A point and click mechanics, with some degree of exploration, but mostly well designed characters in terms of their background and history that fits perfectly into each role. Winks some comic book characters, which are enpequeñecidos agredecen but by the protagonists of the game, including two to emphasize Lee and Clem. This story is about their relationship, about how to teach and help a girl who lost her father to survive the zombie apocalypse. History may not get hooked until well started the third chapter, but I said that if you run up to him and you will not stop until I finished. Let yourself be enveloped by the story, explore relationships with each character, the heart decides, and let yourself be carried away by the music and the sound of the game. I assure you if you get to the end, will not forget the experience.



kalil | June 9, 2013 | Review of Lara Croft And The Guardian of Light - PC

Welcome to a game that breaks all the predecessors of his series, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is the first game in the Tomb Raider series that presents us with eagle eyes, fixed camera and cooperative. The gameplay is excellent if not for cooperative play on the player control has problems in the speed of target, however it is easy to dodge, weapon changes and all other game options. The graphics are very elaborate, with an engine that is very reminiscent of Diablo 3 and with an awesome soundtrack that brings together some songs from previous games. The game features a story on the same level as the previous For more enjoyment is advisable to play co-op history, thus more complicated situations and you should use what they have learned to get through them. Fans of the series should not miss it


Casual action RPG

kalil | June 9, 2013 | Review of Dungeon Siege III - PC

Dungeon Siege III does not recover the origins of the series, but that reinvents itself leading to an action RPG "decaf". The changes in the game mechanics have only served to further simplify it, but nevertheless in the dialogue system itself that are more complex and allow create a mature and credible history. In addition, the PC version will note that this is a multiplatform game since control sometimes puzzling and the interface is too simple while uncomfortable. Gameplay Character control is done by combining the keyboard (E for action, space to defend and roll on the ground) and mouse (left click to attack, right click to move). Sometimes this "mix" is a little confusing, but in the end you get used. The control is not so bad, but I think at this point there should have been to apply classical formulas that worked perfectly (see games like Sacred 2, Titan Quest ... and even DungeonSiege II) without further complications. Technology The graphics engine is very solid, not detected drops in FPS and PC optimization is excellent. On the other hand the effects (fire, explosion) are nice and fluid and the animations of the characters and enemies. Of course this is not a technology "toe", but it is necessary in a game like this. Graphics Environments become not photorealistic, but are nicely modeled and ambient. However, this section is unforgivable shortcomings: you are missing a world map that allows us to see our situation and be guided by the environment, the character customization is negligible (most objects have the same design and differ only in their statistics), which subtracts depth customization, especially taking into account that the game's characters are already preset from scratch. Sound The soundtrack fulfills the role of play and not boring, like sound effects. Innovation The "Achilles heel" of the game. Instead of innovating developers have simply give "snips" on the mechanics of a typical game hack'n slash, minus overall depth to the game. Perhaps it was a game casualitzation attempt, but clearly it could have been much more than other and have been an excellent game.


Good Work Agent 47

kalil | June 9, 2013 | Review of Hitman Absolution NA - PC

Gameplay: Not unlike all the hitman, but has some new things that makes it interesting Technology: Really very well worked, the people around you, talk, talk, each does something different, the police, in terms of performance / graphic, very good, not a heavy game, you can play at a high range PC Graphics: Brutal, very good graphics, really the scenarios are very well made, brutal lighting effects, so only 10 would not stand by the textures of plants, a little painful, but the rest amazing in DX11 Sounds: Well, normal in 3rd-person shooter Innovation: As the story goes, is 1 ° hitman that is a bit more "serious" than others, what innovation really is the story I can rescue and graphics, similar to the previous rest hitman highly recommended


Fun game of tennis

kalil | June 8, 2013 | Review of Virtua Tennis 4 (1) - PC

Virtua Tennis 4 is a game that almost no one will get tired of playing. I recommend it for different things, some things good, some of which do not really agree. Gameplay: The game's controls are well done and to play for the first time, it may be that the blows do not go very well but it takes practice. After two or three days the control should be completely mastered. The difficulty is snug, no matter if you choose "easy" or "very difficult", the four difficulties that own the game are well placed. The game itself is fun and addictive. The duration, more than anything, I would go to the World Tour, which is not really agree with the length that gives this mode, only allow you to play four seasons (from Asia to North America) and play about three, four or five days, the way he would be overcome. Graphics: The game's graphics are not anything special. They are well made, resemble reality and pre-game animations are well done. Sound: The sound of the game is not a strong point, but not important. It depends on where you play will have a different sound, and there are a few others that are, in all, good. On-Line: This section really is something wrong with the game, from my point of view. In every game you play, for every point made ​​will repeat, which also can not be skipped, due to be on-line. Furthermore, on-line mode are too many lags, they do stop playing. One of the most original things Virtua Tennis 4 is the way "moving game", in which you must use the Move. One has to do the actual movements of tennis (as real as possible) using the motion control, something very original to me. In short, Virtua Tennis 4 is not all bad, good graphics, world tour within all good, well armed and jugadorazos courts to use for a long time.


The best Olympics ever!

kalil | June 8, 2013 | Review of London 2012 The Official video game of the Olympic Games - PC

Has come the new official game of the Olympic Games and we've waited for four years since Beijing 2008 does not disappoint us, Charts worth 2012! certainly spectacular, and not the same boring gameplay in which only had to press two keys gradually to win, now every discipline has its distinct module. Has new disciplines such as beach volleyball, trampoline and balza among others, but also were removed Gymnastics others especially! Even so it is still very good! It is definitely the best game official Olympic game to date.



kalil | June 8, 2013 | Review of Viking Battle for Asgard - PC

It´s an uninspired game in every way. Try mixing a beat'em up gameplay with stealth and battle rolls, and stays on the surface of all loose resulting in all. The graphics are not particularly good or bad, but failed to translate virtually nothing imaginary Viking world of aesthetic level, rather than the argument (likely forever) does not help to use the background Viking rarely. In addition, controls are awkward and dysfunctional (especially in tecado + mouse), with significant problems in setting the goals of many enemies (which happens often). And, to sound level is neither particularly inspired nor particularly dire. Overall, not worth wasting time with him too. Although as entertainment for a boring weekend may be worth.


Protocol Fail?

kalil | June 8, 2013 | Review of Alpha Protocol - PC

Well, Alpha Protocol is one of those brilliant games in his idea and that would give us hundreds of hours of good entertainment but does not for one simple reason, boring gameplay that even the most casual casual. As you point out, there is no character editor, just a little something removable (although in some great games there or editor is short and the game is still great). The first impression is negative, you wake up in an infirmary (much to the Mass effetc 2), and players start on the nail bed. As you move something and discover the rough handling of the character, as well as animations of it painful. As for the rest of the gameplay, we cover ourselves with a system very similar to hide in Splinter Cell, in fact, too close, the subject of security systems decipher something new, but come on, it becomes easy to get the hang , what a weariness is hacking this by the numbers, sometimes find the coincidence is just being more awake. Then, because you have no starting points, conversations are eternal and little else to say. For me, a pain which of course I have not spent. Graphics are not bad, fairly regular technology, sound is good and that, while the idea is basntate innovative, performing worse has been worth the truth.


Fantastic and amazing

kalil | June 8, 2013 | Review of The Cave - PC

Since the beginning of the game and we take our first laugh of many that will come later with his dramatic narrator (The Cave) telling the story of the different characters that each have a story and scenarios. Gameplay: The game is fun and addictive with its mechanics. The keys to be used are simple: arrow keys, special Power (Q) and interaction with the environment (E). The game also we have prepared many puzzles that from the first minute of the game and thinking we have to do. Technology: The physics of objects and very good graphics engine which makes it very smooth and optimized. Graphics: In graphics is similar to "Trine 2" although you can not really enjoy the colorful aspects of the game as this presents an aspect-style Gothic Tim Burton but this remains to be good graphics. Sound: The sound of things like the soundtrack is very good what you deep into the game. Innovation: With a subject as aforesaid Gotham humorous touch as appropriate and great puzzles, all along I had never seen in another it does great, original game without any other game that compares in style.


A great and impressive game

kalil | June 8, 2013 | Review of Sonic and SEGA AllStars Racing Transformed - PC

Well, this all star game Sega was the second part of racing grandest on this platform, leaving impressed with some graphics and movie careers, and new characters who never expected, in addition to lso mods we can have with each character in their cars. Only there is no more as the first racing modes, like picking up a chao, shoot bombs ... but everything else is fine. Besides having online function, which should be present in a racing game to compete with the world.


Great Game

kalil | June 8, 2013 | Review of Jet Set Radio - PC

Jet Set Radio skates exactly the same as it did back in the day, and smooth, speedy and streamlined skating complements the (at the time) unique art style the game pushed forward. With the return of the original funk-electro-j-pop soundtrack, plus free Gamerpics and 30 achievements, this is a fantastic package of an already fantastic game.


Not what I expected

kalil | June 8, 2013 | Review of Football Manager 2013 Overflow - PC

Something has changed with respect to the previous game, but not enough to surprise anyone. It has good things like graphics that are more or less good, 3D games, photos, stadiums .... But it has quite a few things that should improve as the official licenses, which only has those of the Liga. They should also do a bit simpler, since the menu of this game is quite complex unlike Fifa Manager is much easier to handle because it is neater. The parties do not sound bad, but there is no sound in the game menus. And the technology of the game itself is good, lots of data, many tools, but yes, very hidden and unordered, ie there is everything but it takes to find things like computers that have been a footballer and so . Putting music, ordering him around a bit and adding some things (like being able to simulate the game without witness), this game would be outstanding because on data from players, coaches, as are interviews .... Is 10.


Good game but with some failure

kalil | June 8, 2013 | Review of Painkiller Redemption (1) - PC

The game I really loved but has the odd bug that should be resolved as soon as possible, the ia not very good but it was expected of a serious sam style games. In my opinion is a great game but with the odd failure like that in the 3rd level you get to a part that leave many enemies and people who came to that part was saying it was impossible because aparecian infinite enemies and that's a lie, in reality is that they put a lot of enemies but they are not unlimited. It's a great game that needs a patch these mistakes solutions


Calming the pain, one bullet at a time

kalil | June 8, 2013 | Review of Painkiller Hell Damnation - PC

Painkiller returns, this time with more blood and funs. After so many years back to purgatory to try to escape from it and restore our beloved, but that we go over all devils, ghosts and other creatures that we will make the task any easier. Gameplay: Playable, this title is equal to the previous painkiller. It consists mainly of running and killing. No complicated patterns or esenario interaction. The enemies are varied and have different skills. Each weapon has 2 types of ammunition, to help us in our task. Moreover, to improve our combos, we may use and equip ourselves with the "tarot", for example, causes more damage inflinjamos given weapon or receive less damage. Technology: Hell & Damnation working with the Unreal Engine 3, which is a bit old, but good graphics Sudan him. Graphics: The configuration optimization is quite precarious and does not change much from the options low, medium and high. But still the graphics are pretty good, especially after having played the previous titles in the series. Sound: The sound of the enemies not good. Many of the Devils make the same noise when attacking or "growl". Weapons have good sound, with each type of ammo you can hear a different sound in general. Innovation: You could say that there is not much innovation in this title, as well as another in the series or as individual play. As I said, consists only of running and gunning. In short, it is a good game for fans of the "old school". Muho Remember the old "DooM" and Duke Nukem. And for those not familiar with this series, is a good start.


Much better than the first

kalil | June 8, 2013 | Review of Alan Wakes American Nightmare - PC

Alan wake american nightmare is a very good game, is the beginning of what could become the second installment of alan wake. In this game you have many improvements over the 1: -Better graphics, on this issue is appreciated much faster game without a mega computer -Increased exploration of scenarios: not as linear as 1,, in this there is enough exploration NEWS: You can say that NO WEAPONS, not like the original was revolver.Aqui shotgun and can be found assault rifles, combat shotguns, submachine guns, new revolvers, the magnum, the nail gun and the carbine. We ask things to characters in the story (interacuar) (this could be a very good idea to put the second installment but is not as linear) -Variety possessed to face (that's very motivating) YOU CAN SAY THAT THERE A MONSTER BEST: ARCADE MODE: This mode is spectacular, there is nothing better than face to wake waves possessed, although not many places where you can play (just the inico of what could become an alan wake 2) -Alan's story is good movements are almost the same as above the sound is very very good THE BAD: the game is short CONCLUSION: For me it is much better than 1, but everything else shorter is better


The gem of the missing THQ

kalil | June 7, 2013 | Review of Metro 2033 (1) - PC

A game that I liked a lot at his time gameplay I think it is an important aspect in this game can keep you aware of everything that happens in the game, one thing to remember is that this game is based on a book which is also very interesting and this will be the push that gives the game. technology This aspect is a bit bland, taking into account that machines are not very good the game is not very fluid, luckily mine is not one of them and is fluent. graphics The graphics I like quite considering it's the year 2010, but could have been more polished for what the game calls sound I think this is the strong point of this game, the sound of the guns, Artyom's breathing, especially in this aspect I like innovation While it is a game that offers great things I put a 9.0 in this regard because I think that there are few such fps, with good story and atmosphere


Zombies Stories

kalil | June 7, 2013 | Review of Dead Island Game of the Year Overflow 2 - PC

Dead Island is a game that combines first-person action with special attention to combat, character development and customization of a vast array of weapons. The game features a dark story inspired by classic zombie movies with a compelling campaign where they can play up to 4 players in co-op. A tropical island to explore, a luxury resort, weapons galore and a legion of hungry zombies ready to get you out the bowels. What more could you want? What is good: - The first zombie game that brings three types of styles in one: action, sandbox and a touch of RPG. - Excellent atmosphere and recreation of a tropical island, with lots of quests and things to do and zombies to eliminate. - Creation, modification and repair of arms. - Experience intense, immersive and addictive. -The AI ​​of the zombies is very successful, and there are different types and ways to address them. Power-play with 3 friends cooperatively. -Long Campaign: about 25 hours. -Trailer of the game, one of the best views to the time. What is not well: - Repetition of such missions. - An occasional bug, but nothing too serious.


Zombie paradise?

kalil | June 7, 2013 | Review of Dead Island Riptide Standard - PC

Dead Island Riptide (DIR) is a survival that is located on an island in which the zombie infection has spread, and your character (who is immune) must advance through the story, helping people, researching the island and facing the hordes of the dead. The game is fun, especially if you play the multiplayer (which does not hurt the parts of the island), apart from having a variety of unique abilities for each character, there are also common skills. Strengths: - Large number of missions. -Many weapons, we can enhance and modify. -Great scenarios by which to explore. -New vehicle added (Boat), plus the car. -Invasions zombies (It must protect the base from a zombie invasion). -New enemies. -A very good fighting style. Weaknesses: -Return of objects very quickly, and being a survival should take much longer. -Final Boss easy (could have done more)



kalil | June 7, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Season Pass - PC

Strange season pass , because for now there are not really great addons to the game but they said they will add new characters and maybe story, but for now the addons of money and some other things are good for the people who not really want to play a lot of time in the game to get the things that needs... I recommend this because if you see that this game is really epic you will know that you will get really good new material with the dlcs in this season pass :D


A great game

kalil | June 7, 2013 | Review of Spec Ops The Line - PC

Thi is an action game in 3rd person where we drive our protagonist named Martin Walker, will be accompanied by our platoon to be Adams and Lugo each with their roles where we can give orders. The plot is to rescue Konrad, a colonel in the American army disappeared in Dubai. We will atrevar from sandstorms to dilapidated buildings, clearing a path to clean shot with enemies, sometimes gives us to go in stealth. Also touch us choose decisions which will influence the plot as we do. Gameplay: simple cover system, a story that will hook up to the last moment. The game gives us the opportunity to play with gamepad or keyboard and mouse. We will have plenty of weapons to choose from, scarce ammo sometimes we have to take weapons from enemies. The story takes an average for some is short, but very intense. It has moments of great action and tension, giving us the feeling that we are in a movie. Graphics: Spec Ops: The Line, use the Unreal Engine, where we see a well made light effects, a richly detailed textures, physics has a right, but sometimes does strange things. Definitely has awesome graphics and has a good optimization. Sound: The game features the voices dubbed into Castilian deescordinadas sometimes the image will also have the option to put it in English. The music fits each scene of the game and at the right time. Innovation: Innovation is fair, the cover system is not new, because what we see in any 3rd person game. What is new is the place where we find that it is Dubai, little visited city in videogames, sandstorms are punctual ie do not happen randomly, Spec Ops has 4 finals. In short novel is a video game in parts, a story that will keep you hooked to know what will happen until the end with our Captain Martin Walker and company.


A good game despite the shortcomings in the PC version

kalil | June 7, 2013 | Review of NBA 2K13 - PC

GAMEPLAY: This is most noticeable in the game, at least par to me. The movements and how they end are very real, they give you the feeling of having made a good move and a good move and differentiate the technique about talented players some not so good. TECHNOLOGY: certainly movements are fluid and with a variety of them. Yesterday I played with Saquille O'neal and how to go around the defender and two-handed dunk hoop hanging ... totally reminded me in its infancy with Orlando. GRAPHICS: good, not bad or anything, all players are different to back, but are lagging somewhat behind other games, in my case I have in mind the graphics. SOUND: for as no surprise to anyone that the comments in Spanish are not present even after they heard I have to say I would not, take away quality to the game. One thing for me and I have not improved to take into account what is the sound of ball bounce, the shock of a pivot against another, hitting a Shank Matt Kemp type, that would give it more realism. I've changed the sound for it, but could be more exaggerated to enjoy a good mate. INNOVATION: of course the addition of the right analog stick has been a success, but we must relearn the movements again, but I find each of them in training is a joy to stay with the ones you like and then use because memorize them all is amazing. CONCLUSION: forget the fact the PC version will have been a decisive factor not to buy for many, but I get to enjoy both a good match (having raised the difficulty) that almost made forget all these problems. NOTE: could having added street parties (1vs1, 2vs2, ...) random selection of players and that the players chose PC. In PC there is also no online play this kind of way.


Mmmm...Duke is back?

kalil | June 7, 2013 | Review of Duke Nukem Forever - PC

The story is simple. Duke is the king of las vegas, aunts have all you want and spends his days doing nothing. Until the aliens come to take revenge on duke. After it's all shot here and shot there. Gameplay: First, it is an attempt to mescla between CoD and Duke nukem. In what sense? It is action without more, a few puzzles, no card to enter any hidden room. You can only carry two weapons (from when duke can not take all and for having weapons? The weapons are the same for Duke 3D. I'm not saying take them out, but agregen new ones? System life? No kit. The life bar turned into a bar of ego. cures you being out of the line of fire (another attempt Cod). Graphics: after 3 changes motorres graphics were very bad. Misuse of the Unreal engine 3. Sound: Translations appalling. The voice is more of a gorilla than Duke. The weapon sounds do not convince me at all. The noises they make to teleport bugs are incredible and help to know where they are. Innovation: lack. It took little new to this game, are the characteristics of CoD as to carry 2 weapons. Anyway, nothing new.


Good but still missing some things

kalil | June 7, 2013 | Review of Defiance Post - PC

The game puts you in the shoes of a mercenary generic, we do the first missions with characters from the TV series (the old man and his daughter) then leave and start our journey throughout the game. The world is very big and we have vehicles to mobilize. In our journey from time to time Flexible on other players and maybe we agree on some mission and do together but generally will be you alone unless you find someone you know to play with. The "special events" are entertaining and looks is where one of the highlights of the game are the battles, several players fight against waves of enemies to get their share of the loot and experience, there is camaraderie as there is no chat in which thank you, ask for help, advice or joking. Pvp game modes are also very attractive, there are battles for teams of 48 vs 48 or more in a large field or Planetside2 Battlefield style where you can go in and fight, but do not fear, you should get in PVP mode to kill and get killed, this means that if there is a Shadow War in your way you can spend without fear, if you're not in PVP can harm you. There teamdeathmatch of 8vs8 battles and others, you can use cars to run over people or to shoot (if you have a machine gun). The overall game really needs leaders like Dark Souls, the "bosses" are as in Tomb Raider, very easy to kill, so it is an offense! PC: The game is not very good at pc, like Dark Souls need a control console to play it decently, it's a shame. Gameplay: The battles are comfortable, if you've played Mass Effect you'll be familiar with some powers (decoy, cloak, etc.), the cars are handled well, there are also vehicles with machine guns and no bugs very striking. Teconologia: Faces generally do not move, maybe the current games bad acostrumbraron to me happily moving mouths and eyes always "watching" but it is impossible not to notice the motionless eyes and mouths that only chew like a cow. Also help a lot some weather like rain, sand storms, electrical storms or nights that fight under the moonlight and flashlights. Graphics: Very normalones, graphics are not everything and blablabla but higher quality effects and worked at least characters more would not hurt. Sound: The sounds of the weapons are also, expect a lot more but they are a disaster. The voices of the characters need more excitement, joy and personality, remember Fallout 3 which uses the same voices for all the characters but they all have charisma and they like to hear. Innovation: I'm not a fan of MMOs, but it is you who plays and you stare and choosing potions like in WoW. The game is not all bad, but you may want to wait to take out corrijen patches and see if anything is missing or wait for the price drops. I really hope it will improve and perfect.


Good and funny

kalil | June 7, 2013 | Review of Strike Suit Zero - PC

Strike Suit Zero do what he promised and stands as a great space shooter with which any fan of the genre will enjoy greatly. It is true that are missing more playing options and more variety in the development of the action, but the intensity and showmanship of most missions, and the freedom given to us at the time to address these objectives, make it a highly recommended title.


A great game of history

kalil | June 7, 2013 | Review of Civilisation V GOLD (1) - PC

Very good game, addictive and fun ... but is very slow and did not like the more beasts ... Gameplay: Great! The story is ... well, is the history of mankind! Take your empire to world domination! A very good game system, simplified and shallow. The research, diplomacy (which does not have much truth), upgrade the troops and the interaction with the leaders give much variety to the game. Moreover, the burden is great and abundant historical ... this is to learn and have fun and not "once upon a time ..." Technology: Highly advanced compared to predecessors ... but it is a waste .. but meets technical Graphics: Good. Beautiful scenarios, a spectacular water recreation and historical characters very good! Sound good but repetitive effects, dubbing and brutal songs (though rare) quality Innovation: Innovation over its predecessors, is also very rare strategy shift that will thrill fans of board games, whose biggest role model is this game



kalil | June 7, 2013 | Review of Guild Wars 2 Digital Edition NA Overflow 1 - PC

I expected much more from this game, I found everywhere a great reputation saying it would even better than World of Warcraft, all darted to buy before it went on sale in many stores were sold out even before selling, but this neither is my MMO Replay in the betas, I gave it a try and after the first month, she leaves. Gameplay, 4 Play slow, boring combat and in many stressful moments, and pvp can not find the grace, without the possibility of duel between friends. Technology, 6.5 Very well optimized game after going on sale, the character is very customizable. Your way to update the game is very mediocre and lack of information, updates every few minutes over 200 mb (unless you have a good ADSL or fiber line, you'll be hours waiting to play) Graphics, 8 A visual delight both the landscapes and the characters, if you have a good team with 4 cores and dedicated graphics rather powerful, if not ... may not enjoy the 8 points. Sound, 7 It is always the same repetitive music on the same map, but with the option of adding your own audio and playlists to my saves Innovation, 6 Such mmo revolution, much publicity ... and there is nothing that makes me feel proud to have purchased any mmo reminds me of today, only the sad difference heal all classes and all die in the dungeons, unless a couple of players devote only revive shakes peers, it seems very sad in that respect ... The only good thing I see is the WvWvW (world against world against world) are assembled good carnage, but would be much better if it was faster to attack and interact.


Like The First Time

kalil | June 6, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Overflow 1 - PC

The first Borderlands was a good game about guns. This is just more of the same. If you really enjoyed the first one, you'll love this one. I found the first one to be good, and I found this one to be slightly less good. But still good. The basic game mechanics are exactly the same - though some of the characters a lot less interesting. The story is still quite boring, but far from the mess the story was in the previous game. There are some very annoying menu and UI choices that I really didn't like, but the great visual style and hilarious voice acting was still present. There are still ridiculous amounts of guns (though they didn't seem as varied or fun as the last game, but that's possibly because I'd seen the most of the gun varieties before) and they're still quite fun to shoot. The game still gets very repetitive. It's kinda sad that they didn't change much from the old formula, because it was slightly broken. But hey, maybe nowadays people say "if it's only slightly broke, don't bother fixing it, it's probably still fine".


Lara in her best role, the survivor

kalil | June 6, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider overflow 4 - PC

I'm not particularly a fan of the series, although I have played nearly every Tomb Raider, but I never have filled too. But this game had me hooked from the first moment to the last. Narrative, gameplay and spectacular graphics, and a good life. gameplay 9.5 The story is linear, but leave enough room to explore and collect collectibles. The story is not amazing, but it keeps you hooked. There QTE, but not overwhelmed. The shooting mechanics are very well done, the way Lara is covered is as natural as I've ever seen. The only "but" is that the game is quite easy, there just moments complicated or difficult puzzles. The duration, remarkable. And you can do optional tombs, find collectibles .... Technology in September Good overall optimization, tessellation, filters and other technological aspects at a high level ....... Pantene hair and Lara, sponsored by TressFX! What more do you want? I take away a point because I had some fallito point in my nVidia card that made me have to close the game. Graphics 10 This Tomb Raider PC is today, arguably the most advanced game the graphics, along with Crysis 3. Sharp textures, shadows and lighting very good, outstanding character models ... amazing, go. Sound 8.0 Generally not surprising although there are several moments when the soundtrack gets really epic, and very well evolve as it goes by Lara. Innovation 8.0 New tools, a new way of telling the story, modifications for weapons .... not a game too innovative in the sense that it takes many things from other games, but it is when compared with the previous in the series . If you do not have it, and although you may not be fans of the series, Buy it NOW.


A new character!

kalil | June 6, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Psycho Pack DLC - PC

With this new character to choice we have a lot of forms to kill the enemies , different gameplay and different things to do, the price maybe is a little overpriced but it compensates with the gameplay and the new epic chracter named Krieg( the Psycho Bandit) ,all enemies will tremble at him if you want new experiences for the game, it´s Really Recommended,


Epic sequel

kalil | June 6, 2013 | Review of LEGO Harry Potter Years 57 Steam - PC

This game is an absolute great! It builds on Harry Potter Years 1 - 4 with more exciting adventures. This time taking you out of Hogwarts so that you can explore Hogsmeade, or get on the Hogwarts Express and go back to London. It´s so much fun to play and the game has so many secrets that you can only get to once you have done the story. It definately has a huge lasting appeal on me. My favourite bits are visiting the Weasley's joke shop, fighting giants and playing as Bellatrix because she's so cool! Even Grawp is in the game and he's pretty funny :) And It´s really better than original harry potter games :D


Another plus for the series

kalil | June 6, 2013 | Review of LEGO Harry Potter Years 14 Steam - PC

If you're a fan of lego and harry potter this is your game, for me it was the best I've played so far many extras and very clear story like in the movies and in books and with a touch of humor in the saga of Lego games with many characters cleverly hidden throughout the levels and admirable soundtrack in the video game highlighting the use of magic with innumerable objects.


A great Batman game even as a Lego doll

kalil | June 6, 2013 | Review of LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes Steam - PC

Not the best game about Batman or superheroes, but it is the best I've had in all of Lego. Even as a rather childish game, there is to be a kid to enjoy it. Gameplay: right in the line of Lego but with some changes and some added important. For starters, the sandbox, with Gotham City acceptably large to move freely by either running, flying or in vehicles. In the part of the story is where continuity is safe at some point, very linear, "puzzling" simple and inability to die, which makes no challenge whatsoever. Yes, fun is. As in all previous Lego, there are many secrets and you have to replay several times to get everything. Perhaps the most tiresome is having to change clothes again and again, so that, once the story, others can be chosen freely heroes ... The fights against the villains (Two-Face, Ras Al Gul, Bane, etc.) that are in the city should be more varied, except in a couple all boil down to the same pattern. Yet the whole is entertaining, is long and has but one notable failures: control when flying is quite awkward. Technology: what is most striking is the AI, both ally and enemy. The bad guys are utter fools, but the companion and ... It just goes on and lets you get hit. Also often get in the middle of it and you hit him more than bad ... Moreover, nothing bad to stand out, but not anything good to stand out. Graphics: As usual, the game mixes shooting photorealistic environments with Lego pieces. Everything looks pretty good and the dolls have a very nice design. The characters have some expressions, drawn clear, very good. Overall is pretty good and is resultón, but not impressive at all. Furthermore, the distance blur ugly. Sound: for the first time, Lego dialogues, and over in Spanish. Not perfect, Batman speaks very little in my opinion, but instead the Joker is great. There are sounds like "Help!" you are a bore and repeated too much, and instead I miss the characters speak for the game itself, not only in the cinematics. The music is correct, and curious point is that when flying with Superman (which incidentally is a superhero hipervitaminado compared to the rest) sound music. Innovation: it is quite like the previous, such as Harry Potter, but by adding the full Gotham voices at last we can say that it has innovated itself decently. In short, a game recommended to hang out, a laugh and not eat the head. It is what it is, a fun, comedic content and putting in the hours.


No other equal

kalil | June 6, 2013 | Review of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition NA - PC

Few games, due to its high difficulty, make you repeat over and over again the same situations without becoming bored and this is one of them, in fact, the most difficult is there and still having fun again and again even in the following NG. Sound of swords, armor, enemies roars, environmental, music ... it's all great. Character control is very accurate and, though often die by the strength of the enemy, many others will do it for your mistake. The graphics, while not technically the best, its artistic design is the best, very well designed, medieval, dark and gloomy, and the enemies, especially the bosses, are spectacular. The game is quite long but the best thing is that when you finish, start one NG +, and that's when you can begin to wield those weapons in your first game you could not for lack of any statistics, discover new stories with NPC'S, buy other armor .... It is definitely a masterpiece in style and only their predecessor, the great Demon's Souls, get to overshadow.


No role, funny and interesting game Wizards and Magic

kalil | June 6, 2013 | Review of Magicka Collection - PC

This is an indie game 100% recommended, unique gameplay, addictive and varied, to create infinite spells (Based on 8 plus 2 hidden items can be combined 5 at a time to create all sorts of powers to use with your sword, in self, either directly or as launch area, excluding the spells itself), without annoying flowing bars or limitations. Graphically it is "colorful", music and sounds well and with humor classic top. The online mode in its 3 modes (PvP, Challenge or Campaign) is highly recommended, is more enjoyable, but due to technical problems (Lag and optimizations) is recommended to play only with friends "close" (same country).


Neither good nor bad

kalil | June 6, 2013 | Review of FEAR 3 - PC

Before starting the analysis of F.E.A.R. 3, because you might be wondering (because comparisons are odious), is better than FEAR 2? So what F.E.A.R.? Answer these questions in the same order in which they are made. No and ... Heavens, no! The first set the bar too high for the sequels to be at its height and even FEAR 2 was a great title (crucified for not approaching the first), this third part before us is a game ... the heap. The game features two main characters to play the single player campaign. Unfortunately or fortunately (depends on who prefers what play mode), the single-player campaign is a campaign to play co-op. Two players at a time. One controls Paxton Fettel and Point Man second (see that it is difficult to invent a name, you do not have to know as Point Man). Perhaps one might think that for a single player game, have your incentive to play first with a character and then the other (thing to do), but levels vary not at all (or a miserable alternative path depending character), the desire to replay the title down to zero. Another drawback is that the game can be passed without any difficulty in less than ten hours. The gameplay mechanics strictly follow the rest of the FEAR series with its "bullet time", strange enemies (much less inspired than in other installments) and no shock. Technology has lights and shadows. The best part is that the game moves relatively smoothly but observe in certain circumstances such as the number of images per second lowered so amazing and we do ask why, because there is nothing onscreen to suggest that the time it deserves and I mean pretty powerful equipment. If we go to the theme graphics, worse stop the thing out yet. Very very diffuse textures sometimes, but sometimes all looks pretty good, if individualize display items, the finish on all of them is quite irregular (animations included). The sound is perhaps the most satisfying section title, with sound effects sturdy and solid. The music will go unnoticed throughout the title. F.E.A.R. 3, however, innovation. Innova offer cooperative campaign for a single player who can be very funny, as though the two play the same levels, each character has different skills that can be exploited for the common good. Special mention deserve the cinematics, superb and very well executed. Too bad the rest is not up to par, however, FEAR 3 is not a bad game at all. I have played and probably much worse games I'll play.


The return of Issac

kalil | June 6, 2013 | Review of Dead Space 2 - PC

This is the sequel to Dead Space, this continues the story of Issac Clark that after the events of DS1 is in a space station where he is held captive by the Church Uniologista, when everything starts denuevo and becomes hell the station and only is escape. Unlike the first Dead Space, this was based more on the action than the horror (I would say 70% 30% action-horror), the ambience or atmosphere is good but the amount of monsters that will appear is big and loses Terror go shooting at each corner. But if I win in spectacular action moments that will leave you open-mouthed, and other moments of "gore" that just leave you impressed. Its controls have been improved also turning them into the best that I could try (according to my opinion) The good thing about this series is that you do not need much machine to run it all up. Bad Points: the decline of terror compared to the DS1 the duration of the campaign (round 7 hrs) Good Points: Great graphics without much machine Very good controls Very good times "gore" and dramatic action History good (although at the end of many is confusing) Conclusion: great game pc with very good adaptation of controls, and although it has more action than the first still has its little moments of terror good. I should not miss on your PC catalog


Maybe...the best war game of all.

kalil | June 6, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 3 Premium Edition NA Origin - PC

A game that understands well the concept of the "Art of War". The real war involves strategy and cooperation, and in this game is difficult to succeed if you ignore them. Teamwork is essential, individualism does not have much place in this game. Here is the purpose of the various soldier classes (medic, engineer, support and recognition), with their special abilities. The scenarios are generally large, detailed, and offer some destruction in the environment. The amount of weapons is great, and their designs are perfect. The sound is beautiful. But best of all, since their large maps (almost all) would not be the same without them-are military vehicles (tanks, cars, quads, helicopters, planes, amphibians, boats, and motorcycles, forthcoming). It has several game modes to suit all tastes: the frantic action if you prefer the classic team deathmatch, the squad deathmatch (although the latter is not won without a squad to work together), the conquest domination of close quarters, the gun master, and scavenger, then there are ways that require some more tactics and strategy: the usual rush, the rush squad, the Normal conquest, the conquest attack, and the tank superiority (the latter is war tanks). In summary, the most comprehensive war game exists, it has almost everything.


Almost perfect

kalil | June 5, 2013 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Legendary Edition - PC

Gigantic, endless and captivating. This is how I describe the game that Bethesda launched in 2011. Bethesda's work was highly anticipated by both fans of the series throughout, to press, due to the great excitement it caused. And of course, did not disappoint, because Bethesda has created a game that in my opinion is the best of the genre RPG and Adventure, and also a prominent position in the world of The Elder Scrolls, whose predecessor was Oblivion. It is one of the essential you can not miss on your shelf. The gameplay of the title is just perfect. It offers a wide range of possibilities to explore: You can go exploring a dungeon for rough hunting forests of Skyrim, complete errands or side quests, join guilds or brotherhoods, etc.. Or you can choose to follow the main plot, which is interesting and moving out, but remains in the background due to the large magnitude of the side missions. In the plot, reveals that you are the Dragonborn, a person can absorb the souls of fallen dragons and learn various Screams / Thu'Um to deal with your opponents. You must stop the threat of an evil that threatens to destroy Skyrim. You will also take part in a civil war, in which you have to put yourself in a side. Summarizing an extensive and well structured Gameplay. The technology of the title is his weakest aspect. The character animations are very robotic and shameful for the year 2011. In addition, the title was released with an inordinate amount of errors, which are still being arranged. Some bugs become bothersome, so that hindered the gaming experience. But, at least, strive to fix them. The title graphics are excellent counting on the magnitude of this, and seeing that PS3 holding up excellently. Some textures mediocre him away from the maximum mark, but the whole is outstanding. The sound is remarkable title, with a soundtrack quite worked and maintained, with Nordic and mystical rhythms, pretty well orchestrated. The sounds of swords and weapons are also good, do their job. The game is located in Castilian and very good way. The title innovates in good shape, introducing a whole new land to explore, new protagonist, etc.. Without changing radically, manages to give freshness to the Elder Scrolls saga. In short, a great title of epic proportions that will offer hours and hours of fun and things to do. Recommended Buy


Not bad

kalil | June 5, 2013 | Review of Rift Storm Legion Bundle - PC

The Good: - A variety of classes are not just the typical, tank, mage, healer, there are many that are very different, my attention such as bombardier, dedicated to attach or throw bombs at enemy - The skill system like me, you choose a main class but you two like where to spend points so that you can make many variations. For example you can choose to be a thief, but there are many types of patron "thief" for example you could make combinations and bombardier murderer - Innovations rifts as the system that are not more than dimensional door openings other planes entering does invade earth beings. - It is more or less dynamic, entering these extradimensional beings can kill NPCs give you quests, all you do is enter the capitals, which are very rare, but if they reach normal raze whole cities so that the sometimes people get together to wipe them and clean up a bit the area. These bugs give you points you can spend then to get rewards, although they are not amazing, and you need to kill very many bugs and close many rifts to get something interesting. - I leaves a pleasant sensation is subjective but the game if it does not stand too hooked though, I give him a "GOOD" in this game The bad: - It is more or less the same as the other MMORPGs, just doing repetitive but not both, the dynamics of the rifts makes it more interesting - The graphics are not the ostia but are well - This very focused on guilds, if you belong to a guild that can get different objects for the guild so that they get bonuses for the guild, if you like to go on your own do not advise this game, I went for that reason because you depend the guild and if you lose cast or want to change everything done for the guild. It also makes people unite sole most powerful guilds.


Good game in my opinion

kalil | June 4, 2013 | Review of The Darkness II - PC

Very good game, you might call a "Shooter" as the protagonist Jackie has an internal power was lost, That was the dark inner power, desvelaré a bit of this game with your first part to give an example of the dark. We started getting off of a car, we are with our friend from the mafia "Vinnie" which leads us to the tables with two very pretty young, started talking to them and we can see from the window as they pass a car when suddenly you stuck the twin on the right side (depending on the orientation of the character, I mean Jackie) and then we see that a car through the window destroying completely and leaving leg immobilized, Vinnie finds us and gives us a gun, tells us that we will face all enemy that appears on the road while driving us after we complete this kitchen which is flooded gas and tell Thugs exploit so there were totally injured if we wake up and we move slowly until Darkness leave us free, which does not allow you die, and she is responsible for killing the enemies that were around and leg heals, there can acquire this power, the game is good. Jackie was killed his girlfriend "Jenny" which the, from history will hallucinating with her, the uniqueness of this game is that it is a little confusing because they sometimes have parties where we are in an asylum and all Characters in the history of mobsters appear in the madhouse, this confuses you a bit because you do not know if the Mafia and darkness is real, or a dream or part of Madness is real, or a dream, Jenny also "girlfriend" Jackie is a doctor. Actually I really liked this game because I value to 10.0 missing something but I loved it, I also loved the part where Jackie telling stories appeared phrases. You have the ability to use the two whips or Monsters that are on your Right and your left: * On your right you will use it for Hitting * On your left to grab things or Enemies or guns away. The good thing also is that you have skills and you can find relics unlockable throughout the game, The Darkness II This I really liked this issue because its gameplay is very good, I congratulate you for this juegaso 2K GAMES.


Fire and Sword!

kalil | June 4, 2013 | Review of Mount Blade With Fire and Sword - PC

It appears as usual, by the company responsible for creating Mount and Blade (Taleworlds) make certain modders work to bring to market their own games. The result of this product among the most righteous of this award winning Turkish company. With Fire & Sword is the third game Taleworlds independent, which takes us back three centuries after the adventures in Warband. We went then contact the dreaded guns, taking popularity in sixteenth century Europe. This game, based first on a solid story mode allows us to immerse ourselves in a major way in the game. The story, based on a remarkable novel of a similar name to the game is complete, immersive 3 different aspects that, in no way detract from the freedom of action that characterize the series. However, this title suffers from a lot of "bugs" and errors that make the gaming experience will be seriously damaged. Sometimes it is impossible to advance the story because of these failures. On the other hand, the modder community has presented great interest in this game, so practically we found no modification to improve the decisions of With Fire and Sword. It is, in conclusion, a great game with certain faults that detract from gameplay. A new era to enjoy a new Mount & Blade.


It has everything that the original lacked

kalil | June 4, 2013 | Review of Mount Blade Warband - PC

Better graphics, better technology, a combat system more accurate (in the original if you were riding, was hard hit an enemy), a mapping biggest one faction more, and best of all, a unique multiplayer mode in we will have several game modes, all very good. Like the original, Warband is an RPG with a touch of action and strategy. We may be exactly what we want: a merchant who goes from town to town selling their goods, a bandit who attacked caravans and loot villages, a gentleman who makes his living in tournaments that take place in cities, a mercenary who works for the highest bidder, a commander who works for some kingdom, a nobleman who conquered territories to their king, etc ... And an option that was not in the original: to be the leader own your own kingdom, and try, based on conquest, unify all Calradia. The soundtrack is the same as the original, which was excellent. The sounds of weapons, soldiers, horses, etc ... to greatly improved, reaching an exceptional level. But it has the same fault as the original dubbing no, not even in English. Although, believe me when I tell you that this game does not need it.


A great medieval simulator

kalil | June 4, 2013 | Review of Mount and Blade Collection - PC

The game is practically medieval simulator where you command your forces you. It lets you do what you want in a vast continent, can plunder villages and fritters or join any of the five kingdoms, conquer castles and cities It has a rich variety of weapons, both hands-one hand bows and crossbows spades arrojables-armor and horses. Their battles are massive and brutal both on land and in sieges by the AI machine-to 100 soldiers but is upgradeable through the battlesizer-and has a good degree of difficulty, If increases correspondingly clear It is noteworthy that each of the game's fictional realms represents a real one Its graphics are not the best but bancan but bear in mind its great battlefields In addition to the above one of its pros are the many mods that change the gameplay both their sound their music and even their graphics Highly recommended in order considering that weighs less than 1 gb and asks almost nothing


Good game for the price it have

kalil | June 4, 2013 | Review of Lead and Gold - PC

Good, I encourage all fans of westerns (so they can kill cravings, of not being able to have the red dead redemption on pc) to buy this game and is a fun multiplayer game. The best: -Great graphics. -Multiplayer fun. -Little lag in the games. -Variety of game modes. -Lots of achievements. The worst: -You only have four characters to choose from. -It would be nice in the future añadieran more maps and playable characters. -Not too many people playing it.



kalil | June 4, 2013 | Review of Eve Online 30 Day Starter Pack Asteroid Miner - PC

EVE is a unique MMO. Many people will not understand, many people are frustrated with their immensity and the few guides, or to know that nobody will say do this or do that. Anything goes, everything is permitted. EVE is the ultimate sandbox, where you can build what you want, what you do not want to destroy, attack, cooperate, create or happen. The place where only the skill of the player decides his chances, and where all actions have consequences. Many will terrified. But there are a few who are attracted by its spectacular graphics, a well established sound, and incredible gameplay really open fully and eternally were surrendered at the feet of the greatest MMORPG.


For lovers of traditional RPG and strategy.

kalil | June 4, 2013 | Review of King Arthur II - PC

Improving on the basis of the first part, King Arthur 2 reconquer proposes britania in a story set after the usual end of the Arthurian legend. And, for this, brings to the table mainly two kinds: first style strategy Total War battles, very entertaining and well run, and original additions like magic and flying units, on the other hand, the role-playing , which includes both the development of the characters and magical objects, like the adventures of decisions that often arise, and they are very interesting and entertaining, delving into history. At the technological level is not great, but it moves smoothly. And finally, the DLC Dead Legions is an interesting additive that adds many hours to the campaign, tells the story of one of the villains of the game.


Not as bad as they say.

kalil | June 3, 2013 | Review of Aliens Colonial Marines - PC

Oh, what a horrible game, but bad graphics, animation, story! Pardon?? We are talking about a game of Aliens. When a game of this franchise has had the budget of games like Halo 4 (1,000 million) or Battlefield 3? Who is the producer? It is neither Microsoft, nor UbiSoft and Electronic Arts, all companies can economically. It SEGA. It is true that technically the console versions are very tatty and rather worse than expected, but things change PC. For starters, they have released three more patches (10GB in total) with high resolution textures, ambient occlusion introduction of anti-aliasing, grainy film ... and they can go out more. Graphically game may not be a pointer, but if it is average. As for the sound is the best, is taken directly from the legendary Aliens The Return, and the soundtrack composed by Kevin Riepl interesting winking to the melodies of James Horner and Jerry Goldsmith, in fact the music plays everywhere Alien . Both weapons like the Xenomorphs hiss is perfectly recreated. The Original dub features the voices (of those characters that appear, not spoilers) of the original cast of the film, and in Castilian, has a quality dubbing voices that give the trick. Perhaps less the protagonist has a voice over "child", but the actors are exquisite and the level of dubbing too. The story is not incredibly epic, but has intrigue, suffering, mystery, tension ... and some unexpected twists. It is not "the film that everyone expected to see", but not "the greatest shit this year." Regarding the enemies have already xenomorfos humans, including various types. The weapons are the classic series and the multiplayer is the most fun, much like "Natural Selection".


Maybe not the expected but it´s a decent game

kalil | June 3, 2013 | Review of Remember Me - PC

It is one of the most anticipated games this summer, but can also be one of the great disappointments, promised great things at the time of its announcement, but has finally become an action-adventure release far less inspired than it is expected. Not a bad game, but it is far from what looked like might hold at the time of its announcement. The valuable point plot is buried under several mechanics that just do not work, but the art direction and some more or less innovative mechanics are interesting.


Are you coming to my city?

kalil | June 3, 2013 | Review of Cities XL 2011 - PC

The dynamics starts out very good and varied but time just playing, I feel that something is missing to round that dynamic and how cool experience seemed. The interface is intuitive but at first will seem very extensive. The graphics are good (and optimized for midrange computer) moves with a fluidity unexpected by the dimensions of the map. The best: -Never do two towns alike. -What you will spend great organizing traffic and city structure. The worst: -When you exceed the 10,000 inhabitants are very unstable cities economically if you have not specialized in any resource. -Very difficult to keep a big city if you live in petrodollars. -Is missing unexpected events such as fires, accidents, riots (which if present in other titles such as the ever named simscity. But even with all its flaws the game is highly recommended and will raise many challenges. Finally a tip for future players: Tomaros calmly and meditate when expand and grow the city.


Pure Realism

kalil | June 3, 2013 | Review of Rising Storm - PC

Burning flesh smell of death ... only that is needed to finish adding the real rawness of war where no game will be like the others and plays, among sand, rocks, bunkers, twisted metal, fallen aircraft and the desperate poor visibility and that feeling stuck in your head soon going to die, that many soldiers lived in those jungles of the Pacific! Tripwire helps us again and revive a war scenario often forgotten, where no place for lone heroic soldiers, but good teamwork and strategic constantly mentality where everyone must assume their role as expected during battles and it will determine the success or failure ... then? Axis or Allies?


Very good

kalil | June 3, 2013 | Review of Expeditions Conquistador - PC

Play great, very well worked. Sort of Heroes of Might and Magic, but in the conquest of America. Good story, great variety of interesting characters and battles. Totally recommended, a surprise the truth. A shame he was not more publicity. Oh, and in perfect Spanish. Come giving up shame that a game like that, with a proper Spanish history, with a study abroad, and collective financing, without aid or grants agencies


Almost perfect

kalil | June 2, 2013 | Review of Sniper Elite - PC

For me, this game is great in all respects besides that invites you to try a type of very underrated shooter from my pt of view on the world of videojuegos.Vale graphically that at this point has nothing to do with the great games today but for me, the graphics are not everything (and that in 2005 for my graphics are more than good) when an analysis of a video game and this is one such case. The surround sound is to remove his hat, the music that accompanies you in many times the game does not bother at all, is very realistic target when (you have to take into account factors such as gravity, wind, rain, pulse ........) and then a nice replay system of your best shots in slow motion so you can taste you yourself; artificial AI of the enemies is more than correct (for me), can attack directly or detours or some throw grenades while others attack you from behind and also talk to each other (a small handicap I see is that the dialogues are very scarce but hey let's not get quite strict). Weapons are varied but not, are more than enough, the maps are very well done and besides, there are variety of missions (attack a convoy, giving covering fire for allied troops, infiltrate a base, killing an officer etc ......) and also have a few "toys" on hand to make your life fácil.En short, very good game and also different from the typical mata-mata, recommend it to people looking for new experiences.


Good Game

kalil | June 2, 2013 | Review of Sniper Elite V2 - PC

It is the specific type of a sniper, undercover agent, I loved it, I must admit that I am not considered graphic but that's because I tried it right after trying Battlefiel 3 mode and the fact that I have to take care of your strategy is really good. It kills me when the target system and hidden-tion of evidence. I sounds like your EQ, it is useful to play as more than once all that happened was that Germans today at a distance of 2 meters and were like 100. I especially like the cooperative mode.


Not the best but very good

kalil | June 2, 2013 | Review of Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army Overflow 1 - PC

Graphics: has good graphics compared to other Gameplay: very good putting it the way you like it more harder for the tactic you have to do something ladilla sound screaming zombies At last the game is great entertains you, shoot with what you want, put mines as you want ... I recommend it if you have a more or less decent pc to entertain you with the graphics


Innovative but poor

kalil | June 2, 2013 | Review of Sniper Ghost Warrior - PC

Levels quick, simple, and difficulty adjusted poorly differentiated, barely regulates IA, which is stupid and quite delayed for the time, you just bring realism to the game. The graphics engine is very avanzadado, and the graphics are not quite there, especially with details like civilians, very poorly designed, typical of early twentieth century nor bring anything spectacular to the game .... The sound I have not liked anything since, on several occasions, the enemies are 'talking' after being neutralized. Descatable only thing, in my opinion, is innovation, offering a new experience to Shooter not seen before.



kalil | June 2, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Overflow 1 - PC

A great game set in the dark darker comics Batman comics many iconic characters, a story that engages and has an impact on anyone and a duration that falls short. Unlockable challenge modes and 4 extras including GOTY edition are a plus entertainment and riddles and Riddler trophies or the chronicles of Arkham found in Story Mode. A very good of graphics, a great character voices, Batman being the same as in the last 3 gameplay movies and great (I recommend playing with the XBOX 360 Controller) audio only downside that sometimes characters will out of step with the vocalization. Recommended 100% if you are also a fan of DC Comics and Dark Knight concrete then it is a Must Have for your video game collection.


Final stretch .... and....bug ....

kalil | May 30, 2013 | Review of F1 2010 - PC

The driving games are harder as FPS's or other games, but they are as expected as those mentioned above. We have the example of the F1 2010, a franchise that has not had many titles, but each shines. Going to the game, we will find a good graphic section everywhere, with identical cars, maps same as in reality, a very detailed menu, an excellent working climate within others. GAMEPLAY: is one of the most importants parts of the game, so he has 60% of the score. In this installment the gameplay is very good, making us spend the pilot role, such as in a real F1 driving terms, since all the little touches that make implicate where we finish. TECHNOLOGY: the climate is one of the great things that just amazed. Being in the middle of the race and that large cloud and rain, and see the drop hitting the camera is wonderful. View as rainfall affects the car, having to stop several meters before, do not take too many closed curves are fundamental things to keep places in the race, it is also essential to use appropriate tires for the type of climate, since it is almost go with slicks impossible when it rains torrencialemente. GRAPHICS: good. When we drive, it's like being in the car in real time, the graphics are detailed through which the look, but when it comes to shocks, these are very bad. When you get bored, start hitting others, who did not, but seeing as destrullen cars, corer makes you want to race properly. SOUND: Well, let's say not much to write, just engine noise, as up and down and nothing else changes. No big deal, since the type of game does not allow it, but some aspects could be improved. INNOVATION: There has been great progress since the last F1 game to play, in 2001, in some aspect. The genre does not give much, a group of cars that revolve around a track many times, actually be weighted a little boring after a few turns .... And finally the most evil of all the bugs, and I lost count of how many times 250Km/hy suddenly came to hit me with something invisible. Some are very funny, but a while later you want to mourn.


Almost perfect

kalil | May 30, 2013 | Review of Grand Theft Auto IV Steam - PC

Well here begins my analysis of GTA 4. gameplay 10 Gameplay perfect running form is very distinctive character. Technology 10 Actual movements of each of the characters Graphics 9.5 This could to be carefully worked over the graphics but still very good Sound 10 Good music, good voices. Innovation 10 Each new GTA is innovated 100 percent and it shows


Great Game

kalil | May 30, 2013 | Review of Wargame European Escalation - PC

I would start by saying that the game is very good, and obviously very playable and fun. At first it's fine, but after a couple of weeks is something boring because of its monotone in the battlefield. I decided to make this analysis to discuss his new DLC (free), adds new maps (+ other things) that make technical monotonous have to change, which has eliminated the boredom in the game longer. The maps are somewhat smaller (not much), but much more elaborate, with more buildings and new tactics to invent. This has changed a bit this game that was based on "who is the tank have more good", giving the opportunity to the infantry, tanks better tactically. I think this is a good contribution by the company, which has largely eliminated the monotony of this game. TIP: Buy it! is good.


Domination or Destruction!

kalil | May 30, 2013 | Review of Overlord II - PC

Embodying the very same evil, and with the help of our minions, we conquer lands, in youth, dared betray and surrender to the glorious empire, we now have the opportunity to decide whether to retaliate and massacre them all and implanter destruction or give them the feeling of protection for us to obey with blind faith domination caused by a little Malefica Presence. Being Destroyer or be the Dominator, choosing between these two pathways evolve our tower and our powers Averno change that will see altered by it, as well as our 3 dear. New addition to our minions that now equate to the battlefield and will be able to have their mounts, as well as go up in level and even to resurrect our favorites. Surprise the end, but want to continue with the hope that comes the third part.


Almost Perfect Blend

kalil | May 30, 2013 | Review of Sanctum - PC

This is a unique game, quite original and fun mazcla the famous FPS mode "Tower Defender" that varies between shots playable side us and tower defense with pauses between rounds of enemies to gestionesmos our team and buy and we improve the towers. Gameplay -> It's pretty good, but it has its drawbacks, for example you can not run or agacharce, which is strange in a game that becomes very frantic in places. The interfaces are simple but they are not comfortable at the time of build, as everything is done in first person and in the end it a little uncomfortable. Technology -> The corpses are piling up between so great, the scenario is quite exesible about spending x narrow areas and that there are variety of weapons but if they wanted to attract more people could have put more visually realistic weapons, no more types of weapons but if several of a class (4 machine guns instead of one and so would choose), almost all weapons have secondary fire and infinite bullets but no gun overheat or recharge their effects, except x the sniper can not aim. Graphics -> They are good, they remind me of the first Portal. Sound -> Chord, also if x example we x a relentize the music we heard more slowly, the effects are good. Innovation -> While mixing two common ways (and more FPS) gives a fresh title without history but very addictive. ------------- The Good --------------------- * Variety of enemies acceptable for missing distinction Enemies are special but still good. * Displays the number of how much life we ​​take Borderlands style enemies as useful data but we were not rewarded with exp or anything. * Good ambience. * Ability to upgrade weapons and towers, but improvements are not general, but is improving all the weapon without us to choose whether we want to increase damage or cadence, etc.. * Long Lasting x level The Bad ---------- -------------------------- * The only panoramic view only serves to teleport rather than to build as we all hope. * Lack more variety of Torres, desbloquiables, to buy, to choose the improvement we want, etc.. * You can not aim, run or agacharce. In short it is a good game that has a lot of potential wasted but still so much fun


A good game

kalil | May 30, 2013 | Review of GRID Overflow 1 - PC

In terms of gameplay, GRID is a good game, I do not deny. The car control is fluid, are the usual options but are well established, the mechanics and test types are fine. The graphics, sound and technology also are fine, perfectly fulfilling expectations. The criticism comes, however, from the lack of content and innovation. Not because there are few tournaments to run, but because there are few circuits. And that means you run over and over again on the same, which also are not too varied each level or gameplay nor aesthetics. Which just making the races more and more tedious. Furthermore, it should be noted that the multiplayer servers and are disabled, so you can not play in MP.


An attractive but sparse simulator

kalil | May 30, 2013 | Review of Hospital Tycoon (1) - PC

Hospital Tycoon is something of a repeat of Theme Hospital but much more concise .... FOR The graphics are very good, the rooms are very detailed and appliances as well as patients and staff. At each stage of the game you have some challenges resolever mantedrán you entertained ... For example send you cure a certain disease or keep the hospital with an appropriate until you pass an inspector. AGAINST There are only 12 stages in the game and quite short, are three hospitals with 4 stages or missions each. This and that there is little available to investigate diseases makes the game is really short and stay wanting more. There is a free way but just involves emotion, because as much 10 patients come once and each quite some time, so you can easily find with times when you do not have patients to see. ---- In short you are missing more game, meaning that the disease had extended available and the hospitals where they work. The game is too short and just add anything new to what was Theme Hospital. Recommended for fans of tycoon games, but it's nothing special.


A great game

kalil | May 30, 2013 | Review of Dirt Showdown - PC

DiRT Showdown is a great game, combining the excitement, action and realism of DiRT, an arcade with bumper cars of high quality. Gameplay: 9.5. It has a very real and dynamic gameplay. Technology: 9.0. What I wanted to highlight the game were the shocks, and has done very well, it seems I'm in the cockpit of the car on impact. Graphics: 10. A HDR and stunning colors with an excellent quality of textures on all cars, people etc.. It deserves note. Sound: 9.5. One of the best things is to play sound and headphones to the maximum to live realism to all ears. Innovation: 7.0. There is not much innovation, but realism and hours of fun are guaranteed.


From the best car games

kalil | May 30, 2013 | Review of DiRT 3 - PC

For you who like racing games and this is your GAME rally fun maps and well echos many game modes, amazing and a great new car and many cars, fun cars tune to your liking, is funny fight with your friends these games are of those who never tire of taste always comes to a race car and I keep saying I loved the game modes, and beautiful game graphics.


From heaven to earth

kalil | May 30, 2013 | Review of FUEL - PC

It's a huge game map, but as expected and the view is repeated all you see is trees and more trees, and the races are not as well worked and the graphics and sound is anything but otherworldly. This game boasts only for his great map endless and as icing on the cake are the storms, is completely predictable and every time we play a career path is repeated hurricanes and destruction of the few buildings that exist. Vehicles if they are original and of being able to leave by helicopter from one point to another makes it more bearable.


The best formula 1

kalil | May 30, 2013 | Review of F1 2012 - PC

Codemasters is not surprising and becomes strong with improved F1, with amazing graphics, amazing sound, global, circuits, drivers, cars ... all of them to a huge level of quality cars, even the shine on the front this very well done, and the landscapes of the circuits make transport you to the world of F1, a world of dreams. F1 2012, juegalo, live it and enjoy it.



kalil | May 30, 2013 | Review of GRID 2 pre - PC

If you like racing games, and you appreciate a good arcade, which is not synonymous with single or shallow, I doubt that it will not go pass pump with GRID 2 one of the best ways to say goodbye to a generation packed with great driving titles. Really Good Game, recommended 100%


Defend or Die

kalil | May 26, 2013 | Review of Sanctum 2 - PC

Here's the second installment of the sanctums. The game is quite similar to its previous part just improved. It carries a 8.5 in gameplay because I like to be a tower defense game and a shooter at a time, because if the turrets do not end with the enemy in this tower defense game you have the chance to kill you. It takes 9.0 technology for the gaming system, graphics engine ... The truth is that in this section is not much to highlight. It carries a 9.5 in graphics because it's what he deserves. The graphics are brutal, even in Direct X 9. The shadows are good and there are a lot of sharp colors. It carries a 8.5 on sound because I've loved, especially those who make weapons when they are recharged. In 7.5 innovation takes on the original delivery because the truth is that it is as 1 just been upgraded at all, so that's why this notilla so low in that paragraph. Conclusion: A game you must play if you like shooting and strategy games.


Just Bioshock

kalil | May 26, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

Bioshock Infinite is a first-person shooter with RPG touches and a universe and carefully crafted plot. It is developed by Irrational Games, and creative leader is the same of the previous two installments. Within the series, is a spn-off, as there is the storyline of the first two parts and gameplay changes in many aspects. The story takes place in 1912. Our protagonist, Booker DeWitt, a former Pinkerton detective, who, for unknown reasons, has taken to drink and to game, accumulating considerable debt. An unknown character offers to pay the DeWitt debt in exchange he will do a job: Traveling to a hidden flying city above the clouds called Columbia, find a girl named Elizabeth and bring it to New York safely. Which, of course, is infinitely more complicated than meets the eye. The graphic is outstanding in all aspects. The game uses a palette of lively colors, with a predominance of yellow, brown and red. Textures and models are very elaborate, and facial expressions and animations are outstanding. This makes stunning graphics, but you play it on a PC medium to low. Turning to the sound aspect, the music is sparse but perfectly with the house always environment, although it is not anything particularly memorable. However, the best of Sound is the dialogue. The dubbing is very good, and represents perfectly what you think each character at any time, although there are some times when you hear expressions that do not sound good, as if they had mistranslated English. And finally, we come to look playable .. As a good shooter, Bioshock Infinite is based to defeat enemies with bullets. However, the engagement goes beyond simply crazy shoot enemies. The key battle in this game is the use vigours correct the weapons and environment. The vigours are special powers that Booker can use, ranging from having to make levitate enemies helpless igneous throwing grenades through dividing to explode or throw crows peck at your enemies. But to use a force, you must first find your invigorating. The energizers are within specific ranges of the game, and once achieved we can use them whenever we want. However, in order to use vigours are needed salts. We can only carry a certain amount of salts, which are spent by using the vigours, and if you run out, we can not use them. Finding replenished salts objects that replenish environment, using certain equipment or buying in vending machines. As for weapons, they also have much to discuss. As in most current game and unlike in previous installments, you can only carry two at a time, so if you get a new weapon, you will have to release the previously wore. The weapons are very different. Instead of being, as in other games, most weapons the same category and distinguished rather little, here are slim arms and a very specific function. Therefore, there will only be a submachine gun, only one Shotgun, only one light gun, and so on. Although you can only carry two at a time and have to get by and taking weapons continuously, you can store all ammunition and upgrade weapons. On all sides Columbia, find vending machines weapon upgrades, or vigours just sell supplies. Each weapon has four upgrades available, and each improvement affects that particular weapon, but always preserves. So if, for example, SMG damage upgrades, but then you throw it, if you ever get another find applied around the improvement will continue. In fact, you do not have the gun equipped to improve it.


From the best Resident Evils

kalil | May 26, 2013 | Review of Resident Evil Revelations Post - PC

Honestly, the best Resident Evil have released for PC, and the best that I could play, I think they have been all .. To say that this version is not new, it took quite some time for other consoles, and now you have made PC. So, logically its graphics are not up to today's games, but they are pretty good .. The gameplay is good, maybe it is true, sometimes scoring costs, for example with the look of the rifle, but otherwise, the game is going well and is very well optimized. The best of the game, no doubt, is its story mode, grabs you from the first moment, and keep changing characters in different places. I liked a lot and I honestly expected worse Operation Raccoon style, which has been among the worst in this saga, but thankfully, it was not so ... It is an outstanding game, I really liked the Resident Evil6 more, I suppose it matters of taste. FORWARD, I recommend it.


Goodbye blue skies

kalil | May 26, 2013 | Review of Metro Last Light Overflow - PC

One of the features I want to mention is this game is ... the horror, the sense of enclosure, do not know if you're playing metro amnesia. Never lose that feeling of anguish and confinement even when on the surface, I can not talk much about terror but I will say that if you like exploring you have earned true scares. At last we have a decent disposal system scenarios improved AI infiltration and less tedious will these scenarios. All enemies are new, I mean, now we know the new post-apocalyptic wildlife from giant bugs to throw acid worms, also known as the old demons or have been re created nosalises giving fiercest pints The music and sound effects are very similar to the previous one, with pretty good that come included with the new scenarios and new enemies. have rare failures as floating vessels, but nothing to ruin the progress, not the perfect game, but if you seek one suvivalhorror set in a post apocalyptic world you might like to try this and if you played Metro 2033, this is an excellent sequel that totally improves the original. I recommend you play at night, in the dark and helmets, will be a really stimulating experience. buy?? yes, no doubt.


The best Devil May Cry

kalil | Jan. 21, 2013 | Review of DMC Devil May Cry - PC

With the complete game 2 times, in different difficulties I can say I was not expecting much from this facelift on this franchise. For starters I would stress that you forget to enjoy it all that you played in the past and your interest in this new story I intend to tell. There is no point criticizing this game because it is not what you played for years ... Ladies and Gentlemen ... times change and also DEVIL MAY CRY. Playability: 9.5 I enjoy the Hack & Slash, to dominate the game and so I feel qualified to say that Ninja Theory has managed to evolve this system, the sensation of playing this game at a time and use many different weapons cushion their various movements not I have never seen in any other game. That's why I think they have managed to increase the gameplay at its finest. Do not give it a 10 because I lack more puzzles and mapped to lose yourself and move backward. TECHNOLOGY: 8.5 The unreal engine profited the most, that sentence than powerful enough to spare some loss of texture ... and some other things that can be overlooked because they are rare and do not affect the gameplay at any time. Graphics: 9. A brilliant artistic and photographic section that give us moments I will never forget, in some scenarios insane and extremely original. The fusion of chaos and color fits perfectly and all linked to the design of enemies and allies creates a molotov cocktail very devil may cry. SOUND: 10 The BSO is spectacular fit at all times, makes you feel more desire to move forward, to see another topic we expected. INNOVATION: Considering this is a franchise reboot, which have evolved the combat system and the entire design of the game is completely new 8.5 put him XD THE GOOD: Its history, art section, the BSO and addictive combat system. All seasoned with touches of humor. THE BAD: Not for closed minded to keep saying that it is not dante ....


Goooood Game!

kalil | Dec. 21, 2012 | Review of Rocketbirds Hardboiled Chicken - PC

At first is rare but is very good game with a great soundtrack and a well-implemented learning curve. For all that we like 2D games Flash type Shank, Mark of Ninja, Limbo etc, you will like this also. I'm surprised how little publicity has been given and the few notes that you are putting deserves more recognition.


Not Bad

kalil | Dec. 21, 2012 | Review of Rift - PC

Well, now I will do a review on what I liked and did not like about this game: D The Good: - A variety of classes are not just the typical, tank, mage, healer, there are many that are very different, I was struck by the bombardier example, devoted to attach or drop bombs to enemy - The skill system I like, choose a main class but you like where to spend two points so that you can do many variations. For example you can choose to be a thief, but there are many types of patron "thief", for example you could make combinations murderer and bombardier - Innovations as rifts system, which are merely dimensional door openings other planes entering does invade earth beings. - It is more or less dynamic, entering these extradimensional beings can kill NPCs that give quests, all you do is enter the capitals, which are very rare, but if they reach normal raze whole cities so that the Sometimes people meet to raze them and clean some area. These bugs give you points you can spend then getting rewards, but neither are amazing, and you need to kill very many bugs and close many rifts to get something interesting. - It leaves a pleasant feeling is subjective but if the game does not stand out too hooked though, I give him a "good" for this game The bad: - It is more or less the same as the other MMORPGs, just doing repetitive but not both, the dynamics of rifts makes it more interesting - The graphics are not the wafer but well - This very focused on guilds, if you belong to a guild that can get different objects to the guild so that they get bonuses for the guild, if you like to go on your own do not advise this game, I went for that reason because the guild depend and if you want to change or lose throw everything done for the guild. It also makes people unite sole most powerful guilds.


Pure action, little fear

kalil | Dec. 21, 2012 | Review of Resident Evil 5 - PC

I find it difficult to decide where to focus on my analysis of Resident Evil 5, could analyze it as a game of action, but also as a game in the series, so I will talk about the two sides in trying to compare and balance the scales. I want to be clear from the outset, Resident Evil 5 is not scary at any time what does he do?, Just simply give us a scare from time to time, enemies that appear suddenly screaming and stuff, which come to be smoothly But horror anything, that is totally lost. Resident Evil 5 Is true to its name at some point? If, in some respects, is very unfair to say that no, we still have a brief inventory for weapons, ammunition and medicinal herbs, which forces us to leave things behind and make room as best we can to have our partner beside the holes for storing objects increases much more than in old Resident Evil, but you can forgive, we fucked like space, that's what matters. The story is coherent and accurate description because there are zombies, the virus is more complex, more developed, even so it does not seem reason enough to make a game like Resident Evil in a pure action game, those infected with "The Plague" also could be scary if you propose, are more concerned unfortunately run screaming into the spotlight, to say nothing of the last chapters, and at that point is that neither they hide. The duration has seemed more than acceptable, and their problems, every time I found a good balance, it is ridiculously easy, either absurdly difficult, we will make them spend hard time occasionally, but nothing that can not be solved with a little effort, on its duration, playing properly, without running as a Rambo, lasting more than 10 hours perfectly. His great strength and where I see more shine is when replay, giving you just enough incentive to have fun again and again and again until you get tired, the extras are collectible figurines, costumes, filters, also can improve a large arsenal of weapons with the money we get, after toil away a good amount of money on improving the maximum one still have to keep playing to get the definite improvement, infinite ammo for that weapon. Ultimately, as shooter gives us everything we want and not disappoint, as Resident Evil is another thing altogether, which does not give the name of the series promises. Unfortunately may not Resident Evil never again be what it was, but at least it seems that we will have good shooters, that's something, is not as good as the old, useless, but fun as I'll put one 9, but if you would otherwise be called, but I lack the terror that characterized this saga.


Deserved Fame

kalil | Dec. 21, 2012 | Review of Doom 3 BFG Edition Nexway - PC

A few years ago when Doom 3 came out the press called it one of the best games of the moment. Several friends recommended it to me, telling me it was great, but for various reasons could not buy it. I took advantage of this reissue to me with it and I was not disappointed at all. The graphics are a bit limited and notice the movement of enemies somewhat crude (type doll) when compared with those of the current action games, but these little drawbacks noted quickly stop because the game sucks you in completely. The sound is perfect and excellent ambiantación making immersion in that world is absolutely overwhelming and claustrophobic. Just have to think, but you spend a lot of hours with the survival instinct and spent activated adrenaline jet. I think the key that I liked so much is that there are no elements that distract you and take you out of the story. The complex puzzles or games in which one must be constantly picking up objects or things tuneando eventually slow and amodorrarte action. Here that does not happen. Each weapon only brings a type of ammunition and can not be improved. No need to press keys to collect ammo or armor, but when passing the acquire automatically. This may seem silly, allows you to focus solely on what's important: survive hundreds of enemies that attack you. Another strength is how well they are dosed attacks enemies with other moments of exhaustion and recovery, but forcing you to always stay alert. The bosses in the classic style of action games, not disappoint. The well-balanced difficulty: difficult enough to be challenging but not enough to be impossible or lead to frustration. Therefore, at least for me, all the good reviews it received this title once were deserved.


Good Skin to play with that

kalil | Dec. 11, 2012 | Review of Awesomenauts Officer Lonestar Skin - PC

This is a good dlc, no idea if it worth it but you can see your favourite(or not :P) character with this amazing skin. It not haves any different things from the original But it´s really funny to see that skin in this character If you like Awesomenauts, you must have it :D


Good Game to play :D

kalil | Dec. 11, 2012 | Review of World of Goo - PC

World of Goo is an innovative arcade game with physics elements. You control "goo balls" in different forms, colors and properties; everything from normal black, sticky green, balloon red, transparent water drops and more. Your task is to reach the pipe and "rescue" a required number (or even more) of goo balls - a simple idea with very good realization and addictive gameplay. There's not much to say about the gameplay because i already explained it at beginning of the review; it's everything about building towers and bridges just to reach the pipe. You can use the rescued balls in a game mode where you try to build an andless tower and compare the size to other players on the internet. The only bad thing (and also reason why the game didn't get 100 points) are a little bad physics, but we can ignore it since everything else is awesome. Pros: + gameplay + beautiful graphics and sounds + highly addictive Cons: - physics Conclusion: This game is a must-have, doesn't matter if you're not into arcades, you'll love it.


Like The First Time

kalil | Dec. 11, 2012 | Review of Borderlands 2 post - PC

The first Borderlands was a good game about guns. This is just more of the same. If you really enjoyed the first one, you'll love this one. I found the first one to be good, and I found this one to be slightly less good. But still good. The basic game mechanics are exactly the same - though some of the characters a lot less interesting. The story is still quite boring, but far from the mess the story was in the previous game. There are some very annoying menu and UI choices that I really didn't like, but the great visual style and hilarious voice acting was still present. There are still ridiculous amounts of guns (though they didn't seem as varied or fun as the last game, but that's possibly because I'd seen the most of the gun varieties before) and they're still quite fun to shoot. The game still gets very repetitive. It's kinda sad that they didn't change much from the old formula, because it was slightly broken. But hey, maybe nowadays people say "if it's only slightly broke, don't bother fixing it, it's probably still fine".


Good and Hardly Game :D

kalil | Dec. 11, 2012 | Review of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition NA - PC

Overall this game is amazing. It's very challenging and difficult, yet satisfying because of this. It's long, and fun the entire way, with some of the best gameplay mechanics I have ever seen (that is, if you are using a gamepad). The only two problems with this game are, first off, that you need a gamepad for any good controls. When a game comes to PC, I feel it should have PC controls, however, this does not. I would not recommend this to anyone who does not have a gamepad. Secondly, the visuals are both stunningly beautiful, and horrid. When you go above a certain resolution, it starts to look stretched and pixelated. However, after a few hours of gameplay I quickly got over that fact and have enjoyed the game for hours on end being completely satisfied with the challenges it has one overcome.


Epic Game but really hard to beat :P

kalil | Dec. 11, 2012 | Review of Tomb Raider Anniversary - PC

Awesome remake of the first Tomb Raider. Great combination of action and logic puzzles. You might be disappointed a little in the second half of the game because of harder and puzzle rooms that can took you a lot of time, but if you liked other Tomb Raider games (I mean those 3D adventure games), you'll definitely like it.


Good Game but Horrible Port :s

kalil | Dec. 11, 2012 | Review of Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection (1) - PC

Those games (Mortal Kombat 1, 2 & 3) themselves are best in genre. They have a really good story, nice graphic and fun gameplay. Yet MKK is nothing more than attempt to steal our money, using good memories about the first Mortal Kombat titles. Developers and publisher of this trash didn't bother to optimize and support their product (they even didn't fix some known bugs when porting MKK from console to PC). Such a shame. PROS: classic Mortal Kombat games - best in series; multi-player; achievements. CONS: Unreal engine (!) - lazy-ass devs; incredibly high system requirements for the formerly DOS-based games (thanks to Unreal engine and lazy-ass devs); laggy unplayable multi-player; unchangeable key-bindings; Logitech gamepad problem; inability to set player 2 controls on keyboard (necessity of XBOX 360 controller); bugs (some of them came from XBOX version); lack of support - the game was never updated since the release; waste of money.


Not really scary but good to play :D

kalil | Dec. 11, 2012 | Review of FEAR 2 Project Origin (1) - PC

Although it is not nearly as creepy as Amnesia, F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin is still a great horror game and an excellent sequel. The atmosphere is tense and the story is downright disturbing at times. In my opinion, it is even better than F.E.A.R. My biggest complaint about the first game was how repetitive it was. F.E.A.R. 2 is much more varied. Unlike F.E.A.R., you don't spend 90% of the game in an office building. There is a much larger variety of locations than F.E.A.R. F.E.A.R. 2 was definitely designed with consoles in mind and there are a couple of awful quick-time events, however, the gameplay is still more fun than the average modern shooter. The combat if F.E.A.R. 2 is definitely above average. Project Origin may not be as horrifying as Amnesia or Penumbra, but it is still an excellent game and definitely worth buying.


Play and Enjoy!

kalil | Dec. 11, 2012 | Review of Dishonored Nextway - PC

One of the best single-player games I've encountered. The game play is extremely flexible, with huge replay value and almost unlimited approaches to each encounter. This game has many very obvious influences including Bioshock, Half-life 2, Assassin's Creed, and Metal Gear Solid. The dystopian, plague-ridden atmosphere comes across as as believable and engaging. The combat is smooth, but requires some practice as the controls differ from most other games. Also, combat often involves multiple enemies and the player doesn't have much more health than the enemies do. As a Bethesda game, I expected it to be open world (like the Elder Scrolls), but the game is more mission based, with a central "base" where the player gets missions and upgrades, and several "Districts" where the actual missions take place.


I like this game :D

kalil | Dec. 11, 2012 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown POST - PC

Back in the 90s Ufo: Enemy Unknown and the sequel X-Com: Terror From the Deep were my favorite games. I spent many hours battling aliens and caring for my soldiers so I was a bit worried about the reboot. Would it live up to the childhood memories? The answer is yes. There are changes copared to the original game, but all are for the better. The cover system is intuitive. The 2 actions per turn thing streamlines combat and the class system adds some control over the development of your soldiers. The story is engaging, albeit short, but in between the set events there are many random missions to keep you engaged and playing. The maps are premade though so there will be repetition, but it's not something a DLC can't solve. This game proved that the turn-based squad games can be a commercial success while also catering to the old school crowd. This bodes extremely well for the (almost certain now) sequels.


I expected a little more

kalil | July 3, 2012 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V Gods and Kings - PC

Only about expansion. Of the just under 8 to 9 hours I've spent the game of "one more turn" expanded, I'm under the impression that some of the acclaimed implementations such as religion and intelligence, should have had more gravitancia factor in diplomacy and in general play, to say the spy system which seemed a bit rough, I would have preferred a great character or unit that is devoted to these as the great prophets and missionaries, which may evolve as a combat unit or are I, but the system and make little use of this toll-like that of the spy is the only offensive attitude steal technology and rigging elections in city states, and the rest is walking indiscretions, which can not boycott, bribing etc. . -. As a curiosity, one of the most useful things and also, why not, realistically, was the subject of the embassy and that in one way or another let you know the location of empires at the beginning of the game, an issue that often mattered certain configurations and strategies. For new civilizations, which I have not tried them all, only commenting that he could have done more to update existing ones, as well as adding new ones, as the price of this DLC is not the sea that was cheap. Anyway, I thought the expansion was correct, but I miss you more personality to the new toys of the game because it does not really make much difference in a game, except some new civilizations skills that are actually rather good.


Rapture captures you, like it or not ...

kalil | July 3, 2012 | Review of BioShock - PC

I bought the game, install it: good graphics, good gameplay and good sound but it was still a shooter, a shooter rather strange desistalandolo finish and over time it came back to install, really could not tell why , something pushed me to try to understand it and soak it. I just started to catch, the game is great, the best I've played on PC, the story makes you so immerse yourself in the frame you want to know what will happen, because you are in that sunken city, forsaken God and only to danger. At first it gives you something to fear, but especially those accustomed to the genre and if you play at night with headphones and with the lights out, but at time t used to it. It is a game that you can not lose, the boys have 2K out of nothing an amazing story, fascinating, original and groundbreaking. Do not know what else to say about this work of art, play it and will understand my words, do not fall into the mistake of judging before playing as happened to me. NOT GODS OR KINGS ONLY MANS...


An awesome DLC

kalil | May 27, 2012 | Review of Saints Row The Third Saints Row Pack - PC

If you want a new gun with a shark killing people this is for you! In this dlc you get an awesome gun with the power to kill people with a shark. It´s a really funny DLC, because you can see the people saying : AAAAAAAAA and you are here viewing that strange situation I repeat, funny and excellent DLC if you have Saints Row 3 you must have this DLC


The war

kalil | May 27, 2012 | Review of Iron Front Liberation 1944 - PC

We find a game with all the potential of Arma 2 very smart but historically in the 2nd World War and with vehicles and uniforms modeled lovingly polished, which will delight fans of the genre. In addition to two seasons to play is certainly the community will grow much more mods and more mods taking to significantly lengthen the time you have Iron Front: liberation longer installed on your computer and multiplayer games can give you a really fun, what more can you ask!?.


A great game of history

kalil | May 27, 2012 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V - PC

Very good game, addictive and fun ... but is very slow and did not like the more beasts ... Gameplay: Great! The story is ... well, is the history of mankind! Take your empire to world domination! A very good game system, simplified and shallow. The research, diplomacy (which does not have much truth), upgrade the troops and the interaction with the leaders give much variety to the game. Moreover, the burden is great and abundant historical ... this is to learn and have fun and not "once upon a time ..." Technology: Highly advanced compared to predecessors ... but it is a waste .. but meets technical Graphics: Good. Beautiful scenarios, a spectacular water recreation and historical characters very good! Sound good but repetitive effects, dubbing and brutal songs (though rare) quality Innovation: Innovation over its predecessors, is also very rare strategy shift that will thrill fans of board games, whose biggest role model is this game


Parachuting, shooting, motorcycling, including flight

kalil | May 22, 2012 | Review of Just Cause - PC

What if a movie of 007 joints of 60 and one of the 80 American polis, the answer is Just Cause, the story of a secret agent with much given to the crazy life. Beautiful landscapes and a huge and varied scenery dodne exist. Variety of vehicles, weapons, characters, and the only fault I have to go in "Rocky" all the time and can not be PLS the "stealth". The gameplay is tremendous added to the number of options you have, and making good use of all available resources can create a living hell. The graphics very good, with the only downside, and this only in my case I could not make it full screen because the resolution of 1024 would not let me go, some versions have the bug. And everything else is good, this game honestly I could not find any big problem.


Original, to be entertained for a while

kalil | May 22, 2012 | Review of Zombie Driver - PC

Zombie Driver, great, unique in its kind and highly addictive. Scenarios fully destructible, fully destructible zombies, a variety of cars to slaughter, even a bus, my favorite course. Too limited ammunition weapons, but a variety of these. The camera sometimes plays tricks, too upright. At the level playable, it's pretty simple, destroys whatever and how many zombies are to reach your goals, saving survivors and bring them back to base safely, and sometimes clean hordes of zombies in a particular area. Technology is not new, and the graphics quality is acceptable. The sound is in sufficient. Addictive to the limits.


A good job of Crystal

kalil | May 22, 2012 | Review of Tomb Raider Legend - PC

I played this game, I've almost finished, it is very good, Lara looks very beautiful, Crystal did a good job to be the first Tomb Raider game. Gameplay: It's fun and interesting, but you can explore a lot to say, the rest all excellent, all the levels and gameplay, but it's like some things a little easier, but excellent. Technology: Lara's movements are better and are more athletic, we have the hook to hang on to sites that contain metal areas, we can analyze artifacts, and we have the zip and alister comments. Among other things. Since Lara now not as alone as before. And if you have noticed, in the "Menu" of the game, Lara is the image of the place with the background level, for example, Bolivia, and that Lara with the background landscape of Bolivia. Graphics: I have not really enjoyed the graphics because my computer does not have good graphics cards, but I've seen videos of Tomb Raider Legend's previous and I compared and for the year that was released the graphics were quite advanced. Sound: These refer to the music or sounds in general? The music is beautiful, mostly the "Main Theme" and the entire soundtrack, are perfect. And the sounds of guns and walking Lara Croft is perfect, I loved everything. Innovation: Crystal did a good job, I can only say that.


Agent 47 ID: BRO3886.

kalil | May 22, 2012 | Review of Hitman 2 Silent Assassin - PC

A great game that could be considered a classic. Hitman is certainly, at least for me, the best game which plays a real murderer in the pay of our time. Working for an agency that makes more money than any resources provided by this, how to refuse to do a "job"? In this installment the plot has gained much. 47 is prejubilándose redeem a small church in Sicily working as a gardener. There, Father Vittorio will become his mentor and friend. Everything seems to be at peace and the past of 47 forgotten, but all good things come to an end. A local mob boss kidnaps the father forcing 47 has unearth his past. In principle, the agency will work again for convenience but in the end you will realize that this is your life and can not leave it behind. That little early retirement has served only 47 to clarify some things, think about other and confirm the already known ... The gameplay is excellent, offering a freedom of action and may offer some games that boast today's graphics and others when they should focus on the gameplay and / or plot and story. Within this freedom of action offered by Hitman 2: Silent Assassin have the possibility to act differently to achieve our goal through the typical aggressive shooting up the subtlety of disguise and using environmental objects as poison to drink. In the latter way would never know who has been responsible for the death of the victim or has been fortuitous. The array of 47 is really great being able to choose different methods of death even if we are not attracting much attention can always use a handkerchief soaked chloroform or always effective fiber, undetectable in the body searches and metal detectors. The graphics and sound for the time it was released this game I think they have been remarkable. The varied scenario and objects in the environment and the characters are care and act more or less realistic. Always with the typical error / bug casual head that rotates around the body to not stop watching you or the gun through the wall. The sounds match exactly with the situation in which they were, reloading weapons, footprints in the snow, drowning with fiber, swipes with the butt of the gun ... And at its most innovative game system that I have been describing. By the time which I think has been released of the most innovative in terms of storyline, gameplay and gender. Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is, in short, a great game, great classic and that every gamer must have tasted good. In most definitely recommended.


Hopefully have consequences

kalil | May 22, 2012 | Review of Dark Sector - PC

The Good: The effect on slow camera when you throw the punch. The blood and the curiosity to cut enemies. Excellent environmental and the sound of guns. Scenarios vary greatly. The Bad: Very short game ... q do not vary so many enemies .. The graphics could be better ... Small variety of weapons .... In summary it is recommended ... but there are better games such as Gears of War


Lara again, this time accompanied ...

kalil | May 22, 2012 | Review of Lara Croft And The Guardian of Light - PC

In my opinion, this new installment of the archaeologist most famous of all time, has been fantastic. The gameplay is excellent, leaving nothing to be desired the player. The multiplayer is really fun, perfect for spending a few hours without getting bored playing in the least. The graphics are very good, without being dazzling or the other world, but with an engine worked very well. The fact of taking a game with the news about the camera still, with eagle eye, may have signally failed, but not at all what happened with Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Finally, for fans of Lara Croft, you can not miss in any way to play this game.


Kane And Lynch, in a vengeance.

kalil | May 22, 2012 | Review of Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days - PC

Kane and Lynch are back, this time more violent after the events in Venezuela, Lynch lives a normal life in Shanghai, China with his girlfriend XIU, while Kane Need Get Paid To Jenny, You're going to smuggle weapons together when something ocure that cost the lives of many. graphics: Graphically is superb, the lighting, textures, Performance, Physical Exelentes Having addition, the scenarios are excellently detailed, far surpassing 1rimero, if I had made ​​Dead Men 6 that I put both this?, simple, this game is a very good game, a game! sound: Has an excellent FX and music, I like the theme Dreams Mandarin, the vocalist is excellent!, Better than Mary Elizabeth (Silent Hill) just one of the best games with one of the best musics! History: Mature and well thought out, history shows that Dog Days Great Mafia bosses and Corrupt have weaknesses, I will not say anything, if they find out juegenlo, Kane And Lynch endured Torture Niko and Roman in GTA IV Multiplied by 1000, saying that Niko and Roman are as Big Boss before he died, even so Big Boss is stronger than them just before he died.


A wonderful story

kalil | May 22, 2012 | Review of Bastion - PC

The magic of Bastion is based more than anything to make you into a story, telling a story the truth of a very unique and innovative way through an excellent storyteller who told you you absolutely everything that happens around you. Has some scenarios and a sublime artwork accompanied by a soundtrack, the two are truly emotional end you are left with a taste quite nice, maybe the story is not the greatest work ever seen but if something is found Supergiant games how can you tell a story far more important than the story itself and not misunderstand because the story is wonderful just reaching its true point of interest until the end of it, meanwhile keeping the player quite entertaining killing monsters, leveling up, improving weapons, completing objectives albeit somewhat repetitive is not tedious at all times. A title that is absolutely true in all its aspects and also has a replay value that is not seen much in these times, a game worthy of every praise, which personally I fall like few games have done, focus on the soundtrack just beautiful.


Total Action

kalil | May 16, 2012 | Review of Warhammer 40000 Space Marine - PC

Playability: just perfect, there is no possibility of coverage but is offset by the power of weapons and abilities of the Space Marines (Ultramarines in this case) and I really like it to be so being more faithful to the series and moving away from Gears of Wars TPS which so many now are copied. also feel the power of being a Space Marine and fight for humanity against the orks and the forces of chaos a priceless title with gameplay perfect keeping with the genre and the series that represents and is also impossible not to enjoy killing your enemies saw in hand proving to have the DNA of the sons of the emperor. Technology: not give me any kind of errors, failures or sudden exits the system, and its graphics engine sounds good. Graphics: Graphics that meet some but not that they are those of Crysis, but still are very well liked enough that if I wanted to improve a little but do not disappoint. Sound: very good I have no complaints from them, perfectly complement the adventure. Innovation: nearly perfect as they managed to adapt very well what it means to be a Space Marine, true to the saga that is, without recycling content from many other games and making the brilliant union of a TPS with a hack and slash and to the more advanced levels and the maximum difficulty is a real challenge and you change weapons with great precision to be victorious, not personally tried a game that had achieved this as well. if you like Dawn Of War titles that you'll love



kalil | May 16, 2012 | Review of Batham Arkham City - PC

Gameplay: Impeccable, not much to say, new moves, an easily deployed through the city, besides the game to be well optimized Technology: Even in a radeon HD 4200 can run it super well, the city excellently done, and excellently optimized and that average quality is much better than GTA IV, weighing less Graphics: Not much to say, Direcx11, oclucion environmental nesecitas everything to have a terrible experience! Sounds: An excellent ambience, sounds patrols, helicopters, conversations, near and far, some q other important things Innovation: Nose that gave 3DJuegos 7, then call of duty deserves 1 or anything, as is always the same type of game, but here instead of a small place with a huge, endonde many missions, the main and secondary levels where you delight with almost all the characters in the history of truth batman, help others, etc. PS: Game aptly recommended whether or not you played the first batman, rocksteady these guys if they do addictive and super fun games, batman hope the other be left to the Unreal engine 3.


Fantasy and freedom

kalil | May 15, 2012 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 3 - PC

I will begin by highlighting the points that I did not like the game. I think the vast majority of its features are excellent, however there are some missions that have a very simple and boring plot. This applies to the missions of the Legion and Nordic. They are boring missions that force you to go from one point to another clearing enemy camps. A poor argument compared to the quality of the game. The unions are too short and make me some classes are a bit unbalanced. An archer must lamear sometimes hard to survive, while a warrior with shield and weapon to a hand reaches a point where it is difficult to knock down. In this version of PC admit I have not had hardly any error or bug while playing. People may say that the game has many bugs, but I say it has almost none. - Now focusing on the positives, the game has a juagabilidad more than excellent. If we add a decent story over a soundtrack excellent, plus a few graphics to match a title like that, plus an outstanding technology for what this game is huge, the note would end at 9.7. The mapping is immense, also a very important aspect is that the dungeons are not repeated. 5 people worked exclusively in the design of the dungeons, creating more than 5000 different parts. This way when entering a dungeon will see a mixture of a selection of these parts. The combinations are almost endless and will never have the feeling that we are repeating a dungeon, I repeat, NEVER. Explore brings significant benefits, and choose which missions you do first not at all negatively impact the game. The excellent sound. Excellent sound track and translated and dubbed into Castilian TOTALLY. Very good graphics. And random epic battles with dragons in the open. An extremely good gameplay. Fixed many bugs in the approach of the predecessor of this game. In all respects the truth. Class system, talents, combat, leveling and leveling of creatures ... Exploration, equipment, lighting, battle system. Quite a few things that affect our fun while we play. Duration and level of difficulty: Both decent and adapted to each player.


Learn from the past, to succeed in the future

kalil | May 15, 2012 | Review of Sonic Generations - PC

Sonic being the legendary SEGA mascot, during the time of the 90 competing against Nintendo pulling big titles, the quality of the Hedgehog series but no one discussed dreamcasts after time, stopped racing SEGA console itself and lost sonic quality and during the years it was trying everything that crossed their head, sometimes it worked other only worsened the poor sonic quality. Now on its 20th anniversary SEGA has seriously to make a special game and it is certainly the best game we have received from sonic which is very much about the quality of yesteryear. During a birthday party that receives sonic by his friends, a mysterious being, attacks and kidnaps for different time points of the life of the hedgehog, which was in a strange dimension completely white, which was found with sonic your age and I together will be, to save his friends and defeat the mysterious creature. Gameplay: Sonic Generations is composed of the story mode and online mode, which I explain below first focus on the story. In story mode we move through a room, not to call a long white corridor, where we find areas in which we play. Where we have the first 3 areas to explore, and after that his boss, each will have their vision sonic dimension so to speak, one in the past and one in the future, which will change with the triangle. And nearly every area a couple of doors that will explain later. 2 acts per zone will control the first with the old sonic and the second with the sonic modern. Playing with old sonic platforms are 2D and very simple controls where jump with X and square leaving sprint tight sonic which will make a run at high speed by defeating enemies in its path, when more apretemos will travel more distance squared. Of course the classics return monitors where lives get, rings or the power to be invincible temporarily, until the final stretch with the classic rotating lineup. With modern sonic jump with X square will use the turbo on, this turbo will allow us to go to a very great speed but it will spend as we use, but be filled out as we get the rings and defeat the enemies along the way. So we fill thanks to the antics in the air to make sonic with the left stick and end with R1 and L1 at a time, before falling to the ground. We will also use R1 and L1 for when we're running with the turbo to dodge obstacles or cliffs. With a skid will circle to pass under openings in order to avoid having to stop. X will also allow us to drone attacks against enemies. Finally we can control the 2 sonic stick to the left or the spider control, as we are more comfortable. We will also have to go through a series of red rings will help us better reach some sites, but we will be working to achieve, so-called rainbow rings take us directly to a remote spot, the stage, which will help us save time and pirouette to recharge the turbo. So the controls are very intuitive and easy to carry, which is important for the various acts aprontar we present the game, with many details of the saga, as the docks, collecting rings everywhere, drifting very fast by railings survive aquatic areas, leap great distances, and so on. The objective of game is to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible and get the best grade, which is the S, which is not as easy as it sounds. Apart from the areas we will go through 9 in total each based on a different sonic game like sonic heroes sonic colors or say some, we will face some bosses that truth, sin to be a little difficult but they are caught fast, the hang of how to remove them. Finally say that each zone will advance as typical elements of the game, such as using the colors in their area and sonic skateboarding in another. The story mode gameplay is no more mystery and anyone can feel comfortable playing it Now let's talk about the playability of the online mode, which leaves much to be desired, explain why. There are only two ways here of 30 seconds mode and normal mode phase. In 30 seconds so we have the acts of each sonic 9 where we have to reach as far as possible in that time frame. The normal mode is almost like playing story mode phases without some features of this, then explain innovations. Basically these 2 modes only serve to put our time scores and points to a database and compare worldwide such we have. The truth's a shame it would have been the perfect excuse to see done to careers in areas with a friend or with another player online, each with a different sonic color for example. So this game mode passed almost unnoticed by the title. Technology: The game moves not bad, but load times but no longer can do, a little heavy if you accumulate, for example by putting the game while loading the credits and then select the item is, the story mode or manner online, it took a while to load. Then we will be the same if we change the sonic in the hall for selecting areas and each time you start or head area. But where most noticeable load times is in online mode but here is more logical, the game having to connect to the Internet. SEGA truth, could see tried to solve the excessive load times, the game. On the other hand say that it is sometimes the game takes to load some items on the stage itself is not anything serious, but it is those little things that clash a bit like going through an area with modern sonic and see a ramp until almost been at his side, does not appear a second ramp attached to it, I would have to be seen from afar. But on the positive side, we note with modern sonic very successful turbo mode speed sensation when, running on stage in 3D, plus many effects on stage by the 2 sonic and flow of the phases are perfectly without the slightest problem. Nor is there any complaints with the number of enemies on screen, although not usually many, or even with the huge bosses. Finally say that load without any problem. Graphics: If anything characterizes the sonic saga is the great use of color in his scenes and characters. Sonic former has a smaller design with a lighter blue that makes it quite retro, making fit, while the modern Sonic is designed to be higher, with a darker blue and sterilized. Where most noticeable design changes from modern to old is with dr dr robotnik or eggman, one much more infantile and simple in design with a much more detailed and credible. Finally we would Tails versions of past and future, 2 very similar but a smaller, more child-like than the other in the future. The rest of the characters Amy, Shadow, Metal Sonic, have a very consistent and correct in their designs without highlighting any of them with bright colors. Now for the areas, which meet in designs remain 100% faithful to their respective games, scenes of great beauty in both 2D and 3D. The game of using the colors of the sets are fantastic and the textures are well done. Also when running at full speed with the 2 sonic, we can see how the scenarios do not lose sharpness and feel the sensation of speed in them. The designs of the enemies and bosses are also very colorful, which have all kinds in the form of robots, from animals, mini space staples or police cars. The heads are of great size and design are very original. I mean some old sonic retro scenarios are to remove the hat to see how they have been created for this title, especially the famous green hill, filled with nostalgia to the older players. Finally say that the white area in which we move, is very elegant, to see how to pass each color area is recovering and thus, our friends. Sound: If anything stands out sonic generation is in the sound section, since the game has a summary of the main themes of the saga of the Hedgehog, both original, versioned 0 for the time being together, a treat for the ears. We have all kinds of issues with voice, like sonic heroes, sonic the hedgehog of that play out in 3 and 360, the theme of sonic boom, to name a few. In areas where we play with each sonic, the versions are different, a more retro for the old sonic sonic while the rockers are more modern, detail is appreciated. The sound system complies with the effects of sonic leaps, springs, the effect of water, take the rings. Finally we reached the dubbing for the first time in Castilian, is very consistent, unfortunately is very missed by friends sonic only has 4 sentences each throughout the game. News: Sonic generation have a couple of interesting developments that make it very replayable. First we will advance the game while in the clean room to the left a shop run by a chaos, which we sell items that we will be equipping, second is sonic sonic modern or old, each with unique qualities, but with a limit as the boost of these. For example we can use the old sonic bubble shield that allows you to bounce around the stage, for this we will have gotten to him before, to buy it. When we use the triangle button to equip it, but if we receive a blow to lose him, just get it back if we lose a life. In the far left of the white area will have a room to see the videos, the profile of the characters, listen to the soundtrack of the songs collected, information about the characters and images of sketches, both designs, the scenarios of the game as the original games. A gift for fans of the blue hedgehog and speaking of gifts, we buy in the store of objects, if we find a game gear knob, the sonic power of the console to enjoy it, when we want. Another extra lengthen the life of the game are the missions which are doors that are scattered around the areas, 45 per sonic and are quite different from making a run with a friend, get to the end with a single ring or save x number of animals trapped in a capsule as the Sonic of yesteryear. Do you remember I said that the online mode would have been better if you could do online races? Because in mission mode there are some who would try that but against the machine, which work very well, could see perfect become the online mode , a shame that SEGA did not dare to take the plunge. After completing a mission, we must strike the bell above the door to get a new song or a sketch. The missions truth most are not very difficult and have experience with sonic, mostly they are passed to the first, began to become difficult problem from the last 3 areas, where most will notice as increasing difficulty. Although not reach a point of despair, enough with a couple of tries to catch them the trick. On the subject of music achieved, I have to say that SEGA has done a detail that I personally love it, we can customize each stage area, with music by Sonic collection for the mood, that is, for example to the music of sonic heroes in green hill zone. This detail does not seem even gives much more life to the levels and get away a little the monotony that might occur. Another object of the game will get the Chaos Emeralds, this time are required to have seven if we enjoy ourselves, which of differences from other games will not be as difficult to achieve. Well 3 are cons another 3 heads against rival challenges Sonic and the last to complete the 9 zones, so this may be a relief for some and a disappointment to others. Another bonus is most certainly one of the most difficult challenges we will have to find 5 red rings with star hidden in each event with the 2 sonic to unlock the rest of music and sketches, a task unlike missions, we can get a little choke and thwart. In summary: SEGA has done their homework and solved much of the problem, which had its beloved mascot, has created a fun game, which enchant both old and current players. With a selection of areas for games in the series very well-chosen, easy gameplay for any player to adapt, a soundtrack for his hat and put him to replay missions, in addition to reaching the target range S. But it has its faults, as some bosses that takes some beating in the beginning, the mission could see was a little more balanced in difficulty, especially for the most veteran online sonic and remains in the anecdotal. Not to forget how it wasted a good dub, with a very simple story, although this is not in itself a counter. The best: Designs in particular areas of sonic old retro style very much alive. The game's soundtrack and to customize the music of the areas with it. The fun title that will delight fans old and new sonic. The dubbing, finally a sonic dubbed into Castilian. The selection of sites for other sonic games. Side quests, collecting items, get the S in areas with each sonic take us hours. The worst: A line that goes untapped The difficulty of the bosses Many load moments in the game Small load failure at some stage. Get the 5 red rings per zone may despair. The dubbing despite being very good, just most of the characters have four sentences.


As if we were in the 90's

kalil | May 15, 2012 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

For years I have not played the snes or sega emulators (I guess 2) and to meet again with this game that runs on a mmx certainly is a true work of art. MORE ON THESE DAYS DO YOU HAVE TO HAVE A LAST GENERATION PC experience low FPS NOT WITH ANY GAME TODAY THAT IS ACCEPTABLE. while the idea of jumping obstacles there existed q 2d (upper Tues States.) I think this issue by other diverdita, entertaining, and why not? compelling. had the analysis: gameplay: you have stages like all games, and as we move going to ask much of us, coordination, reflexes, the truth of the best in the game. Technology: I think it's one of those games flash simile, which are made with Tecnos like online gaming, but that is not the strong play. Graphics: simple, colorful, cartoonish, each world or stage very distinct from the other .... The interesting thing is: HOW IS A LITTLE MEAT TROZITO, while walking leaves a trail of blood, AND IF ONE OF RE bursts THE MANY close, BLOOD SPREAD ALL OVER. sounds: the soundtrack for the game are left background musics of the game, the subjects heard so far are quite bearable and allowed to listen. Innovation: While the plot is typical: "I GO MY BRIDE kidnapped THE RESCUE" I believe that innovation comes from the carnesita walker and I think there Ligeresa levels are developed, I think at some point is that puts an "accelerated" and ending enthusiastic


Sub History of LOTR, Kill Orcs!

kalil | May 15, 2012 | Review of The Lord of the Rings War in the North - PC

Hi all! Well here is my review about this game -Gameplay: There are three characters, the dwarf (focused on brutal melee), the elf (focused on the magic, I mean, wizard) and Ranger (You could say that is more balanced between melee and distance). The controls are simple, easy to handle and very fluid. You can combine light attacks, heavy and magic easily. RPG has a very good touch, you have your inventory, your talent tree and your stats, you get points to distribute each time you level. In the time that I have this right, even that gets a bit repetitive. Technology: No more, not noted for its technology, this section is like a running play that reaches the media. The attack animations are very well made, when the characters speak leaves a bit to be desired, and well ... enemies sometimes seem a little silly ... Although they are orcs the truth xD -Graphics: They're fine, certainly does not stand for this section but comes to the media. I'm playing it on PC with everything to stop and the truth is they are very well optimized. The scenery is repetitive and dull, eventually tired a little. As for the characters, not bad, decent and are finished when you equip them see, that is, that if you wear gloves you wore different from visually noticeable. -Sound: As for the music that is the Lord of the Rings, brutal. Even you have got the odd dodgy part in the soundtrack ... The sounds of weapons and spells are fine, faithfully accompanying them. The only thing I liked is that when in combat there is nothing of substance, is silence, but ... Decent ... -Innovation: A Hack and Slash RPG with a touch as many others. The story that surprised me to have to do with the main LOTR and it gives a couple of points in your favor. That to see the main characters you out a little smile. In short, is a game to pass the time without much innovation and to take away the itch to LOTR. In terms of possibilities exceeds LOTR: Conquest is not as open and battles are not so great, but it compensates with a touch of RPG and a better finish than could have been improved further. As for the multiplayer mode in this respect offers a lot of fun, you and your friends are gonna have a good time killing orcs.


Back to the origins!

kalil | May 10, 2012 | Review of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II - PC

Sonic returns to the origins, who saw him run on Megadrive, with the second episode of its fourth adventure numbered where reunited with Tails and with old enemies as their particular nemesis of metal (Metal Sonic). Retains the essence playable 2D which characterized the series since the 90's. It is preserved so that pleasure SEGA arcade to devise short but intense phase, where the speed of our hedgehog invites us to complete levels as quickly as possible, finding the best routes to achieve the highest score. Finally, like the sonic games, this will not be the exception because of its features so similar to previous games


Fun and Honest...

kalil | May 10, 2012 | Review of Binary Domain - PC

The most suitable for the genre lovers. It offers everything you expect to see in a game with these features: fast-paced action with lots of shootings, different situations, humor easy, memorable moments, bosses and a fascinating history and atmosphere much better than most games of this type. While taking advantage of the basic elements of third-person shooter in place some years ago by the majestic title of Epic (undisputed king of shooters), not content to be one that takes its successful formula and it's all in a particular way just acquiring its own idiosyncrasies. The title serves a fantastic cocktail Gears of War themed Vanquish and SOCOM order system, taking the best references from each of them, and this gentlemen is too big. A risky proposition that is not without its faults (the incomprehensible lack of co-op campaign hurts a lot), but I sincerely believe that could be forgiven as it is a new franchise, for in its comprehensive set them out a title more noticeable and most important, and forgive me repeat, really fun.


All mourn his loss, but hopefully his return

kalil | April 24, 2012 | Review of Hitman Blood Money - PC

After the line of improvement had been leading the Hitman saga, it was expected that the latter could give as much cannabis as the other three, and I think have been very few disappointments. The AI ​​system, is what seems to have had the biggest improvements with the graphics engine, and finally a story that is not based only on the murders, the extra peridisticos were very entertaining. To improve the skills of players who were involved in killing everyone while it was not against the objective, this game has made us get involved much in the role of a hired murderer, first because to do that and survive is inconsistent in almost every mission, and also the more silent we charge more money, more progress we can get. And above all the variety of missions. It's amazing what you can change the landscape, people, goals .... in just a dozen missions. Still the end leaves many gans, and a myriad of take out the sequel soon.


The best game of the Mafia

kalil | April 24, 2012 | Review of Mafia II - PC

To say, a very good game, I move to the golden age of the mafia and captivated me enough ... This wonderful book will keep you busy for 15 chapters, which indeed are very entertaining the only bad thing is that my taste is a short game, I finished in just about 10hs. Although if you want to entertain and feel a real American gangster I recommend MAFIA II an excellent purchase will not regret it, I recommend ...


Worth it, good game

kalil | April 24, 2012 | Review of Deus Ex Invisible War - PC

This game is not bad, has a very interesting story and confusing if you played the first part, the graphics are good, but the characters move in a very rigid, this goes a bit unnoticed by the excellent lighting, physics not bad game can take objects from the stage and throw them anywhere including the bodies but it is difficult to stack, the sound plays in all times there are slight pauses between dialogues of the characters but this defect does not stand out too much, the missions are very good both principal and secondary schools are not boring and there are many ways to overcome them, either step opening you find anyone shooting or getting into ducts disabling turrets, hacking cameras poisoning enemies, etc, a great freedom. Recommended for those who like action and the role futuristic story with a very good


External intervention

kalil | April 24, 2012 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

As far as I'm concerned, this game is one of the wonders that I have acquired (full version) and I are having fun all you can have fun, now I begin my analysis Gameplay: The best of the game, get on your hook helicopters, hang your enemies into a lamppost, drag along the ground while you carry in your car, buy black market stuff, well, as people say: I like a game for its gameplay, if so and not lie, you should not sin not to buy this gem. Technology: Sounds good, for a mapping so extensive, the game does not drop frames or anything, all very well optimized. Graphics: I will not be able to describe what the orgasm you can see water so well done, a sky so good and the textures you have the game. Sound: It has an interesting music, shots that seem so realistic and great. Innovation: I think it's the only game where you can combine a mapping so large scale buildings and have fun in every way possible, though, the game becomes monotonous after several hours of play.


A great dlc for a great game...

kalil | April 24, 2012 | Review of Sonic Generations Casino Nights Pinball DLC - PC

This DLC is really good, if you really like the game, this dlc will be yours! It´s a really epic experience in this pinball dlc, if you played the demo or the full game before, you really must have this DLC I have that dlc and i played it and its really awesome, the graphics are like the sonic generations game, really good :P, and the history line..., really good If you want to buy one dlc but this dlc :D


In the light

kalil | April 24, 2012 | Review of Cities XL 2012 - PC

We know that Cities XL is a saga of construction and management of cities to be people, become the great metropolis ... but I wonder what's behind this brief description? You'll find out right now in this simple but complete analysis. The first time I saw pictures of the game (2011) was impressed, perished promise and full of surprises to be discovered as you progress through the interface. Cities XL 2012 allows us to create our own city to like and dislike in all its shapes and forms, even the smallest details like the style of the streets When creating a new city, the interface allows us to select the drawing road according to different cultures, roads British, French and one of the most common U.S., among many others. Unfortunately, the game does not differ much with its ancient predecessor, Cities XL 2012, although there is a difference of 365 between the release of both titles. The critics were harsh in this respect, given that more is expected by the developer, a few sparse buildings, and as many little maps do not think that difference to a game that took a whole year to come to light. I personally expected a change of interface, innovative developments and the possibility of online play, the boys aspects of Focus Home Interactive entirely ignored. The game is characterized by being very comprehensive, allowing us to be original when managing the advance structural, economic and social future of our cities. You should choose the area in which the city of specialize, food production, energy, trade, rental, use of water resources and many others, the latter will depend on whether the map has chosen them to exploit those resources. The election is binding, that as the population of our city grows they will realize that it is clear that can not be self-sufficient, it is impossible. There is the possibility of exchanging tokens of resources with other cities, towns created by ourselves or with Omnicorp: company-town whose role is remarkable, with it you can export and import resources, you need or that you left over, this is already linked to the supply and demand for them. Do not be surprised if the 15,000 people already have problems with traffic, it is assumed that a city with 15 000 inhabitants or more or less than a small town in which a single 4-lane road two-way more than enough to proper circulation. Unfortunately is a defect in any of the editions of the series solved. I liked the animations of buildings or cars / or structures in general, give a touch of sparkle to the city of pedestrians and what I can say, it's done cartoon style, looking funny, I thought for anything good that does not match the environment of the city, I do not know what they were thinking. When I first saw the game, I was surprised, the graphic quality is remarkable. The images it generates can be assimilated with pictures of reality in which no doubt is much like a real metropolis. The graphic quality is excellent, as are its effects; The city environment with real likelihood is inserted in the player to inspire a sense of command and control over a city full of people waiting for their management is really efficient for them to it. Significantly, it is an excellent game, very entertaining and capable, despite its continuing shortcomings. Cities XL 2012 is perfect for fans of strategy, simulation and management to spend good hours of gameplay trying to break into the nerve which is the responsibility of a man with the power to bring to a city forward and progress. If you have to buy it, do not doubt that they will not repent.


Humans and machines

kalil | April 22, 2012 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

Excellent game, I loved it a lot, primarily because of its history, a world where technology is very advanced and there are no human values, with leaders who hide the truth from their people and technology because many people die every day. A game that shows you what a real world governed by technology would be like. Gameplay: One area that I love, having to infiltrate dangerous places to achieve your goals, using your head to figure out how to properly kill without anyone noticing. If someone notices, you'll have to survive with the weapons and skills have. Skills menu (increase defense ability to see through walls, run faster, jump higher etc ...) is what makes the game more interesting and worthwhile to kill an enemy get exp. and with that ability you want to buy. The inventory's equal to RE 4, a case where you put your weapon, healing and among other objects more, you can enlarge briefcase with lV. Countless different weapons and enemies that will put you in very difficult situations, from people to huge machines.


The big surprise

kalil | April 22, 2012 | Review of Batman Arkham Asylum - PC

Batman Arkham Asylum is one of the best titles of 2009, is a brilliant game, which adds style and look to the universe of the Dark Knight movie that neither managed and has a luxurious villain, The Joker. Gameplay: 9.5, despite having to always follow a path and a corridor to reach your goal, you have the option to return to any point where you will also find the riddles of Riddler and other things. Batman has a lot of gadgets and moves at your disposal, with incredible effects during fights. Technology: 9, the game has very good textures and works fluently. Graphics: 9.5, has a very realistic feel, detailed and the contrast of light and shadow in the halls of the Asylum give a really dark sense that can at times seem a horror game. Sound: 9, despite having little music, the sounds are good, like the drops of the pipes or the steps of Batman. We feel that we are alone to danger. Dubbing of the voices are great, especially the Joker and his soldiers with his comments, moreover sound effects of the blows are great, really does sound like Batman fists against his enemies Innovation: 6, tIt is a very innovative game, showing nothing that had not been cast before, but it has managed to combine these elements.


All that you can ask for a small game :D

kalil | April 22, 2012 | Review of Unstoppable Gorg - PC

Funny ... addictive .. unique and very funny. The retro look is very well made ... play after you get to see Mars Attack and you will have made ​​the afternoon. The mechanism is basic strategy, defence, defence, defence. But not least might like. It is a somewhat repetitive game, but always looking how to get all the medals on each screen so there are many forms of play. Do not hesitate .. if you have nothing to do this afternoon .. Play it!


Alan... Wake up

kalil | April 22, 2012 | Review of Alan Wake - PC

This game is unlike any game I've played, the first thing I want to point out is that there is a horror game is a thriller-themed paranormal. Alan Wake (a famous writer) that has not written anything for a rough patch and decided to go with his girlfriend Alice to spend a vacation to a small town, where supernatural things begin to happen that will go deep in a good story, with a touch of television series. The pros: -Good graphics. -Very good sound and dubbing into our language (I love it, especially Barry's voice). -Good story. -The campaign is quite long. The cons: -Little variety of enemies. -The gameplay you can play tricks. -A few moments of the game can be a bit repetitive. -No multiplayer. I recommend it, because for me it was a pleasure to play something different, but beware of the dark!


GTA trusted warranty

kalil | April 10, 2012 | Review of Grand Theft Auto IV - PC

Never analize this game and that you juge it is now almost 2 years, but the truth is so good that I still keep playing, I parese excellent on all points of view. Almost perfect. I will analyze step by step: Playability: I put a 10 and it's a very fun and engaging game that gives us a sense of city living and immense freedom of action. A game that came out 3 years ago and still today I keep playing and I diierte much. the campaign is replayed TECHNOLOGY: The technology of this gta is spectacular, from gunshot wounds, explosions, weather, even the physical bodies and vehicles, excellent. My note here and a 9.5 GRAPHICS: Very good in all respects. All very bein done, good resolutions and viewing distance. Yet the most of it looks really good. Do not put a 10 because it is one year more recent than crysis and gta although crysis is good graphically it is the 10 times. my note 9 SOUNDS: Sounds very detailed and immersive, Maybe the weapons should sound a little stronger (as real) and the city would have to have a little more "buzz" in the case of new york, jajaj, but still very good. 9 is my note. INNOVATION: If bein gta is more, the amount of possibilities and realism respectoa previous deliveries is too broad. tambein aunke kitado you have good things like, gymnasiums, changing your physical state, the pelukeria, tattoos etc downtown. have innovated much, but at the same time have kitado many things already and were very good. My note 8.5 NEGATIVE POINTS: The only thing I parese unfortunate that such a game, is so poorly optimized, so put aside for the PC platform. Very bad performance in 2008. A game almost without end (5 official patches released later) and a game too dependent on "extras" such as "games for windows live" and "rockstar game social club." I also annoying lack of animals in the game and the lack of children. What happens? theres no dogs, cats, or children in NY??? CONCLUSION: A spectacular game deveria be mandatory in schools jajaj, with some negative points but thousands epuntos d positive, one of those games left in the history and collection of any gamer. When you do not like GTA IV, going to play chess lol Regards


The end of the War

kalil | April 10, 2012 | Review of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 - PC

The Modern Warfare 3 is one of the few games in history as great as its multiplayer, his campaign picks up where its predecessor, MW2, this title will be threatened by Russian forces and with many more enemies and that is War III World and we'll see many new enemies at bay, Juggernauts, Dogs, Suicide, Russian Forces, Enemies with poisonous gas, Armed, among others that we can finish them to death. For me this game is unmatched start in New York, along with Sandman will have to eliminate the invading Russian forces throughout our area, we will be forced to shoot to the last bullet we have in our equipment. In this installment we will see old friends and new enemies like, throughout history, we face the many losses of our friends as Soap, Sandman, Yuri, Grinch, Griffen, others who joined us in the first Modern Warfare. Besides the campaign, we can also see the updated Spc Ops mode, where all will be ready to annihilate enemies with all their weapons. Although all the People say that BF3 is better than MW3, I support this game, the BF3 has good maps and better graphics, but never a game like Call of Duty was so close to the Fun and Realism user. Also this has AC Health, Health BF3 has up to 100, which is not very good at FPS, do not believe?


Gooooood Game!

kalil | April 10, 2012 | Review of BioShock 2 - PC

the story is well made, so as the issue of weapons and variety of objects scattered by Levels.The game engine as well as the graphics, they deserve the highest grade. The city of rapture, is extensive, you can research per hours searching several corpses and objects, plus, I really like the theme to hack the machines that provide objects and bullets, very interesting way to use the little sister to the precious recoletar adan, as the option to extract the adan of little, with the good or the BAD ........ I must say that this title has an on-line, with several types of battles, cooperative or all against all, is not the maximum, but entertains this well, especially how "the law of the strongest" where a place (there are many and change) of rapure, up to 10 player stick a great time, a curious note is that on-line are not big daddy, ma a splicer or a yonkarra mutated plasmids addict, let a of the enemies in the way off.Estaras equipped with a gun and a power of exchanging plasmids can go ...... In closing I want to say it's a very very good game and as of today is very reduced price worth having


Really Good Strategy Game

kalil | April 10, 2012 | Review of Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai - PC

If you like the battles in strategy games, you will like this!, This game is really awesome, the levels, the battles, all is indredible ! I repeat if you like a battle with samurais and empires, this game is really for you :D


Better than the first game

kalil | Sept. 17, 2011 | Review of Assassins Creed 2 Deluxe Edition - PC

Its a really great game,it´s better than the first (good dlcs and others in it) the plot and the gameplay is really good if you want and adventure and action game buy it! the really bad things are: the DRM from ubisoft ,The Internet connection is never stable on any PC, not to mention that there are people who have no connection at home. And if we add that your site is vulnerable to computer attacks,its horrible for playing a game (for a simple protection of the crackers and others)


Common Game but Good :D

kalil | Sept. 17, 2011 | Review of Magicka - PC

Magicka is a fun game, very simple-minded in terms of history or levels, focusing more on the spell system than anything else. Another strong point of this game is full of clichés, which make up the slack that is in history, making you have a good time. Now the game also has its problems, the multiplayer is almost unplayable, many people have problems when entering through authentication failures (server here present for example) but it seems that they will gradually patching. Crasheo several throughout the game, many playable level bugs and many deaths because of the antics of your colleagues on your team's normal in a multiplayer game. The game comes with texts in Spanish, the voices are not in English but in an invented language. Except for the narratives in the early chapters that are in Spanish.


Better than the first

kalil | Sept. 17, 2011 | Review of Two Worlds II - PC

I was lucky enough to play the first title for nearly a year after leaving, and with the whole lot of patches, I end up liking it quite ... The continuation improvement seen in all sections. Technically, this pretty optimized, at least on PC, and is quite precious moments ... Special mention to the cinematic, immersive. It shows the skill of the developers in this section. The story puts us 5 years after the events of the first and imprisoned in the fortress where we Gandohar released by orcs ... The argument ends to be polished everything it should. Playable not too long, some 35 short hours I lasted in total (half than the first) ... The main missions are quite interesting, but are not secondary to the task.


One of the Best Coop-Zoimbies game :D

kalil | Sept. 15, 2011 | Review of Killing Floor - PC

Well for me it is an excellent game by watching everything that happened this game, even that does not have too much history is quite addictive and it is always also update everyone says this game is a copy of L4D. If so, the l4d would be a copy of it. This game went on sale in 2005-2006 in mid-summer that year specifically, in the charts at that time were excellent. I do not think he changed an graphics engine that many players today could not keep playing and would argue too much. If we compare this game l4d is 1000 times the cupbearer, each character that fulfills its function as a specialty, some have mines, others burned, the other espadazos hits as you can literally stand over tanking, the medical cure. etc .... . I want good to get that old that is the game and to continue selling copies in an excellent game for people who do not like reading a great story, preferring to spend more waves of zombies to kill, even in the killing zombies is quite monotone, with rewards perks or subclass. If we compare the versus mode, this game has no versus mode, there is no possibility marrow to play this game like game mode. l4d however the beats on it. I prefer this game to play with friends co-operatives, but if you want to be a zombie, play games etc. .... The l4d wins.


Good MMO but some things to see

kalil | Aug. 19, 2011 | Review of Rift Free Trial - PC

I downloaded the game yesterday and i played and fight with enemies and others :P when i see the game it´s like a wow game but with better graphics and better quests and others if you like The MMOs Previously download the trial , and if you want it, buy it :D


Nothing is true, everything is permitted

kalil | Aug. 18, 2011 | Review of Assassins Creed - PC

When I saw the trailer for this game 1st look was impressed by the quality of this. When I started playing I was surprised by the artistic concept, graphic and historical, is like a medieval version of gta. The downside of this game is so repetitive that it becomes the long run (eg the watchmen should be taking pa open more new missions and missions of memory that is limited to 6 options: eavesdropping, theft of a document, interrogation, murder normal / stealth and destruction of shops) that ends up getting tired some players because the goals do not change (in the 2 and the brotherhood that is no longer seen) Highly recommended game for those who want to get a bit of gta and have a high quality argument.


A Common Game, like an assasins creed

kalil | Aug. 17, 2011 | Review of The First Templar - PC

The First Temple is a very intriguing game that comes from the Bulgarian study Haemimont Games, also known for his work on more strategic games like Tropico Imperium Romanum or 3. Is set during the First Crusade and focuses on the Knights Templar, but also the game is also treading on territory already explored by the famous saga of Ubisoft Assassin's Creed, so he has a difficult job on their way to success. Therefore, The First Got Templar offer the best action adventure genre still has a long way to go? Find out. History The First Temple is set during the First Crusade and the Knights Templar shows and are starting to get weaker and weaker ties with the church because of the emergence of an influential Inquisition and many other problems of the Middle East. Although this environment has already been explored by the franchise to Ubisoft Assassin's Creed, in which the murderers had to stop the Templars controlled the world, this new game features the Templars as the good guys. The main character is a young knight named Celia, who uncovers a vast conspiracy within the Church and try to find the mythical Holy Grail. During his travels throughout Europe and the Middle East will partner with different characters, from brothers to a girl Templars accused by the Inquisition for practicing witchcraft. While some parts of the story are very close, The First Templar is able to offer a good story with many surprises that will keep players entertained during his campaign for 9 / 10 hours, depending on what is done or explore in the game. Gameplay The First Templar has no gameplay too different from the genre "hack and slash," while at the same time providing some elements of Assassin's Creed and other games, because you can use swords, shields and daggers to kill the murderers through attacks chained or special tricks. When you fight, you can make a very powerful movement that will leave your opponent vulnerable to further attacks by your comrades. The gaming experience is essentially cooperative, so that Celia will always have a companion at his side. Players can go through as one of the two when they want in order to combine the two different attacks to defeat the toughest enemies. Unfortunately, unless you play with a partner or even a stranger, you'll be disappointed to see that the computer-controlled comrades will come to be easily damaged, so you have to take a look from time to time in their lives but you should not forget about your health. If you are injured, as there is any chance to regenerate health, have to withdraw from the fight and return to the nearest tree with fruit or the nearest water source to gather life-force. If the partner falls, you must go to him, and if you have enough energy you can restore your health. You can update your skills in a special display with talents and abilities in a cross of the Knights Templar, which is divided into four parts, to increase stamina or health, one to improve resilience, while the other two parts focus on various types of attacks. Each character has his own cross of skills and experience so that you can unlock many special abilities for the world and use them as best you into the story. You can also increase your skill levels of the game exploring and discovering pieces of cloth, which allow you to complete outfits that include certain benefits in combat. Some even hide special weapons such as swords or shields. As you go through each level to try to meet the objectives of the history, the game also adds additional challenges, such as helping to NPCs, finding things or rescue others. A pleasant surprise is that The First Templar open levels are quite large and allow you to explore without a lot of invisible walls, so your route is not too well defined. Unfortunately, the mini-map on the top left corner does not show you what's in your environment, but it just shows you you, your partner and the position of your goals. This surely recoil at some levels are too vague because it does not know if your target is behind a wall or is hidden under your position. During the game some sudden blockage can occur, which has happened to us when trying to play it in Ultra Quality mode, despite having a very powerful PC. Blockages are more common when traversing a map, so that the transmission of map elements may have been more direct to hide these transitions. Just like in Assassin's Creed, the game also has a mechanism of camouflage by which the game's characters try to avoid attracting the attention of many enemies through stealth. Apart from the graceful posture, mechanics camouflage works well in some cases, but most times it is very annoying because you have to do to progress. You have many options during times of camouflage, as it is trial and error, and need to go undercover and eliminate enemies until the game decides that you can use your normal attacks again. Graphics and audio In terms of graphics, The First Templar could not aspire to the status of game Triple-A, because the graphics do not have too much quality in some cases. The animations are fluent in the gameplay or combat, but during the cinematic characters look very bad. Graphics are good overall, but much lower compared to other games this year. With regard to the sound, the game has a good soundtrack, but the voices had to be more prepared. Though the voices are generally good, the dialogues are not up to par, and no change of tone or express any emotion. There are some speeches given by Celia are not bad, but they are few and large distances between them. Conclusion Overall, The First Temple is a pretty decent game, but it conveys the feeling that there are certain aspects that should be improved, including graphics, code or dialogue of the game, though it is still a good action / adventure. While not the murderer of Assassin's Creed, The First Templar certainly entertain the players, especially if you have friends to play with and explore its interesting history.