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Don't expect much

kangarooster | June 12, 2012 | Review of Homefront - PC

I've beaten 4 chapters out of 7, and so far, I'm really disappointed. I'm not gonna write about multiplayer, since I didn't have a chance to experience it because it's dead. Cons: Completely linear gameplay (for example, in singleplayers, you and 2 friendly AI's have to go through the door, and it MUST be in specific order), invisible "obstacles" everywhere, irritating hint system, inability to explore anything except 2 more square feet where collectibles for achievement are, not so smart AI, bullets get stopped by thin wooden fence and by glass(!?). Can't remember more at the moment. Oh yeah, achievements are mostly in pro section for me, but not with Homefront. Not challenging at all in this case. Pros: Not much, really. Story seems okay, but is overshadowed by bad gameplay. Actually I don't have almost anything nice to say about it. Honestly, Duke Nukem Forever seems like a better choice to give your money to. Conclusion: A mindless shooter that can be fun, but don't expect too much from it.